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Posted 2-5-05
GySgt  Al Whitney (USMC Ret)
6521 USS Tripoli and USS Okinawa Apr. 1976-Dec 1976

I was in HMM 165 on  the USS Tripoli and USS Okinawa as a Corporal.    We pulled into the PI many, many times.  I have nothing but fond memories of the place.  I would go back in a heartbeat...................Semper Fi  

Posted 2-5-05
James B. Flores (Dino), LCpl, June 1987 – January 1989,
A Co. Portside Platoon, FSD (Military Customs)

What a great time to remember… 24-hour liberty, Kennel Guard, fighting with the seals, picking up dependant daughters, going to the field, Mt Santa Rita, JOB patrols, Patrol Leader course.  The toughest time was having to say goodbye to some good people as their tours ended.  Rolling Stones, Cindibar, T’s Tavern, Top Gun, Sgt. Pepper’s, D’ Office, Florida Club, USA Tavern, Rock Trax, Cal Jams, Subic City runs, Barrio runs, Manila weekends, Angeles weekends.  So many women, so little time!  I’d love to hear from some of those A Company folks and Customs folks as well.  I got out of the Corps in 2002 as a Staff Sergeant on medical after complications from Desert Storm (3/7 Kilo Company, Task Force Grizzly).  A small group of us are planning a possible A Company reunion next year, if interested, let me know.  I would love to hear from Marrero, Corbett, Rodriguez, Washington, Lewis, McMaster, Crow, Creasy, Capt. Fairburn, SSgt Wolfe, Magann, Curry, and many more.  The biggest tragedy is that today’s Marines will never know what it was like to party on Magsaysay, play smiles, see a PI peso show, drink San Miguel and get a visit from some bush bunnies while in the field; I still remember this one girl asking me what happened to the bottom of my tent and why it was missing.  It was a shelter half.  Great site, Semper Fidelis.

Posted 2-5-05


We regret to announce the death of the following Subic Bay Marines.

Michael J. Bertini, 3-87/3-89, MSgt, "A" Co. Ret'd MSgt Bertini of Jacksonville, NC died Feb 21, 2004. Sister reported.

My sincere condolences to MSgt Bertini’s family; Any Marine that was in A Company during that time, knew of the Company Gunny and I will always remember him because of his guidance, his leadership, and his sense of humor.  I had the pleasure of getting to know him during my time in P.I. with A Company, I conducted his pack-out as a Military Customs Inspector and had the distinct pleasure of discovering many things about the Gunny that would normally not have been known because of our rank differences.  And, we met up at Pendleton years later where we shared some laughs together on a few occasions. Semper Fidelis “Gunny”

Posted 2-5-05
Corporal Robert D. Sellars 
Seperate Guard Company (CO. B) 1975 - 1976

I was stationed at Cubi with Separate Guard Company at the time Cpl. Mooney shot Cpl. Sandoval. But, I have not heard anything about what happened to Mooney. I remember the event and was off duty when the shooting occurred. Did you find out anything? I Got out of the Active Marines and later served three years as a Sergeant in the Marine Reserves. Since then I have been a civilian Federal Employee at the U.S. Mint in Denver. and have returned to the Philippines several times after the base closed. Subic Bay is a good Scuba site with about 21 Ship wreaks in relatively shallow water with no current. Now there are many Taiwanese there. Shit river was cleaned when the base closed. Now it is getting back to it's old smell. I plan on visiting the Philippines in February 2005 to see my lady there. I heard the former commander of the Marine Barracks was forced to retire after getting caught dealing the Black Market with the Mayor Richard Gordon. Last March I was there Richard Gordon's son was running for Philippine Senator. By the way I am an American member of the Filipino American Community of Colorado here in Denver. Best wishes to all.

Posted 2-5-05
Cpl. Jerry Lames, (La Moose), 1963
USMC 3rd Marines 3rd Mar Div HQ, S&C , Floating Battalion

I spent 1 year in and out of Subic Bay aboard the USS Iwo Jima LPH. Loved Subic and the Philippines. Many good friends and experiences were had while at Subic.  I have, as of December 3rd 2003 returned to the Philippines to spend my retirement years.

Posted 2-5-05
Ray Jones

I would like to find a Marine that was the NCO club manager, about 1989. Greg Stukes. I think he was a Top Shirt Ray.

Posted 2-5-05
Sgt. Ricardo Rivera, Nov 84 - Nov 87
HqBn Marine Barracks Subic Bay RP

I server in the HqBn Admin section as a SRB/Intel S-2 clerk.  I helped a lot of Marines and had some excellent friends or shall we said, brothers in that command. I can recall some last names like Sgt Green, Sgt Leroy R. Kirkland and Cpl Marvin Wortham (Certified brothers of mine), SSgt Steve Hernandez (Still owes me money), Colonel William T. Sweeney (Best Commander I ever served), Iron Mke (XO), LtCol Jankiewicz (Excellent XO), SSgt Lawson (Legal), SSgt Clark, Wild Bill (S-3), Lcpl Gerome (armory), LCpl Hanses, Cpl Zamora, Sgt Johnson, LCpl Welch, LCpl Singleterry(Couldn't swim), LCpl Johaness (aahh!!), GySgt Staley, SSgt Hidalgo, LCpl Odonell, 1stSgt Lebrun, Gysgt Mooney, Lt Hornillia, Warrant Officer Hairston, Capt. Meek (awsome Capt), Lcpl Vallence, 1stSgt Bartram Lcpl Risso(Snoring), LCpl Farris, LCpl Stephen M. Romine, LCpl Kenneth P. Haire (another certified brother), Msgt Elder, Sgt Short, LCpl Vidal, LCpl Toomey, LCpl Atchingson (I still have the pencil mark in the forehead), LCpl Glasco (is your ancle OK), LCpl Napier (Native american), LCpl Rivera (Co A), LCpl Rosa (Co A), Major Silva, Col Mock, LCpl Hansel, LCpl Masey, Sgt Rick (Don't remember Last name, he was U.D. Clerk) SSgt Vines, LCpl Smoot, GySgt Mooney, and many other well dedicated Marines that I would like make contact with them.  At the time I was a LCpl and I always was on a Yellow motorcycle (not like Sgt Lepra that you could only see the light in front of him). If you have pictures of that time period, please, please e-mail me. Or if you remember me, get in touch with me to share memories.    There's not a day that I don't think of you guys.  Great moments in history.  Something I learned with time is that now I have lots of friend, but the guys that I was in the military with, those guys will be my brothers and best friends for ever no matter what.  I'll always remember you guys.  Once again, if you were there in those time, I would like to get in touch.

Posted 2-23-05
Don Kaag, LTC (Ret.), Cubi Point NAS as a 1Lt., '73-'75
Commanded 3Plt, Separate Guard Co.

Checking in to see if any of my old troops are still up on the net.  I bumped into Lonnie Williams as a GySgt. attached to the Tank Gunnery School at Ft. Knox awhile back, and he was looking squared-away and taking no prisoners.

Posted 2-23-05
James D. Terry, A Co., Jan 87 - Sept 88

I remember those days.  Reading messages brought back lots of memories.  I am looking for anyone that was there when I was.  I remember Dan Brandenstien, Cpl. Kawoski.  Doug Haddix (took me out on the first night in town) I have a story or two on him.  Larry Creasey .  Who could forget that guy. Contact me.  Semper Fi.

Posted 2-23-05
Doc Reisman  1987- 1991 (Formerly AD3)
NAS CUBI PT / AIMD 400 / "Jet Shop"

I wanted to thank all the A and B Company Marines for taking the time and effort to train the NSF (Naval Security Force.)  Some of my best memories were during the ongoing training sessions.  I loved being in the jungle.  I wish I could remember the names of those who were their but my slightly fogged and picked brain along with the many years has caused me to forget. Thank you Staff Sgt and Lance Corporal for encouraging me to shoot expert by telling me no Sailor is that good with an M16 then making  a case of beer bet. Green Beach was a blast with M60, M16, shoot gun and grenade training along with our October elimination of ammunitions.  I used to love watching the hummers get stuck in the mud. Thanks Marines,  Semper Fi!!

Posted 3-6-05
Bob Grzeskowiak, LCpl, Sep Guard Co, 1974 - 1975

Would like to hear from those there at that time. even the bad memories are good !!!!

Posted 4-11-05
Cpl Michael Schletty, VMFA 232,  1974

I was a plane Captain with VMFA 232, The Red Devils. We deployed to Subic Bay, Philippines twice in 1974. Our home base was Iwakuni, Japan. Our squadron flew F4'S. I worked on the flight line. We stayed in the quonset huts, up in the MAU Camp. That summer, one of our F4's crashed into Subic Bay. The emgines stalled. The pilots ejected safely. The F4 was brought back up in pieces by the Navy Salvage Crew. I would like to say hello to all I served with. PS... Does anyone remember "Piso Jimmy's"?

Posted 4-11-05
William F. Manning, 1951 - 1954

My name is William F. Manning, my rank was PFC while stationed at this Marine Barracks at Subic Bay. From late 1951 to early 1954 is when I was there, I was in military police.  I have several photos of this era . I would like to get in touch with those serving with me.  Last names are Cheves, Gaylor, Daughty, Lesoya, Martinez, Arnett, Bowman, Richardson, Jamerson, Cpl. Borg, Dandalliar,  and Sgt. Bonkel, and John V. Burgess.  I have read your notes on the web page and cannot understand your glee since we lived in quanset huts, ran through the jungle looking for timber thieves. I do, though, have fond memories of pulling duty on the Naval boats patroling Subic Bay and eating seven course meals served by the Philippine servants at Cubi Point. Best wishes to all. Would  like to hear from anyone in that era who I can share war stories with. Semper Fi

Posted 4-14-05
Ken St.Julian, 1973 - 1976

Semper Fi. Was a LCpl in '73, Sgt. in '76. Great times at Subic. Anybody I served with, send me an email. All the best. The Saint.

Posted 4-21-05
Thomas Carrell
BLT 3/9 D 2/11, 1985 - 1991
Upper MAU, Dec. 1986 Feb. 1987

What a surprise to look through some of the photos posted and see several girls I knew as well as a couple of my Ex.-Wife. It brings back all the fond memories of the times when I had responsibility only to myself. I was stationed there for three months in 1986 - 87 and took a weeks leave later on and flew there from Okinawa. I don't regret marrying Emmy, we had alot of good times over the years. Hung out alot at the Florida, Slims, Talk of the Town. Had my share at Ts Tavern, 168 Club . Spent many a night in "the Jungle" at my girlfriends house. I was the first Marine from my unit to be UA ( Thanks to the MOJO experience) Only got 10 days base liberty. ( I may have snuck off base during that time, once or twice)  What a great time in my life.

Posted 4-21-05
Al Halseth, Cpl, HMM-165, 1971 - 1972,  

I was there off the USS Tripoli, LPH-10. Olongapo City.  I'd go back, it was fun. Also, does anyone know how I'd go about get Medical/Hospital Records for when I was in Cubi Point or were ever the Hospial was? Was anyone out there in Sasabo,Japan? It was March 1972 when I got hit by a taxi ?       SEMPER FI

Posted 5-5-05
Bob Gregory, MGySgt (Ret),

Ran into this web site and was curious to know if anyone remembers a Gordon W. Johnston.  He was stationed at MarBks Subic sometime in the 60's as best I recall.  He had gotten married while there and I think he was a Cpl at the time.  I worked for him later on I&I duty in Tulsa Oklahoma in l971.  He was a GySgt then, and the last time I heard from him, he was in Taiwan on his way out as I was on my way in.  Olongapo - Ahhhh remember it too well, too many times.  Never got stationed there but made enought trips accross the brigde and down the road.  (and crawled back more times than I want to remember too!).  Made it back to Manila in 1998 from Christmas and New Years to visit a few old friends.  Things have changed some now I'm sure.  I am now in Kazakhstan working through the State Department as the Admin Officer for Peace Corps operations. Semper Fi!

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