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Posted 1-5-04
Dan Dimmock, Cpl., 1978 - 1983

Great Site, a Marines heaven, and your site is the photo album. Dan Dimmock, Cpl. U.S.M.C. 78-83: Looking for any buddies w/ Delta btry 2/12 we were in Subic  (Lower MAU Camp) end of 80 and into 81. The Greatest X-mass and new years party in Olongapo. Would like to hear from anyone that was there at that time frame. Espec. Cpl's Clark, Knapp, Wagner, Doc, Ives, Haskill, and the rest of the JEST grads.... Semper Fi

Posted 1-17-04
L/Cpl Michael Jacobs, 1987 - 1989

Looking for fellow Marines that were stationed at "B" Co. Marine Barracks from 87-89.  If anyone has any contact information on Michael Odom let him know. Im looking for him.

Posted 1-26-04
Paul Bohling, Naval Hospital, May 83 - Dec 84

The woman I married worked as a waitress in Rufadora's and I became a regular there.  A Marine and I struck up a friendship and, as often happens, I swore that I would name my first-born after him.  His name is KC (last name unknown) and my daughter was named Kimberly Crystal after him.  We still call her KC to this day.  A few years after leaving the Philippines, I returned to find that KC had left the Marines, gone home and acquired a bank roll, then went back to the Philippines to open "Garfields" in Barrio Baretto.  If anyone knows KC's whereabouts or any information about him, I'd appreciated it.

Posted 1-25-04
Cpl. David R. Johnston, 1987 - 1988

Hell ,or HELLO all you Hardcharging Devil Dogs from Bravo Co. Stationed there 1987-1988. Just checking in. Still looking to find some old friends that I guess have not found this great web site yet. I hope they do. Boy, doen't a nice warm bottle of red horse with a glass of ice sound good? Oh Ya, or how about meet at T's Tavern for a free drink at 2000 Hrs. C-Ya.

Posted 1-28-04
Robert White, L/Cpl, 1976 - 1977

Stationed "A" Co.  Great site.  Memories!  Great duty!  Served as gate sentry,2-6 driver,sob.  Do you remember, subic city, white beach, shit river, banca boat queens, jungle patrols, the dump, dod guards, grande island, color detail in a typhoon, all those long runs with Capt. Hoasa.  Got married there and I am still to this day.  Going back in March.  Semper Fi

Posted 1-28-04
Edward Gargano, Sgt,  1981 - 1983

Looking for anyone who remembers my brother Edward, he served with B Battery 1/12th K-bay. Did a WestPac float on the USS Odgen in 1981. Spent a lot of time in the Philippines.   Sadly we lost Edward in Beirut, Lebanon at the US/UK Embassy.  Marines from the 22nd MAU set up a memorial site at... 

Posted 8-2-04
Willard Phillips, 1966

Cpl. aboard the USS Alamo (33) as a Marine Landing Force about March to May of '66. Subic was our home port and we made a couple of landings in 'nam before going in permanent to Chu Lai. We were Delta 2/11---Artillery. Does anyone have a recipe for the "monkey meat" we got coming back across the bridge? I loved that stuff!!! Sempir Fi

Posted 8-2-04
Sgt Jenness,
MarBks B Company 1986 - 1988
MarBks HQ 1989

Seems like a lifetime ago. B Co was tough duty and those were tough times.  Learned a lot, will never forget. Looking for Cpl Kent Chambers. Tough Times don’t last Tough Marines do! Semper Fi MAC

Posted 8-2-04
Gene De Forest, Sergeant, 1976 - 1980
Far-East Network/AFRTS (American Forces Radio & TV Service)

Helluva job on the site!  Hit Subic in fall of ’76 and thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Assigned as a broadcaster to the USAF but Marine Barracks had admin control over me.  Made for interesting conflicts from time to time.  Coached the Subic Bay Devil Dogs in 1977, I remember the one running back, Sandy Lavarias.  The kid was a horse.  D’Gate club on Gordon St.  The ACME club with ‘Our Fathers Band’.  I killed many a brain cell in that place.  I lived in East Bajac Bajac on Fontaine St.  My neighbors, mostly Navy brethren, formed the Fontaine St. ‘Rock n’ Roll Club.’  They were ET’s Eric Nutt, Dave Bennet, John Pregler and I wish I could remember the others.  Those guys knew how to party.  I would love to hear from you .

Posted 8-23-04
Connie Howell

I would like to talk with anyone who knew my husband Randy Lane Howell, stationed at Subic Bay Marine Barracks in 1977-1978.

Posted 8-29-04
Will F Hux, P.E. (Former Gy/Sgt  USMC)
Stroud Diving & Hydrography div of Marine Engineering Systems Co, Inc
5030 Old Kings Road NW
Jacksonville, FL 32254-1184
904-355-1777 ph
904-353-5500 Fax

Hi I'm a former Marine Gunny and currently own an engineering and Commercial Diving company which is teaching Filipinos Commercial Diver Training in support of the oil and natural gas exploration there.   The Subic area is where many projects launch and return for maintenance. I thought that any former Subic service people might want to know that there is a lot of new activity there. If anyone would be interested in working in the region again and has any skills in these areas of diving, engineering, marine construction or oil field, please contact us.   In addition to a good career over there, you'll have some new memories.  Ang asawa ko and I have a new home in Illocos Sur (just to the North).  We are partnered with Magsaysay Marine Corp which is a tremendously talented group of professionals.

Posted 8-29-04
Michael Benson, 1987 - 1989

What a time to remember.  Stationed in Subic Bay from 87/89.  The life of being in the HQ's 255 Building everyday with Col. Mock and Col. Guy.  Can anyone remember Sgt Maj Johns (How can you forget)!  I was back in the P.I. last year with my wife and family.  The door opened up on the plane and a world of memories came back just because of the humidity and smell.  Looking for anyone who was there during these times.  Who will ever forget T's Tavern, Cindy's, Kongs, Cal Jam.  Hope everyone is doing well.   Semper Fidelis!

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