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Posted 1-1-01
Cpl. James "Ski" Szymanski, B Company, 1984 - 1985

I'll never forget the first time I walked out of the main gate and crossed "shit" river bridge and almost threw up.  Little did I know that was really the smell of liberty!  I'd like to hear from any of my fellow marines.  I had some good times in Bario Barretto and Subic City.  I live in Chicago and hope to hear from you soon.

Posted 1-10-01
Nick M. Szymanski J.R., L/cpl., B Co., 2nd Plt., Port Side, 1983

I just had to respond to Cpl. (Ski ) Szymanski I looked in the post a message and saw his name an I couldn't believe my eyes! Not only do we have the same last name and, an uncommon last name to boot? but I left the P.I. in 1983 and my nick name was also Ski? Im sure he was and is a hard charger just like me! Well, to all my buddies at B co. I hope everything is going well and drop me a line sometime.    Szymanski   (U.S.M.C.)

Posted 1-30-01
Mike Tadano 1992, Lima 3/5, 2d platoon

We were the security element for the pullout in 92. I never saw the base in its heyday but it was a sad sight to see everything deserted the week before the hand over. Any one remember the Tortilla Factory, by the golf course? How about the 7 steps? After a week in the bush we would chow down at the Tortilla Factory before everyone hit the bars. Kurt Von Minden, I still remember that your girl was May. Or was she Bill's ? Anyway, "Bird Call" at "Bird Beach" ! I'll bring the Red Horse & the cigars!

Posted 2-4-01
Greg Myers, PFC, HQ, Base Security, 73 - 75

I have great memories and am looking for a few old buddies that were there with me. Michael Beckham, Sgt. Medesto Melendez, Rafael (Tiny) Trajellio, LCpl.Barros( THE MOJO KING) LCpl. Silva(THE BOXER) and the asshole LCpl Butler that lied and got me put in the brig.  It would even be nice to hear from you. I would love to hear all the stories about LuLu. Thanks, and it would be great to hear from you. Semper Fi !

Posted 2-21-01
Gary Weigel, VMAQ-2 Flight Line, 75-76

Where can I find info on Airwing Marines? Those of us in the 70's who floated in on the USS Midway, Coral Sea, Saratoga etc...?   All the messages are from grunts to grunts. Aren't there any airwingers out there?

Posted 3-1-01
Santiago Garza Jr., HqCo & A Co, 91 - 92

I was a Lcpl while stationed with HqCo and then with A Co Marine Barracks in 91 and 92.  I would like to reach anyone that was there when I was and talk about the fun we had there.  My fondest memory is Mabuhay restaraunt 1 block off of Magsaysay near Ts Tavern.  They had the best spicy pork and rice.

Posted 3-16-01
Michael Schwartz, B Co., 90 - 92

Semper Fi Leather Nutz.  Looking for Marines from B Company, 4th Platoon from 90 to 92.

Posted 3-21-01
Sgt Michael Pelezo, VMA(AW)332 Electric Shop, West Pac's 83-84, 85, 86-87

Made landfall in Olongapo Jan of 84 and been corrupted ever since!!! Married a filipina from Samar in 85 West Pac and still married, would like to hear from any fellow Marines from VMA(AW) 332. Left Corps in 88 and now working as Aircraft Electrician at the Naval AVI Depot Cherry Point, NC. Really enjoyed this site, brought back many memories!!

Posted 4-4-01
Mike Schwartz, B Co, 90 - 92

Looking for jugheads in B Co, 4th platoon 90-92.  Schwartz would like to talk to you.

Posted 4-28-01
Phil Carlson, 62 - 64

What can I say about Subic Bay. I was stationed at Cubi Point from 62 to 64. My name is Phil Carlson. Came in as a L/cpl and left as a Cpl. Wow is the only thing that comes to mind. Would love to hear from some of you Marines out there. I plan to attend the reunion in Cromwell this year. Hope to see some of the old timers.  Semper Fi 

Posted 5-7-01
Cpl. Hernan J. Mendoza, MEF, 1991 - 1992

Served with Striking  3rd bn 9th Marines at Subic Bay from 1991-1992. We were housed at the imfamous upper MEF.I tell you Devil Dogs what, I had the best time of my life when I was in the PI. Going to my favorite hangouts The Mariposa and The Florida Club sipping on Grande San Miguel Beer. Having ole Honey Ko giving massages. Miss it!

Posted 5-10-01
James B. Flores, (DINO / FLO), Pfc - Lcpl, A CO. PORT, June 1987 - Jan 1989
Platoon and FSD/Military Customs. Also Upper MEF Camp with 3rd Bn. 7th Marines, May 1990 - Oct 1990

The photos on the web site sure do bring back some very fond memories where a lot of us first began our careers. Arrival in a foreign country for the first time was scary, but ran into some good Marines and Sailors who showed me the ropes. Now a Staff Sargent working at the Camp Pendleton Correctional Custody Unit (CCU) after a lateral move in 1991.  My current C.O. is also a former "Subic Bay Marine".  We spent our times complaining about being there, only to regret not being able to return, but the big crime is that no other young Marine or Sailor can ever experience what we had the oppertunity to share. The 24 hour liberty, Mt. Santa Rita, Jungle Patrols, Green and Red Beach, Subic City, Manila, getting promoted in T's, free drinks at Cindibar at 7:00 PM, the many reactionary drills, running guard, etc. Met some of the best friends in P.I. Kevin Corbett, Ramiro Rodriguez, Marlon Marrerro, Higgins, Haddix, Shelton, Creasy, Lewis, and many more.... as well as my wife, and yes, I did prove the old saying to be only a wisecrack because "SHE IS DIFFERENT"! I will forever miss and cherish my time in the Philippines and I one day hope to return for a visit. SEMPER FIDELIS

Posted 6-20-01
Ron Wilburn, E6, '81, USS Midway, VMFP-3

Hey all you aviation jarheads, whats up? I was in the P.I for a while in '80. I was attached to the Midway, with VMFP-3. Anyone out there remember me, RonWilburn? Let me know, semper fi bros.

Posted 9-6-01
Richard Wieder, 89 - 92

I'd like to find out what happened to a Marine who was stationed at San Miguel just before Pinatubo. His name is Bill Galloway and he married a girl named France and had the reception at my home on base. Thanks.

Posted 9-9-01
Robert M. Carver, C Co., 82 - 85

I was in Co "C", MarBks, from 82-85. Arrived as a Cpl and left as a Sgt. Promoted to SSgt in 89, and got out of the Corps in 92.

Posted 10-23-01
PFC Hazlett, Robert (Bobby)

Looking to here from the crew who ran amok in manila with HAZ, FERG, TUCKER, BROWN and the rest of us. Hey COTTON or you still married? You and me started the Manila run every other weekend. Except you never went. Remember we got out of curfew violation? Those two p.c's thought they were gonna jack us up in the hills with those girls from Manila. Anyway me and ferg, then the rest enjoyed manila with no curfew.

Posted 12-02-01
PFC Al Wooster, Seperate Guard, 61 - 62

Great site. Was at AUW seperate guard Dec 61 to May 62. Lost contact with Amy at the Blue Moon and my buddy Skip. Where ever you are, I hope life has treated you well.   Semper Fi, PFC Al Wooster, 1936961

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