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Posted 1-28-00
Rich Littleton, Mar 62 to Aug. 63, AUW Platoon, Special Services

MY MY,De Ja vue!!! Memories, Memories,Memories!!! Rich Littleton Class of Mar l962 to Aug. l963. I Served at Both Cubi Pt. AUW Platoon for the first 6 months of my 18 month tour, I REALLY must have Screwed up, because I was assigned down to mainside to finish out my last ll months in SPECIAL SERVICES- Checking out boats,the lcpl,Tennis Rackets, Setting up "Smokers" in Manila, Checking out 3-Ford Station Wagons, for those special Reconoiters to such places as; Clark Field, Manila, Camp John Hay and just about any other "Special" Little discovery that warranted a Fact Finding mission.And you can bet your sweet you know what we found plenty to Explore. To those I Pissed off-All is forgiven, To those I lifted a bottle of good old "San Magoo" with, I toast you all for good health, Hell were all getting Older, Remember the Great memories-Good Luck!! Sgt. Holub Great Site!! R.H.Littleton/l953153-USMC-Another Subic Bay Marine.

Posted 2-12-00
Sgt. Natividad, "C" Co, San Miguel, 86-87 , ,

To my fellow Marines at "C" Company. I was stationed at San Miguel from "86"-"87 and was transfered to Capas Tarlac "88"-"90". Yes!! I'm Sgt. Natividad. One of the few Filipino Marines atationed in San Miguel. The "Cool" and Mr. Liberty freak. If you still remember the other's, Sgt. Vellido (half Chinese/Filipino), Cpl. Bilog (hardnose wanna be), SSgt. AWOL (I forgot his name), Cpl. Tomas, Cpl. Cadiz. I was with Sgt. Franks (Mr. speedy with his little car), Sgt. Biemiller (Sgt. don't know how), Cpl. Rapavi. Now a trooper somewhere in the East Coast. SSgt. Miller (Mr. Clean and a loner), 1stLt. Bud (stays on base all the time), Gy. Bratton (now a 1st Sgt.), and 1st Lt. Brown (now a Sgt. Major in Okinawa).

Hey guys, we had some good times in Tarlac. I let you guys bring your GF on base and have Pig "Lechon" at the pool. Good Ol'd times. I usually come on base totally wasted, driving 100 miles/hr. and still run the killer run with SSgt. Webb and Gunny Bratton. Liller remembers that he is usually on the gate. Write me!

Posted 2-13-99
Cpl, Gil Trevino III - Houston Texas, May89 - Nov89

After reading some of the post from the past two years, I remembered a few  funny stories. First off, I got really sick and had to have my appendix removed so there goes 6 weeks of party time. Second, I was just out of boot camp and who do I see on the street, blasted out of his mind - ONE OF MY DI's. Third, I remember sitting in some area that over looked the runway and watching the Harriers do touch and goes. Fourth, I was a supply clerk with the cooks while I was over there. I didn't know how to cook so I got to drive the 'CHOW TRUCK'.  I remember driving it over to the runway to feed some flyboys and as I was driving down some road behind where the planes get ready to take off, I crossed their back draft and almost tipped the truck over. A lot of the food got spilled, but it was funny. Semper Fi,

1st Bn, 7th Marines, 7th Mar Div., 29 Palms - 'The Stumps'

Posted 2-20-00
HM3 Alen W. Lemons Worked With C Co. &  A Co. 1984-1986

Hay Lcpl Liston, Lcpl Gumble, Cpl West, Capt Hugaden are You Guys Still out There!? Is Lcpl Regna still telling Dirty Joke's (Hay Babe). Im in Salem Oregon and still throwing lead down range. Now my Kid's on a Match Rifle Team poking neat holes in paper. "Drop me a E Mail and Say Hi or I'll Rip up you Shot Card"(HaHa). Went back to Olongapo in 1994 to help the wifes family after the Mtn blew. Thing's changed a bit. Bye from Alen & Fina.  

Posted 2-28-00
L/cpl Jack Bodnar, Marine Barracks, 67 - 68

I would love to hear from anyone that I may have served with while at the Marine Barracks of Subic Bay. If anyone remembers me, send me a line. Semper Fi, Jack

Posted 3-6-00
James R. (Bob) Jay, Aug.66 to Feb.68

I got ther as a Lcpl and left as a Cpl. I was with Detached Guard Co. at San Miguel Comm. Station for 6 months. Then I was transfered to Subic HQ Co. as a brig sentry for 6 months. Then to HQ Co. as a Cpl of the Gd.  for two months. Then to AFPs for my last 4 months. Bob Jay

Posted 3-6-00
J.D. Stromberg, Separate Guard Co, 74 - 76

Arrived Feb '74 as a LCpl,  left Mar '76 as a Sergeant. Nothing but great memories of the P.I.  Even though I had to listen to all that bullshit from the grunts who thought they were "real " Marines and I was just a dumb ass air winger.  SSgt Jackson I would especially like to tell you to kiss my ass.   Had great times on Magsaysay, in Barrio Barreto and Subic City.  Damn I loved the P.I. during Martial law, 2330 hours was nothing but outrageous and had to be experienced to be believed.  Working in the NavMag rocked and I especially got off on the night jungle patrols and JEST school.  Anybody remember our Negrito guide, "Jerry".  He made great dried fruit bat.  Wish I'd have known about the reunion last year.  Like my wife would have let me go.  Met her in the P.I., still married 25 years later, who knew!  It would be great to hear from Farley or Clyde Yarnell, or anybody else that might remember me from then.  Retired as a MSgt (1995) and now  playing cops and robbers in Yuma, Arizona.

Posted 3-30-00
John McMahan,

What a sight!!! I was in A co Marine Barracks 78 to 80..Left screaming and kicking..lost contact with most everyone.. would love to hear from anyone.  Hung out at the StonedCrow,  Mariposa, got there a Pvt and left a Pvt,  got out a Cpl. and now a fireman in Tempe Az....Would love to find my babydoll REMY/Julietta Raz.

Posted 4-27-00
Eric Baker, Summer 74, April 75

I was with VMA(AW)533 at Cubi in the summer of 74 and then again in April of 75. We were home based in Iwakuni. You have to experience Olongapo. The best liberty port in the world. I do miss the San Magoo and Monkey on a stick. Semper Fi

Posted 5-12-00
Lcpl James (MadDog sicily) McHugh

Calling all Brovo Company, 2nd Platoon Marines. Or Down Stairs Marines from the other Companys. This is, at the time in the old P.I., Lcpl James (MadDog sicily) McHugh. Well, hello brother's. This is Magoo as known to some, and one of the Dirty Dozen known by other's . We said we would go down together, and we did. I'm searching for any Marines from the unit up on the hill. (Cubi Point) The Naval Mag was always the best. I'm searching mainly for Mark 'Op dog' Opper, Michael Leverret, Kemper, Fletcher, Debartola, Lona, Zipp, Cobb, Cpt. Wall's, Orbrigone. I have been a disabled Vet now since 93' which ended my Marine Corp life. The Red Horse still pours fast in the Philippines. I have been back two times since 94 (Just for fun) wooooo hooo. I'm searching for anyone that also knows the where abouts of Cristopher Madonna. Hey Marines, get the lead out and contact me. I have the means and the need, also the desire to start a PI trip for the Brothers that contact me. Let us go back together one last time. Semper Fi Leathernecks!

Posted 5-29-00
Steve Ramonas, USMC

I applaud your efforts on the webpage! Your webpage is probably one of the most informative internet sites on Subic Bay. My experience with the Philippines and Subic Bay started back in 1985 as a Marine Lance Corporal. I am currently living/working in Manila as a consultant for an international consulting firm.

In August 1985, my fellow Marine buddies convinced me that the Philippines was a "rockin" place that partied all night long. And then there were the girls-they told me all kinds exotic tales about Filipina girls. At that time I was young and impressionable at the age of 20 years. Soberly convinced, I decided to go and see the exotic Philippines for myself. I was now hooked, there was no turning back now. Girls, booze, and pumping music, what a combination for a young 20 year-old man. Since that time, I had visited Subic and the Philippines countless times in various capacities. I guess I was trying to re-live that Olongapo "magic" during each visit.

Clark Air Force Base and Subic Naval Base were America's crown jewels in Asia. The military made these bases so comfortable, it felt like you were back home in the U.S. The paradox is we had world-class military bases with manicured grounds and multi-billion dollar equipment sitting in a developing country. The bases caused a lot of emotions and political tensions between the U.S. and the Philippines. I remember Filipinos exhaustively trying to figure out a way to get on the heavily guarded bases. They looked upon the bases with incredible envy and a strong appetite to get a piece of it. It was gold in their own backyard and they could not cash it in, at least not until 1991 when the Philippine Senate failed to ratify the bases lease renewal. Certainly an ironic ending to a long history of U.S. military presence in the Philippines.

I visited Clark and Subic back in January 1997 and several times during the past year. I must say, I felt disheartened on every visit. Although converted to these so-called special economic zones, the bases are deteriorating and are severely neglected. Truth be told, this is a reflection of how the Philippines runs things as a whole. And then there's Magsaysay Drive and Gordon Avenue. Eight years after the U.S. pulled-out, it still looks like a ghost town with boarded-up buildings and urban decay. No more bars, beer, or girls - what a travesty! (Thanks to Kate Gordon, the current Mayor who closed-down these fine establishments) On my last visit to Subic (just last week), I really got the cold shoulder from the locals on base and especially from the Manila elite visiting the former U.S. base. Subic is their base now and they make sure that you know it. I believe that our Olongapo magic went-up in smoke when the Brown Fox burnt down.

There is a silver lining in this story. Fields Avenue outside of Clark isb still alive and actually has a thriving nightlife. There are about 50 bars (give or take a few) loaded with the usual Filipina treats. The City has cleaned-up the area and even paved the roads. You won't see too many Americans, mostly Australian and German tourists, but there is still a large U.S. Air Force retiree presence. They are very organized and many of them own or manage the bars. Although this is not Olongapo and it never will be, it may give you that "magic" once again. Be sure to visit it on your next trip to the Philippines. They still make you feel very welcome there.

Posted 5-31-00
Dannie R. Brimmer, Separate Guard Company, Cubi Point, 75-77

OOOOOOraHHHHHHHHHHH...... GREAT WEB SITE......and yea the memories.......MAN!

Went there a private and left a corporal with a crying liver........ I was part of the original "LOTT Raiders", and were those the days. I was out of the first bunch directly from Infantry Training School, to be sent to the Philippines. Spent all those lovely Christmas Eve's on Bravo site having a ball. Used to run with Darrel Brown who is now a truck driver in Iowa, anybody remember us, the B-brothers. I retired 5 years ago and have been living here in secluded Bataan since then. Sure wish I would have known of the reunion, but just found this awesome site today. Subic city still rocks for those that care Hang in there all.........its just a big party. Semper Fi

Posted 6-7-00
Lyle "Tom" Thompson, Subic and Cubi Pt., '66 - '72

PFC to Sgt. A few weeks in '66 with 1/5 on the way to Viet Nam.  '67-68 at HQ Co standing gates.  '69-70 at Sep Gd Co. in the Naval Mag.  A few weeks in '72 with the 7th Marines on float from Oki. Would like to find Fermin Garcia from TX and Richard Saunders from Sacramento, CA who were with me at Cubi. Ah, the memories.  Searching buckets of slop at the gates for contraband.  The night we roughed up a guy with a billfold full of ID cards who later turned out to be an ONI (Office of Naval Intellegence) agent.  Sneaking out an extra pack of "Sah-leem" cigarettes in your socks for your sweetie.  San Miguel.  WAAAAY  to much San Miguel. Watching "Mission Impossible" and "Star Trek" on the big screen at the base theatre.  Grande Island.  4 on - 8 off.  The Sta. Rita Link Station.  The "White Lady".  The retired Phillipine Scouts that we stood guard with.  Doin' the "wildthang" poolside at the White Rock resort with a couple of ladies we had temporarily liberated from a local brothel. Jungle patrols in the Naval Mag.  "Wumpus Cats".  The cashew tree at the guard house.  The day that we painted the NCO room "bomb-rack" green.  Killing a boa constrictor with a hub cap, skining it and putting it in the freezer.  Crawling back to the barracks from the Sky Club.

Posted 7-27-00
Brooks Barrow, LCPL A Co., 90-92

I served from December 1990 through November 1992. I'm looking for Marines who served with me and would like to hear from those that were there during Mt. Pinatubo and the base turnover. I went to C 1/9 after the Phillipines and spent a tour in Somalia. Honorable in 1994.

Posted 9-2-00
MSgt Ed Wooddall, A Co, 81 - 82

I am MSgt Ed Wooddall currently stationed at MARFORRES, New Orleans, LA.  I was stationed in Subic at "A" Co with my two brothers from Jan 81 To April 82.  I am looking for Col. B.B. Brouse.  Speedy, the tailor from "A" Co, is looking for him.  Please let me know. Semper Fidelis

Posted 10-20-00
LCpl Todd Davis, VMAQ-2  Cubi Point, Nov 89 - Mar 90

I would like to say hello to all the Marines who served in the best Marine Squadron "VMAQ-2 Playboys (DET-Z)". Major Torrance, you were the best C.O.. I miss the Red Hourse, Mo-Jo, Subic City, 168, T's, Slim's, Florida Club, East Coast, Rocktracks, and the Sky Club. Hello to our sister Squadrons over there from Cherry Point, VMA-332 and VMA-542. Last but not least, Kelly Holcolm and the Women from Olongapo who made me into a Man.

Posted 10-23-00
LCpl D. Hart, Company C, 76 - 77

Hi. Lance Corporal D Hart here. Was stationed at the P I from Nov. 76 to Feb 77. Would love to hear from anyone that was with C Company. When I was there, it was still under martial law and C Company was detached guard. It changed names while I was there. If there is anyone that is interested in hearing a few stories about a few good men, email me. Will fill you in on some. Semper Fi

Posted 10-29-00
Clifford Grebe, A CO., 75 - 77

My name is Clifford Grebe, I was stationed with "A" Co from Dec 75 thru Mar 77.  Stood gate guard, guard relief driver, rode shotgun with SOG in both housing areas, stood COG and SOG.  Looking to hear from anyone who was there during that time period, especially those on Starboard Section.  Does anyone remember Sgt Wilkie?

Posted 11-4-00
Cpl Tim Reid, MAGTF 90, SPMAGTF 91 - 92

I was with MAGTF 4-90 (later SPMAGTF(PHIL)) at the Upper MEF Camp from March 1991 through April 1992.  Worked in the head shed with Colonels Brigadier and Darling, Majors Jacobs and Myers and several others.  SSGT Christopher Cook, SSGT Nelson Torres and SSGT John Gagnon, where are you and how are you doing?  MGYSGT Doug Johnson?  As a corporal, I was the most junior guy in the headquarters quonset hut, but I never knew it.  Those guys treated me very well.  I was there when Mt. Pinatubo erupted and when the Filipinos decided not to renew the bases agreement with the U.S.  I miss it and am very envious of those of you who have been back.  I'm planning a trip back in 2003 with my wife (from E. Samar) and kids, but it will not be the same. Those days are nothing but beautiful memories now... If anybody remembers me or knows the whereabouts of the people I listed, please email me. Semper Fi

Posted 11-7-00
Lcpl Rick Paolillo, Det Guard, HQ, 1974

What a great site you have put together, brought back quite a few great memories, I am Rick Paolillo Lcpl  stationed there 74-74, Col Burhan, the greatest officer I ever served under was C.O., I was in Det guard then transferred to HQ after a huge brawl out in town, would love to hear from any of the guys I served with, I am now a firefighter here in Mass. 21 yrs.

Posted 12-3-00
Timothy R. Beachy, SSgt,USAF
(Former Cpl USMC) B Company, January 1990 - July 1991

I served with the B Co Marines at Cubi Point. I was in HQ Platoon under Capt Haynes and FSGT Todd.  I miss those morning PT runs up and down Cubi Hill!  I married a Philipina from Angeles City and revisited the PI in 1996.  I have just reactivated in the United States Air Force.  I served five years in the Air Force Reserves. Prior to that, 4 years six months with the Corps!  " Once A Marine, Always A Marine!"  Anyone who served with me can reach me via email.  Hoo Ya!

Posted 12-10-00
Phillip C. Benton, 1928151, S/Sgt.USMC, 5/64-5/66.

Was stationed at the Base Brig for the two years that I was their.  Met my wife their and have been together for more then 35 years,  Went there a Cpl. left a Sgt. Went through a lot of Brig Officers, Words can not describe the way I feel about the PI. Went back last Feb, and going again this coming March. So if their are any of you Marines that were with me in the Brig section, drop me a line. Like they have always said, we were the elite of the Barracks.

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