Photo taken in the early summer 1988, not too long before they had the big fire that nearly burnt the whole block down. The building to the left was the Casino. When the fire was happening there were people risking their lives to run into the Casino and carry out slot machines. The local firefighters gave up trying to stop the fire and started spraying the buildings on either side of the block, namely Slims Tavern to the left and the Big Block to the right. Eventually the base sent out firetrucks, with hoses that ran clear back onto the base, just to get enough water pressure out into town and get the fire under control. The smoke and flames could be seen all the way down to the Cubi Point Flight Line. It was said that some guys broke down into uncontrollable tears at the sight, thinking that it was the whole town burning down. There were literally thousands of people jamming the streets gawking at the scene. The Brown Fox was reopened as an open bar (literally with an open air kinda feel) a month or so later.