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Posted 1-19-03
CPL Jeff Groves, A 1/9 Weapons Platoon, 13th MAU

Would like to hear from any Jarheads or sailors that I served with on the Okinawa.  I worked in the Master at Arms shack for the last half of the cruise.  Had a great time in the PI. I will never forget the time I spent there.  Semper Fi, and if you know me drop me a line.

Posted 1-21-03
John Herrera, 1984 - 1987

I was a BLT 1/3 Marine, Comm.Pltn, H&S Co. from 1983 - 87. I was stationed in Kaneohe MCAS, Hawaii. I deployed by ship and air to the P.I. several times between 1984-87. Discharged in '87, lived in the P.I. with my filipina wife in the Visayas province until 1989, then, returned to my home in Dallas,Texas. Currently living in Dallas with my wife and 2 sons and wanting to go back again to live in the P.I. I would like to hear from any Marines or Sailors who were in the P.I. between 1984 - 87. Thanks and Semper Fi!

Posted 2-16-03
Jim Samarin, L/Cpl, June 66 - Dec 67

I did duty with the Marines at Separate Guard Co. at Cubi Point which changed later to B Co. Was anyone else out there during that time? 

Posted 2-23-03
Richard K. Cole, Jr. L/CPL USMC, (EAS-88)
"C" Co. NCSP San Miguel and NRTF Capas, Tarlac Oct 1984 - Feb 1986.

I am looking for any former or active duty Marine who was either at NCSP or NRTF during that time and also the morning on which Greg Coleman was killed, October 31, 1985.  I was on "stanby-react" that morning and will never forget.  I remember all of them...Cpt. Huguenin;  1st Lt. Reese; 1st. Lt. Gordon; 1st Sgt. Hubbard; Gunny Bratton (do you know he is a sergeant major now?)...Ssgt Webb; Ssgt Geltmacher; Sgt Small; Col. "Ballistic Bill" Sweeney. 

I have yet to see or hear of anyone knowing exacly what happened, and I have often wondered what was made of it after those of us who saw it were gone. I will never forget Hubbard yelling for a poncho...It was good duty though, and I was proud as all hell to have served there.  There were plenty of times we could have been killed, but we did'nt.  I had one of the lasst birds (C-141) out of Clark AFB....We landed a few hours later in Guam in time to watch the Challenger explode.

Posted 3-7-03
M. Larocque, A Company, 1985 - 1987

Lets go back!!!!!!

Posted 3-19-03
GySgt Mark A. Dockendorff

I am currently a Gunnery Sergeant in the USMCR with 2nd Bn, 24th Mar, 4th Mar Div and a police officer for the Villlage of Paltine, IL.  Many years ago when I was a young buck with lots of money and a care free attitude I was deployed to the Philippines on many occasions for several months at a time.  Those days I spent in the PI are without a doubt the best days I have ever had and I'm damn glad to have spent my youth in such a fine port.  I derive great pleasure from this website and wish that deployed Marines could be apart of it as well.  I spent over a year in the PI and have great respect for those of you who walked the fence long after me.

Posted 3-20-03
Mark R.Clifford, 1991

I was with III MEF SOTG, stationed with MAGTF 4-90 in Upper MEF when Mt. Pinatubo blew its top. We shared  a unique time. I was a S/Sgt. I am a police officer in the San Francisco Bay Area now. I am looking forward to talking with others who endured this event.

Posted 10-18-03
James B. Flores (DINO / FLO), PFC - LCPL, A Co. Port, June 1987 - Jan 1989
Platoon and FSD/Military Customs, also Upper MEF Camp, May 1990 - Oct 1990 or

The photos on this web site sure do bring back some very fond memories, where a lot of us began our careers. Arrival in a foriegn country for the first time was scary, but ran into some good Marines and Sailors who showed me the ropes. Now a Staff Sergeant working at the Camp Pendleton Correctional Custody Unit (CCU) after a lateral move in 1991.  My current C.O. is also a former "Subic Bay Marine". We spent our times complaining about being there, only to regret not being able to return, but the big crime is that no other young Marine and Sailor can ever experience what we had the opportunity to share. The 24 hour liberty, Mt Santa Rita, Jungle Patrols, Green and Red Beach, Subic City, Manila, getting promoted in T's, free drinks at Cindibar at 7 PM, the many reactionary drills, running guard, etc. Met some of the best friends in the PI, KEVIN CORBETT, RAMIRO RODRIGUEZ, MARLON MARRERRO, HIGGINS, HADDIX, SHELTON, CREASY, LEWIS, AND MANY MORE.... as well as my wife, and yes, I did prove the old saying to be nothing but a wisecrack "because she is only different"! I will forever miss and cherish my time in the Philippines and I one day hope to return for a visit.

Posted 10-18-03
Marine Dean Carlton, L/Cpl, 1958 - 1959

I'm former Marine Dean Carlton, L/Cpl. I was stationed at Cubi Point most of '58 and all of '59, assigned to AUW platoon. Anyone out there from across all these past decades? It'd even be fun to hear from Fry or Calderon...or, God help me, Boulet.

Posted 10-18-03
Rich Littleton, 1953153, 0311, L/cpl, 1962 - 1963

This Date, 22 Aug 03 marks a 40th anniversary for me. It was on this date in 1963 that my Odyesse in Subic Bay came to an end. How fast that 18 mos. had passed. I,enriched with memories to last me a lifetime; had drawn my departure orders to board the Daniel L. Sultan for my trip back home. The Sultan, as well as the Wm. B. Mitchell are now but memories, for they both have gone to scrap yards long ago. Prior to boarding the Sultan, I took pause to reflect back on my 18 month tour and the fine group of men I served with. I still think our period was the best of tours, all the Heavy construction had just ended - New Barracks, some even with mahogany fronted "Cubicles". The Old Hdq's Co. Barracks was Air conditioned, as opposed to Cubi Point where I had spent my first 6 mos. under a Fan hoping to cool enough to get some sleep in the heat and Humidity, that was Subic Bay Philippines. The Companies were run like tight Corporate civilian structures, one really had a sense of purpose, everything was business like but we had fun too, I gather from some of my Brother Marines they didn't have such good command structure in the years that followed our period 3-62 to 8-63. Some may have actually had it a little better, as it appears a tremendous Recreational push was made to accomodate the influx of "Nam"era personnel, and the beaches were enhanced greatly, as well as Tar Lac(?) that wasn't there when I was, plus some of the other schools command. To those who may have served with me, and remenber me as a friend; God Speed, Semper Fi, Carpe Diem....AND a San magoo to You too! Beer was 1.00 peso a bottle (Ladies drinks 2.00Peso's ea.) and a P3.85/$1.00.Oh yes.....least I forget......Local "Short times" were P5.00 Or P10.00. If you pissed them off by standing them up (Or were a "Butterfly' like I was) Manila naturally was...higher! Never Forget!!!! Semper Fi!

Posted 10-18-03
Edward Alvarez, 1990 - 1991

My name is L/CPL Edward Alvarez. I served with CSSD-35 Comm Det at Lower MEF Camp from July 1990 through Oct 1991. Looking for other Marines who served with CSSD 35.

Posted 10-18-03
Alfred Butanda, 1991 - 1992

My name is Alfred Butanda. I am trying to find out some unit awards that may have been awarded to the personnel who were in the Marine Barracks Subic Bay PI during the turn over of the base to the Philippines Government in 91-92 era. Anyone with information, please email me. Thanks! SEMPER FI !

Posted 11-28-03
Sgt. Steve Perez, A Co Marine Barracks, 1978 - 1980

Assigned at the main gate, worked with a civilian employee - Grey Uniform  Charlie Retome. They are best friends. Sgt. Steve Perez was married to Julie Estabaya - Perez from Merchandise Control Clerk. Steve was in the US Marines for 9 years. His last duty station was in Bangor, Washington. That was from 1983 to 1985. Steve passed away last January 3, 2003 leaving his wife Julie and his only son Steven Jr. who are now both based in Chula Vista, California. Anyone who worked with Steve or Julie at the MAIN GATE pls email me. I am looking for a best buddy Rick Hayes, he must be retired from the service now.

Posted 11-30-03
Jeffrey Tolmie, L/cpl, 1989 - 1990

Lookig for anyone who may have served with me in A Company.

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