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Posted 1-4-99
LCpl Colpitts, "C" Co Mar Bks San Miguel/Capas, 89-91

Looking to hear from anyone who was stationed there during that time.
-Semper Fi

Posted 1-6-99
Johosky, Timothy, Cpl. "C" Company Marine Barracks San Miguel/Capas, 89 - 91

"Searching for my fellow Devil Dogs that served with me in Charlie Company during the same time.  You know who you are.  Remember the tear drop tattoo??"

Posted 1-13-99
Sgt. Richard K. Haulet, Cubi Point, Separate Guard Company, AUW Platoon 1972

I was A  L/cpl. at Cubi Point, Separate Guard Company, AUW Platoon 1972. I really like the new web page. Good work!  I would like to find a number of old freinds that I served with.  I can remember names, but where do we look from there?  I currently live in north central Washington State, near the Canadian border.  I have worked in the explosive industry, since getting out of the Corps, and I still get a bang out of it!  I may be contacted by e-mail at or at 509-485-1924. My mailing address is Technical Explosive Consultants Inc. #8 Wakefield Lane, Oroville, Washington 98844.

Posted 1-14-99
Lee Huzzard, M.B. Subic Bay P.I, Feb 61-Feb 63

I was stationed M.B. Subic Bay P.I., from Feb 61 until Feb 63 security detachment. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of former Capt. Thomas Dutton or Lt. Daniel Trenski LCpl Stillwell probably from PA. W/OR Rotchford P.X., or Sgt. Taggart barracks armorer, please advise I am retired from Pa. State Police and have a lot of time to search out people.
Semper Fi. THE HUZZ

Posted 1-16-99
Morris, Phillip, Lcpl,  A Co., June 90 till Jan 92

Just found this website and wanted to say hello to any Marines that were with Alpha Company during the 1990-1992 time frame.  Currently I'm a 2ndLT at TBS and if any body remembers Cpl Langfelt, he now is also an officer with 1st Tanks in Califorina.  Is there anyway to get one of those beer wraps? T's Tavern will always be a second home.

Posted 2-12-99
Cpl Jim Brooks, Marine Barracks, A Company, Subic Bay 1977-78.

Looking for any Marines who worked the gates, and remembers Kalayan Sally at gate #3. Had some great times in Olongapo. Especially would like to hear from Jack Bouman, Tim Kinney, Mike Hodge and all those aquired the taste of home brewed mojo.
Semper Fi !!!

Posted 2-13-99
GySgt Billy D. Martin, Jan 52-Jun 53

What a shock to get your card. I served at Subic Jan 52-Jun 53. It was great to look at the 1950 pictures of Subic. Yes, what a great duty station. One that all disliked on arrival and cried upon departing. I'm going to see if I can find some of my old momentos. Names don't come rapidly but I do remember Cpl. John Borg from Indiana, a cook named Flink. GySgt Mahan. I'll give it some thought. I retired GySgt Billy D. Martin, 0848 (mos) in November of 70. I won't be able to make your Subic reunion but please keep me posted. This is a great website, you've obviously spent many hours. Thanks for all you work.

Posted 2-13-99
LCpl Doney, A Co Marbks Subic Bay ' 89 to ' 91

Looking for anyone who was there or in A Co during that time. Like to find out who might of got married, myself and Marivic are still married, we got married on Feb 14, ' 91 and still going strong. Like to hear from any old friends!!

Posted 2-20-99
Jonathan M. Morris (Pvt entire 4 years) "A" Co., Dec 88 - June 90

WHAT A TOUR OF DUTY!!!  T's!  Main gate, Post 3, React,  Sgt Staples,  NSD compound x-mas night, Colonel Guy Office Hours, Mount Santa Rita,  Jungle patrols,  Magsaysay,  Jeep-nee,  peso's, SAN MIGUEL, Green Beach, Grande Isl, 96hr pass, aching feet,  Papa-Mike's, Monsoon's, Air conditioning, T's!!!
I'm living in Miami Beach, do investments for NationsBank, BBA/Finance FAU, U. of Miami, MBA. I'm light years away from the Corps but "A" Co feels like yesterday! Semper Fi.

Posted 2-20-99
Sgt. John Rose (at the time L/CPL)  Jan 65 to Dec 65

Just wondering if any one out there served in the Marine Barracks in 1965? I was on the main gate the whole year of 1965.

Posted 2-23-99
Cpl Christopher LeBlanc, ACo MarBks from 86 to 88

I was stationed at A Co MarBks from 86 to 88, Starboard Plattoon as well as Jungle Operations Branch, I keep in touch with Rob "Moose" Ormond, Mike Wondo, Mark Delgado and Roger Walker and Paul Whitley from C Co. MarBks. It Would be great to hear from any others I served with over there.  The good old days, I have so many great memories and pictures of that place.

Posted 2-26-99
LCpl Thomas W. Lona, MarBks HQ Co and B Co, 90-92

My name is Thomas W. Lona, I was a LCpl stationed with Marine Barracks Headquarters Company and B Company 2nd Platoon 90-91.  I would like to hear from any one stationed there during that time.  I would also like to receive any information on Sgt. Renfrew, Cpl. Gibson, and Cpl Hill all stationed with Marine Barracks Headquarters Company.  This site sure brings back the memories.  I was also in Subic in '92 with the MAGTF when the base was closing.  I would like to hear from any attached with Lima Comapny 3/5 that was a part of the MAGTF.

Posted 2-27-99
Frank Tulumello, Sgt, B Company Marine Barracks, US Naval Magazine  82-84

Semper Fi Fellow Jar Heads ! I just learned of this web page the other day and have enjoyed all of what I've found out here.   I regret that I didn't learn of it earlier or I would
have certainly made an attempt to join all of you on the "Return to the PO Trip" next month.  At nearly the same time I'll be enjoying myself in Hawaii for 2 weeks. I'll do my best to make the next reunion ...... especially if it's in PI.   I visited our old stomping grounds in April 95 for 3 weeks. This was my first return after leaving in 1984.  I felt very strange having to visit the Quonset Hut that I brought many a "Honeyco" to for a base pass ....TO GET A PASS FOR MYSELF !   After all,  this was my base .....our base.... well not any more guys least not for the time being.  My personal feelings are that the Philippines was foolish in their quest to rid us of their country.   Former Mayor Richard Gordon was quick to jump on the bandwagon once he figured he could find new ways of lining his crooked pockets once we were gone.  This was a man that was directly linked with black marketing and a percentage of the bar businesses by NIS prior to my arrival. Once he was named the Chairman of the SBMA, I knew what his intentions were.
At that point I said Subic would never reach it's full potential unless they appointed a REAL BUSINESS MAN and not this pretty boy mobster.    Enough on that for now. There wasn't a whole lot of business going on when I visited the base in 95. A few small smuggler ships in port and not much of anything else.  Off base was really strange.  My memories of Magsaysay were still fresh in my mind as I stared down a nearly deserted street.  Everything boarded up .... all signs removed.  Virtually no indication of the party town it was.  I found no more than 5 businesses open on Magsaysay.  Street vendors gone ..... very few people at all.  I took a trip down to the market area and found a lot more activity ...similar to before.   I actually was able to locate only 1 vendor there that still had some old dusty remnants of our existence.    Military plaques, engraved emblems etc.   I decided to venture to the Barrio and visit my landlord and old apartment.   I think the Barrio was hit the hardest by the volcano ....many buildings were leveled. I also noticed some new buildings and small hotels that charged up to $120.00 a night.  Can you believe that !  I found a hotel for P600.00 a night and decided to stay there.  The one thing I noticed was the presence of quite a number of Europeans.  Only a few of the bars I frequented were still open and the Girls were very very young......maybe I'm just much older. I'll save the rest of my stories about my trip to Zamboanga City for the next reunion. In closing, let me wish all of you a safe and enjoyable trip and remember ...."It's still OUR base .....they just figured a way to get it back for a while" Actually, remember the old saying ..."Everything on this base is stolen ....they just haven't figured a way to get it out the gate yet"   Well they did !
Take Care Marines !
P.S.  If you happen to see Richard Gordon begging for pesos outside the gate, kick him in the ass real hard once for me .....Ok twice.....then send him for a swim.

Posted 2-27-99
No Name Given

OUTSTANDING website!!  I'm from Olongapo and served in the Marine Corps from Feb79 to Feb99.  My units were HqCoBde, 1stMarBde, KBay, HI; RAC, RTR, MCRD SDIEGO, CA; HqSvcBn, MCB CamBut, JA; 5th MAB, CamPen, CA; RS Clev, OH; 4th MEB, Little Creek NAB, VA; and HQMC, Wash, DC.  Retired as a SSGT.  I'd like to see photos of the Subic Bay Gym, El Kabayo stable, George Dewey High School, the Commissary and Exchanges.  Oooorahhh!

Posted 2-27-99
SSgt Maximo T. Payumo, Jr., USMC Ret.

Was not stationed in Subic but was a retired USN dependent living off base when held by U.S. Marine Guards for exiting the base after 6.00 pm.  Can no longer remember what year but guess I was under 18 years old, so I would say 1970.  Fun remembrance of the Gymnasium, swimming pool and Cubi Point.  Lived in Olongapo City from 1963-1978.  Been home again in 1982, 1987, and 1994 on vacation.  Was there also on float with 2/3 in 1981, suffered heat stroke on a force march. Attended JEST school and slept on bamboo makeshift bed above ground.  Learned to cook rice on bamboo from the Negritoes.  Want to hear from U.S. military personnel that have crossed my path as a civilian there and as U.S. Marine.

Posted 3-2-99
SgtMajor Billy B. Chapman, USMC(Ret)
Stationed Sangley Point USNAS, RP 1954-57
Subic Bay, 1966

Currently Chief of Operations of the Judge Advocates Association, the Professional Bar Association for the Armed Forces and Veterans lawyers. If we have veterans or dependents that need legal assistance (medical or otherwise) contact us at "".

Subic Bay brings back great memories. While stationed at Sangley Point I travelled back and forth to Subic often. Subic had the only rifle range and we had to take all our troops there to qualify. I remember the monkeys that climbed on the roof of the range storage bldg. and beat on the tim roof with rocks. What a racket. The instructors told us they were trained to do that to create combat type noise that would help us concentrate. When Cubi Point officially opened Adm Radford, Chair of the Joint Chiefs, was flying in to be the first plane to land and officially open the field. Because the Navy feared the Air Force they parked heavy equipment on the runway. A Marine group was operating off the Philippines on a carrier. They painted out all identifying numbers on a fighter except "Marines" and flew to Cubi ahead of the Admiral, landed on the field, dodged the heavy equipment, turned around and took off back to the carrier. I am sure you know the stink that caused. Then there was the visit to Subic by the CG FMFPac. He walked up to this very tall Marine NCO and said, "Marine, are you a basketball player?" He said, yes sir, all my life and the CG said, "Pack your gear, your going to Hawaii with me. I need you on my basketball team". He was a key person on the staff but it did not seem to matter, the CO tried to protest, but he boarded the plane with the General. Yep, Subic Marine Barracks was always quite a place.

Congratulations on a outstanding web site webmaster. Why don't you come for a visit and overhaul ours. Seriously thinking about your trip if we can work it into our schedule conferences. SemperFi.

Posted 3-5-99
Cpl. James R. (Bob) Jay Mid 1966 to Feb. 1968

Detached Guard Co. (first 6 months) HQ Co. (brig turnkey) and Cpl of the Guard and AFPs for the last 6 months. Bob Jay

Posted 3-9-99
Lcpl Wayne Ramsey, B Co, Cubi Point, 84-85

Like to get the name of the guys in photo #16 of the personal photos. It was taken at the Rolling Stones Club. I'm glad I found this site. I feel like I am at home!

Posted 3-24-99
LCpl Arthur W. Mahoney, Dec90 - 24Nov92  "the end of time"
HQ Co and a few memorable weeks with A Co

Subic Bay, ahhhhh the memories.   I arrived in country and was all confused and I can thank LCpl Lona for showing me the power of the peso and the taste of San Miguel, not to mention the taste of the Filapina. Let's see some of the I'll never forget, bribing the police from Station Bravo.  Wanting to throw that old guy from the Shit River Bridge.  There was nothing like busting out a cherry girl.  Of course upon leaving I had to resign as the mayor of Subic City. Mt. Pinatubo is a memory that I'll never be able to get rid of.  Of course paying a barfine with a gallon of water from base was nice too.  I'll update you on a few people I've been in contact with since leaving.  Capt Ignelzi is now on Camp Lejeune with SRIG, GySgt Dan B. Lane is at Quantico ( I think), SSgt Scott A. Rybicki is on MCAS Beaufort.  Sgt Lunsford ("B" Co) is a Drill Instructor on Parris Island.  I worked with SSgt Rybicki and Sgt Lunsford on Parris Island where I ran the gas chamber.  I'd love to hear from anyone who was there during my time.  I tried to contact you LCpl Lona but mail was returned.  Please try me at  I know where Sgt Renfrew and Cpl Gibson went but I haven't spoken to them in years.  My years at Subic Bay were now and will always be the best years of my life.  I'll definately join the reunion next year.  Would love to hear from LCpl Schenk (Pvt Schenk), Cpl Capozzolo, LCpl O'connor, Sgt Riggins, Cpl Nolan, LCpl Garza and of course LCpl Storm.

Posted 3-24-99
Clifford Grebe,
A Co., Dec75 - Mar77

I was stationed with HQ Company (A Co.) from Dec 75 thru Mar 77 as a Lcpl and Cpl.  Stood gate duty at all three gates (especially liked Post #3 12 to 4 relief), guard relief driver, Cpl of the Guard (Starboard section 3rd squad), rode "shotgun" with Sgt of the Guard in the housing areas, and was Sergeant of the Guard (as a Cpl) for several months.  Also pulled two tours at Santa Rita communications station.  Participated in many jungle patrols and firing exercises in Zambales.  Does anyone remember the night Steve Kirwin surprised the intruders in the Binictican housing area and shot and killed one after being attacked with a knife?  Would love to hear from any old friends from those days especially Harold McColl, Kevin Donahue, Ron Cherney, Gerald VanDyne.

Posted 4-7-99
Douglas Hauth, CWO-4 (Ret), Dec79 - Dec82

I was stationed with HQ Co, MARBKS Subic Bay from Dec 79 to Dec 82. During my tour I served as the Operations Production Chief and later as the Station Manager for the Far East Network - Philippines stations throughout the Philippines.  I worked out of the FEN station at Clark AB but spent as much time in Subic Bay and its FEN station as I could.  I have many fond memories of all the Marines, Sailors, and civilians I met and worked with during that time.  My fondest memory was being promoted from GYSGT to Warrant Officer by Col. Brause and unusual reception I received when I left the barracks.  I would like to hear from anyone who was there during that time frame.

Posted 4-14-99
Nick Kiriokos, LCpl, A Company, Jun 81-Dec 82

Semper Fi!  Been at least ten years since I was back there, the last two as a wingnut with VMA (AW)-121. Try not to hold it against me, I did my combat duty in Grenada& Beirut with E Co 2 Bn/8 Mar before transfering to the airwing. God it was nice to get back there. Something about the place gets in your blood and stays there doesn't it? I always hated standing duty on the gates, but the liberty was great, eh boys! Any body out there who served in the time frame I was there, give me a line.

Posted 4-16-99
James B. Flores (Dino), A Co., 87-89

Greetings to all Devil Dogs formerly stationed at Subic. Man, that was a long time ago, but the memories make it seem like yesterday. The heat, the misquitoes, the runningguard, the Seals, Polling Stones, Cinibar, Topgun and who could ever forget "T's". I was with A Co., Port Platoon and Military Customs from June 87 until January 89. My wife is going homw tp P.I. next year to visit family. She has instructions to take as many pictures as possible. I'm still in as a Staff Sergeant in Camp Pendleton, working at the Base Brig as a Correctional Specialist. Would like to hear from people that I served and got drunk and stupid with. Semper Fi..........SSgt. Flo

Posted 4-23-99
David L. Jarboe, GySgt (Ret), A Co. 76-77, BCo. 79-83

Would like to hear from any one there at the time, I'm still married to my Filipina wife Linda. We had two boys. My oldest is 22 and a Sgt. in the Army (it happens). My youngest is a High School Freshman. We live in 29 Palms, CA where I am a GS-8 on the base. My wife also works on the base. I have stayed in touch with a few barracks Marines, i.e. SgtMaj (Ret) Mike McGraw, GySgt (Ret) Art Dearen, Sgt Maj Freddy Yambao, GyDgt Strong, Col. J. P. Walsh, just to name a few. Also Speedy and his famiy are stateside. Get in touch with me!

Posted 4-24-99
NCCM(SW) C. R. (Corky) Johnson, USN (Ret)

Great job on this Web Site....brings back many memories!  I served in the Marine Corps from 1948-1955.  During Korean War I served in A-1-1 from Inchon Invasion, through the Chosin Reservoir.  Was in "Chesty's" 1st Regiment, but our Skipper was then a young Captain of Marines named Robert H. Barrow, USMC, who retired as the 27th Commandant of the Marine Corps.  A fine human being, officer, and MARINE!
I spent the remainder of my career in the Navy, first as a YN, then an NC.  I visited Subic many times while serving in USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65), USS HANCOCK (CV-19), USS KANSAS CITY (AOR-3), USS ARKANSAS (CGN-41), and visited both Cubi and Subic while serving as Command Master Chief for Commander Patrol Wings, U. S. Pacific Fleet, the P-3 Community.  I retired in 1985 as C/MC in USS ARKANSAS (CGN-41).  Keep up the good work, I'll visit again! 

Semper fi, "Corky"

Posted 4-30-99
MSGT Ed Wooddall, A Co, Jan 81 to April 82

I am MSGT Ed Wooddall.  I was stationed at A Co, with my two brothers George and Bobby from Jan 81 to April 82.  We had a blast in Subic.  It seems like yesterday.  I have kept in touch with a couple of Marines since then.  I am currently stationed at 14th Marine HQ Btry as the Career Planner.  I will soon transfer to MARFORRES in July.  Iam still married to my Fillipino wife Josie and have a 16 yr old and an 8 yr old, both boys. I hope to take them to PI when I retire in 2003.  I will check this site again later now that I have been told about it by Dave Jarboe.  Semper Fi

Posted 5-6-99
Ronald Wagner

Hello everyone. This is SGT Wagner. SGT Trolestrup and myself are doing fine. We both live in Southern California.  Anyone know of any of my devil dogs, let me know there whereabouts. I know Kinley lives in Oceanside. Braziel got out in 97. I was stationed with him at Edson Range.

Posted 5-17-99
Doc Lerp RVN 2/26th and First Med.

Greeting Marines, Please pardon me for using this listing to contact you, but I thought it might help me. If anyone knows of anyone who served with Golf 2/26th from 68-70 could you please contact me. We are holding a reunion next month in Corning New York. Thank You!

Posted 5-17-99
Leonard A Rapuano, 3rd Platoon Charlie Co. 3rd Recon, 64/65

All that is said about Subic and Olongapo is true.  Fantastic place, even with Cinderella Liberty.  I hate to say it but, I needed that Cinderella Liberty to get at least a few hours of sleep in a day. Otherwise!??  Good ole' Olongapo...where the beer was hot and the women were cold...or som'tine like dat.  I was never stationed at Subic, only trained.  3rd Platoon Charlie Co. 3rd Recon, Marine Raider Company 64/65. Jungle training, E & E, training, day and night swims and other contact sports(?).  Went South, the rest is history! Great site.

Posted 5-17-99
L/Cpl Camuy, Juan R.  "A" Company, 1st Plt, Jan 1990-Sept 1991

Looking for any other Marines who served with me in "A co"  during 90-91. I'm also trying to locate the following jarheads: Zarnik, Daniel J ," Dan I still have something that belongs to you." and Sgt James Mcguire from New Jersey. Thnx Gunny for the forum you provided to help find our buddies.

Posted 5-17-99
Art Proctor, Cubi Point Feb 87' to July 88'

I served at Marine Barracks Cubi Point Feb 87' to July 88'. Looking for Airman Elaine Molina.

Posted 5-18-99
L/Cpl Gregory Salazar,
MarBarr, "B" Co., Cubi Point, Jan81 to Apr82

I was stationed in Marine Barracks, "B" Co., Cubi Point, P.I. from Jan. 1981 to Apr. 1982. I was 18 years old, and a Pvt when I arrived and a L/Cpl when I left. My MOS was 0331 M-60 Machinegunner, but in the P.I. I was a sentry for the Navel Magazine, I also ran Jungle Patrols and went to JEST twice. We would party at the Stone Crow, and were "Station Ditos" (Stationed Here) and would often travel to places like Subic City and Green Beach, Remember the Lobster place next to Green Beach? They would let you pick out your own lobster and cook it for you. It was a very nice place to get away to.
Remember the NPA, the ghost post "Mike 6" ,"React", scuba diving at Grande Island, "balut", San Magoo beer, ladies drinks, Camp John Hay in Bagiuo, Vejo Rum, monkey meat, cerfew and the Genesis Club? I currently live in Denver, Colorado and work as a Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration/DOJ.

Posted 5-20-99
Scott Cooper, A Co., Mar88 to Sep89

I served from Mar 88 to sept 89 with A Co. Had alot of good times and fond memories. My name is Scott Cooper. I live in Augusta Maine. Was a Lcpl in A Co. Anyone who was there with me drop me a line. I keep in touch with a few people, so lets trade some info.  Semper Fi!!

Posted 5-22-99
Anthony Liller, C Co. Capas, 87-88,,

Hello, I just love this web site...I got lost in it for hours.  My name is Anthony Liller and I was stationed with C Company Capas from 87-88.  I am looking for any Marines who were there at that time.  John Dephess where are you?  Tim and Maria Howe from florida?  Lcpl Shaffer?  Does anyone remember Yolli "the what's up crazy girl?"  Prove your answer by telling which bar she worked in.  How about Mr. Mello from the Filam Lodge? 

Posted 5-25-99
Cpl Marc Simpson, 89-91

Oh what a time in 1989 Subic Bay. Looking for some of the hard drinking, bar fighting, good ole boys from A Co strboard side and hq.  L/cpl Crutchfield, Keen, Cowgill, and anybody that knew  PFC NIK KAC........Platoon Attention!!!

Posted 6-3-99
L/Cpl J.D. Sehein, A Co., Jul87 to Jan89

I remember all the good times with Stoll, Cahillane, Melvin, May, Higgins(peewee), Williams(willie), Gallagher(troll), Creasey, Shelton(goo-goo-goo), but the best memory was when we all had an early curfew because of a company inspection the next day. Well, we all ignored the curfew and got ripped that night. The next day was like a circus because we were all still pretty much s_ _tfaced. It was funny because Sgt. Travis was the ring leader, he went out the gate and we all followed. Any of you Dogs who remember the good old times drop me a line. JDSehein

Posted 6-10-99
Jose V. Meza, B Co, 80-82 or

Hi, I'm Jose V. Meza and was at Subic Bay (B Company, 2nd Platoon starboard side) from 1980-82.  I would like to hear you if you were there.  I'm off line for until the last week in June so please call me at 914-636-3175.  You can email me at or  after that.

Posted 6-11-99
LCPL Waters, Robert, B Co, Cubi Point,  Jan80 - Jun81

I was in the armory for my last year there.  I was on the guard for Pope John Paul II in 1981.  I would like to know if any one is in touch with Father Kurt Spilker, then a Leiutentant. I look forward to hearing for all of you. Bob

Posted 6-21-99
Ken Rybak Cpl. B Co. Mar Bks  87-88

Looking to contact any former members of B Co. 2nd plt from 87-88. Any info on Pat Newlands, Keith Rowe, Ronny Brooks, Paul King, Cory Freeman, please e-mail me. What a site, can't believe the town is gone. Long live T's Tavern..........keep up the great work on the site.

Posted 6-23-99
M/Sgt Phillip Eisman, Retired, 89-92

I retired in the Philippines and watched the base get closed, then stayed there until Sept. 3, 1997 when I moved to Las Vegas. I was the Staff NCO Club Manager there at Subic Bay PI. Subic Bay has changed from what we knew for ever, but if you go back, you can still have fun.

Posted 7-17-99
SGT Frank Sellin, Brovo Co, 1st Plt, 1st Section

How many Marines or Saliors can say they lost their virginity on a pool table up in Subic at the MUFF DIVERS. Well I did and thanks to the guys in my section, I sure did. I look back with fond memories of the Marines I sereved with while I was there. So thanks to Sgt Carter, Buckley, Armstrong, Bluboltz, Bores, Wheeler, Peck, McPhearson, Yanatz, Turner, Harvey, Cole, Wolf, Waldrip and to those I may have forgotten, you made life there a lot of fun.

Posted 7-22-99
Anastacio (John) HERRERA, MSGT, Ret, 71-73 Det Guard Co.

Bravo-Zulu for establishing this web site. Noteworthy info on present and past happenings. Keep up the good work. I'm disappointed to have missed the reunion. Wanted to go but already made a trip there the year before. Hopefully there'll be another.

I was a Sgt. when stationed at Det Guard (San Miguel). I took over the 1st Section (1st Plt if you will) after all the old timer NCOs left. We had some outstanding Marines in that Section at that time; performing their jobs superbly even after an all night or all weekend bar-hopping. I can remember running Section PT the morning after liberty and the whole formation smelled like a brewery.

I also was the first NCOIC to take the first detail to Capas, Tarlac when the call for reinforcement was announced. We were helo lifted overthere along with several base police and their guard dogs. That was before the martial law went into effect. On several occassions while conducting night patrol along the antena field, we witnessed heavy firefight between the PC (at that time) and the NPA just outside the perimeter fence. Green and red tracers would cris-cross the evening sky towards Camp O'Donnel and grenade blasts would intermittently break the staccato of automatic weapons. Kinda reminded me of my stint in Vietnam.

The last time I was in Subic while the base was still active, was in 1990. I was with 3/7 at the time and we were a part of MAGTF 4-90(?). We conducted a command exercise in San Miguel and bivouac at the last 'Receiver Site' out in the antenna fields. We received one hot meal at the existing messhall and was surprised to see one of our old houseboys has moved up to be a cook.

In the earthquake of 90, we provided search and rescue for victims at the University in Nueva Ecija. We also delivered food and medical supplies for stranded barrios along the major highway.

The last visit I had in Subic was 97. Alot of major developments were slowly being conducted aboard the old base. Many commercial firms had taken up some of the warehouses that were still intact after Pinatubo. The hustle and bustle that we were use to seeing in the old days no longer exists but I understand pedestrian traffic at the main gate is just as heavy this days after working hours. The old "---- River" no longer smelled as bad and there's hardly any sewage or trash floating --- big improvement. Olongapo is a little cleaner along the main drag
but if you wonder along the back roads and alleys, still the same. Majority of the clubs have closed but the girlie entertainment seems to have shifted into Barrio Barreto.

Would like to hear from fellow Marines from Det Guard (71-73). The wife and I will be returning to the Subic area in 2000 to retire for good. So if you can't reach me here today, look for me there next year.

Semper Fi to all!! JH

Posted 8-16-99
LCpl Valerio,  "A" Co MarBks, 86 - 88

LCpl Valerio,  "A" Co Ma Bks Showed up with Cable "crazy Indian" 88ish Met Cofflen  1st shirt LeBlanc (I still know to this day) Nester was my house boy. I was in old barracks for most of time the. I remember Gelesipe Gibson "Sloth" Sgt. Stevens  Grotser, Guthry, Sgt. Pogi , Sgt. Willams "short ass" SSgt. Brown gunny last I saw him in the fleet Haugen Fagman(How is "A" Co Agnus?)  Joey Omens and his lovely wife(ha ha). T's Tavern Rolling Stones Cal Jams Offlimits. Crag Wick the sickest man alive. The guy from Chi'Town that danced funny. Frank Gillmore Petty what was that on the back of your neck Caver I use to brake your locker and into listen to your stereo.  To just name few quick memories.

Posted 8-21-99
Cpl. Clark, A Co, Jul89 - Feb92

Known as Cpl. Clark with A Co July'89-Feb90 and HQ Plt until Feb'92. Enjoyed being SOG and sitting up at the main gate.  T's Tavern and trips to Angeles City, Manila.   Sgt Cross, Cpl Hill, GySgt Smiley and myself and our S3 Officer did patrol schools and live fire shoots at green beach as well as rifle ranges.  But that was all business (sometimes fun).   Messed with the bush bunnies and watched a few peso shows. Wonder if they've cut down the jungle yet? Barrio Burreto, Subic City trips and piss'n out the back of a jeepny was always fun. Things like military coups attempts and Mt Pinitubo eruptions put the topping on the cake.  Married a bargirl that left me a year before I got out.  Now I'll have to go get another one some day.  I remember Sgt Staples and Sgt "Stinky".   Some of the COG's and Falconburg.   Sgt Head still around?

Posted 9-2-99
MSgt Ed Crusie, 74-76

Ed Crusie MSgt Retired stationed in SEP Guard Co. 4 June 74 to 26 Aug 76. Looking to find out what ever happened to Cpl Mooney who shot Cpl Sandoval. Also looking for Jonny Jara, James Pettie and Randy Barb.

Posted 10-1-99
Chuck Crutchfield, Hq Co, 90-92

Hello, hard chargers. I worked in supply along with Cpl. Rivas, Sgt. Banks, Lcpl. Keem and Sgt. Rosa. I have several pictures from my tour and I'm looking for anyone who went through Pinatubo. Lcpl. Simpson and Mahoney were my roommates during that time. PS - Hey "SIMP" I  still got that picture of you loosing your lunch in front of the porcelain God (SMILE).

Posted 10-12-99
Lcpl Rivera ("Lou"), 31st MAU, 1981

As a LCpl in the 31st MAU on an Indian Ocean cruise (kangaroo cruise'81) in August of 1981 I entered Subic Bay. Didn't want to go out in town 'cause I thought it was the same as back in Okinawa with the "buy me drinkee" girls. Finally one of my buds dragged me out with him to get a couple of beers. Woahh; after that my world exploded. Where was I...paradise? The place definitely had an atmosphere. To make a long story short I married my "honeyko" and still happily together for the last 18 years. Went back this year in April to visit and had to cry. Its gone man. I went to a couple of clubs and all were very happy to see an "American" back again. But I guess nothing lasts forever. We still have our memories--all good.  If anyone out there remembers "Ric and Nora" or Lcpl Rivera ("Lou") drop us an email. You Are My Sunshine.....Semper Fi Devil Dogs.

Posted 10-18-99
Dana Raffaniello, Sgt., H&MS-12

Was in the corps from 80 to 92. My MOS was 6482 Deceptive Electronic Counter Measure Technician/Fixed Wing. Was attached to H&MS -12 from 82 to 84 and made many monthly trips to Cubi. Then from 85 to 87 was back once a year on UDP.  Kind of miss Olongapo, it has been over 10 years since I have been there, but the memories will never fade. visit my page to see what I have been doing since becoming a civilian. Semper Fi

Posted 10-31-99
ken halas, cubi point 61-62

Name is Ken Halas...stationed at Cubi Point 1961-1962 in MP's. I'm interested as to where some of the fellow Marines are.

Posted 11-11-99
Cpl N. Roberts, MAG-36 S-1, OKINAWA, 83-84

I am tryng to locate a few friends that I made several trips to Olongapo with during my stay at OKI. Cpl M Licholat, (ho-munger) and Lcpl B.Vrieze(pig farmer)

Posted 11-24-99
Lcpl Brad Trelstad "Beans Baxter"
B Co, Marine Barracks, Jan.90-Oct.91

  I was stationed with "B Co." on Cubi Pt.  I started out in 1st platoon and then got into Hq. plt.  I am looking for anyone who was stationed in B co during that timeframe.  I would like to know what happened to some of the Marines that I served with: Aubin, Beyer, Byrne, Flansburg, Sgt. Carter, Sgt Rohn, Capt. Haynes, Cpl Baldridge, Ortiz, Wilkerson, Dehoff, Peck, Dyer, Day,Patton, Thomas, Robinson, "heckel and jeckel", Marini, Sgt Chris Taylor, 1stSgt Todd,   just to name a few.  I remember Mt. Pinatubo.  And I remember that Saudi affected me going home on time!  Drop me a line if you in the P.I. at the same time.  All alpha company Marines and Charlie Company Marines drop me a line.  What ever happened to Zarnik?  Anyone know? Remember the wonderful Naval Magazine and Jungle Patrols?  Any of you from Minnesota?  Drop me a line. "What the"  

Posted 12-14-99
Stephen S. Estok, Aco 1st Platoon, 90-92

Just wanted to say whats up to everyone from Aco 1st Platoon. from 90-92. Estok here looking for anyone I might have served with. Would love to reminise about everything from Jungle Patrols to T's Tavern. I went to college after the Corps and now I'm a Police Officer. I went from breaking the rules to enforceing them. So anyone who remembers drop me a line.

Posted 12-20-99
Vic Dees, CPL-USMC (EAS'd 89)
C Co, MarBrks, (San Miguel) 86-87 or

I'm looking to talk to all C Co Marines during my tour....  I miss it so much, even though its been over 12 years... The memories are hard to die....  hehehehe...  What a waste for them to have closed such an AWESOME duty station. Well if anyone remembers: ROBERT STEWART (BOXER---from Louisville KY), Brian Archer, Paul Zupan, Dan Ford (1/2 japanese Bodybuilder), Doug Gilman (bodybuilder), Gunny Bratton, SSGT Webb, or any of the C Co Marines during 86-87...Please let me know and email me. Thanks Devil Dogs.

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