Naval Photo Lab - Cubi Point
Subic Bay Naval Base

The following check-ins are categorized, first by year served, name, duties
and email address (optional). If you see the name of someone you wish
to contact and an email address is not present, contact the host of this
section. They may have it on file.


Please place "Photo Lab Check In" within the subject line.

Years, Your Name
Email Address:

1958 - 1959, Dave Rice, PHSN
Stationed at NAS Navy #520 Cubi Point Photo Lab, All phases of Naval Photo OPS

1965 - 1967, Jerry Sweeney, PH3
General photo duties

1965 - 1967, Paul Hauschild, PH3
Chem Mix, EH-38's and Print Room.

1965 - 1968, Lewis Best, PH1
Duties: General Photo Duties, Fic Pac Fleet Intelligence Photo Lab

1968 - 1969, Paul Hauschild, PH3
Involved in starting the Photo Lab across the Parking lot in the Quonset Huts

1970 - 1971, Dale Bird CTSN

1973 - 1975, Renato Ramil Sumalpong, AK2
Stationed at COMFAIRWESTPAC Det Cubi Pt and was on TAD at FAPL for a year.

1973 - 1975, Lewis Best
Duties: General Photo Duties, Fleet Air Photo Lab

1979 - 1981, Tom Rizzo, PH2
Fleet Air Photo Lab, Worked in all areas of Photo Lab

1979 - 1982, Charles Soule, PH-2
Fleet Air Photo Lab, All phases of Photo Ops

1979 - 1982, Ray Congrove
Fleet Air Photo Lab

1979 - 1982, Thomas Grube, PHCS
Fleet Air Photo Lab, EH-38

1979 - 1982, Robert Christensen, PH-2
Fleet Air Photo Lab, All phases of Photo Ops

1980 - 1981, Robert S. Williamson, PH1
Worked in All Phases of the Lab

1981 - 1984, George G. Ortiz, PH-1
Fleet Air Photo Lab, Audio/Visual Center, Plank Owner, aka Fleet Imaging Center.

1981- 1984, Ph1 Jerry Sweeney
General photo duties

1981 - 1985, Miles Bowman
Fleet Photo Lab


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