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Posted 2-10-02
MSgt Stevenson CO B, CoGySgt, 87 - 89

To all who had the displeasure of serving under the most idiotic asshole of a Co, Maj Silva, who's only pleasure was to see how many Marines it took to make him look good. And to Col Guy, you were the worst Co to ever grace a command. You should have been retired after Korea. And last but not least, SgtMaj Johns, what an idiot, you were just as worthless as the Co. Glad who didn't cause to much damage.

Posted 2-16-01
Marty Maiorano, Cpl, 1978- 1980
US Naval Magazine, Santa Rita, USMC Jungle School

Was station at the mag for a year, guard duty, real nice place if you liked bugs. Transfered to the Jungle School under Sgt Major Earley ( 2 tours nam). He taught me survival, the jungle, the corps training in Philippines, jest school, repelled off two lover's point ( 420 feet high). Other instructors, SSgt Baker, Sgt Smith, Cpl Beckly. Great time. Joined Recon when I got back to lejeune and  loved it. Training was cut, got boring, got out 82. Work for the military now in Michigan.

Posted 2-20-02
Alvin Cassity (USMC- Honorably Discharged)

Hello. My name is Alvin Cassity. I was in the Marines from 1969 to 1972. Let's see if I can get this all in... H&S Co. 2nd Bn 4th Mar, 3rd Marine Division,H&S Co BLT, 2nd Bn 4th Mar,FPO, HqBTRY, 12th Marines,3rd Marine Div(-)(REIN), SU 1, Hq BTRY, 12th Mar,3rd Mar Div,FMF,Hq Co HqBn MC 8, Sea and Travel... Embarked on April 15,70 at MCAS-- El Torro departed therefrom 4-15-70 arrived and disembarked at KADENA AFB Okinawa on 4-16-70 embarked on board USS Denver(LPD-9) on 4-19-70 at White Beach, Okinawa and departed therefrom 4-20-70 arrived and disembarked at Subic Bay, Phillipines on 4-23-70 embarked on board USS Denver(LPD-9) on 5-7-70 at Subic Bay,Phillipines and departed therefrom on 5-8-70 arrived and disembarked at White Beach,Okinawa 4-1-71 embarked on board GOAIR at KADENA AFB Okinawa and departed therefrom on 4-1-71 arrived and disembarked at Norton AFB California on 4-1-71.  

I have no memory of my time in the service and I really need to find someone who was with me during my time in the service. I need to fill in the blanks about where I was exactly and what happened. If you know me or know someone who might I would appreciate it if you or they could contact me. My wife has made me a homepage and I will give you the address so you can check it out and see. It is ... and also there is another one with a lot more pictures. It is...   Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Posted 2-21-01
SSgt Webb DW, B - Company, 87 - 89

I was with Bravo Company 87-89, although most of that was a blurr. I am looking for the Barrio Boys, Heavener (Heavy "D"), Cumby, Scanga, Hasbrook, Martinez. Last time I saw these guys was in Saudi after the Storm.

Scheduling Chief, MCT S-3, SOI, 910-449-0398

Posted 3-4-02
Cpl. Long, Mark A., 1991

Looking for anyone who was in the Philippines when Mt.Pinatubo erupted in 91.

Posted 3-26-02
HMC(SW) Bryan Walker Unit CSSD-35, 90 - 91

I was a Corpsman serving with the Marines at this time. I would like to hear from any corpsman or Marine from that period, also would love to see some pictures. I married the woman (Elsa) I met there, we are going on 10 years now.

Posted 4-18-02
Sgt. Mark A Dice, VMAQ-2 Flight Line/ Powerplants,
Det Y (87-88), Det Z (88 & 89-90), Det X-tended (90-91)

I got one thing to say about the PI... "I like it, I like it alot!!" Hi to all the VMAQ-2 Playboys and all the other airwingers out there!! I really enjoyed visiting this site. Brings back alot of great memories of all the fun had while working and playing hard. Yes sir! The Ville-monster free drink circuit training course (Fantasia @ 5, Slims @ 6, Terry's Place @ 7, T's @ 8, Top Gun @ 9), Red Horse, 168, Slims, T's, Viva Young, Johnny O's, Mariposa, Rolling Stone, a Subic run just prior to curfew, MOJO, Bullfrog, PFT on Christmas day, swimming at White Rock, sipping on a Miranda orange soda the next morning trying to shake the hangover before you roll into work, Doc Manfredi's Clap brief, beating daycrew out into town, sunsets on the flightline, dinner at the Sky Club, dodging the fireworks on New Years Eve, trike races, ankle deep water on the flightline during the rainy season. To all of the beautiful Filipinas out there "I LOVE YOU!! NO S**T"!!!!!!!! I had the most fun of my life there, the best friends of my life there, and the best moment of my life there (the birth of my daughter Sharissa)... Semper Fi!

Posted 5-4-02
GySgt Al Whitney / 6521, 1976

Wow, what a trip down memory lane.  First of all, thanks for a wonderful website.  I am a retired Marine Gunny who was just a 20 year old Lance Corporal when I got to Okinawa in Dec. 1975.  I was assigned to H&MS 36 Ordnance at Futenma.  I was lucky enough to go to Cubi Pt. in about March of 1976 to embark on the USS Tripoli.  We kept coming back to Cubi for the next six months, then switched over to the USS Okinawa.  I remember very vividly my entire time in "the PI."  I had some of the most wonderful times I have ever had.  Thanks for the chance to relive those times through this website.  Semper Fi!, USMC (Ret) 1974-1994

Posted 6-19-02
GySgt Morris Hooks (ret), 1971, 1975-1976, 1987-1989

Hello to all. I love this web site it brings back old memories. I had the chance to be in  the Philippines from the time of marshal law under Marcos during the Viet Nam area until a couple of years before the base closed. I was at the Barracks during the crazy times with Hang-them high Colonel Guy! Those who were there then know what I mean. (smile)  The country has gone through a great deal of changes. I love the Philippines. It's one thing to past thru the P.I. and quite another to bestation there and really travel over the island. I was station at the Subic Bay Marine Barracks and had a chance to really tour the Island. The P.I. is more than Bar girls and alcohol.  The provinces are the most beautiful places in the world. I had my car there and toured every where from Baguio to Cavite City. Personally I feel if a person never made it out of Olongapo City they never experienced the true Philippines. I have long since retired from the USMC. I love being a civilian again!!!! I look forward  in the future to returning back to the Philippines to live. My wife is a Filipina. For me there is know place in the Philippines like the province. You can have the wild night life, crowded cities like Manila and the pollution in Olongapo City. Different strokes for different folks!

John Herrera where ever you are in the Philippines be looking for me soon!!!!!! 

Posted 6-23-02
Doug Graham PFC, 71 - 72

Doug Graham PFC, Sangley from Feb.1971 til closing base, then Cubi Point til June 1972. Any one in Marine guard detachment back then?

Posted 7-9-02
Cpl Glendle L. FAULKINBURY,  68-70

Was station at HqCo under Capt. Teasdale and Col. Nat M.PACE (Subic Bay Kid-2) then after amking PVT I was sent down to Detached Guard to end my tour in 1970.    Really enjoyed my tour at the P.I., almost made Sergeant but to much good liberty and the fast life did me in.    Came back a PVT-over four and retired in 1986 after 20+ years as a Master Sergeant and now workinf for the Postal Service.    Would do it all over again!!! Semper Fi, Subic Bay Marines

Posted 8-2-02
LCpl Mike Rodriguez.

Excellent web site!! All those who served in the P.I. during 90 and 91 with CSSD 35 at Lower MEF Camp (Dust Bowl)contact me. I was in Motor Transport with the detachment but I remember many dogs from LSB, maintenance, admin and com. I'll never forget the crazy times at Magsaysay. One more sip and I was an alcoholic. Remember, they liked the Navy on pay days but they LOVED MARINES EVERYDAY!!!!

Posted 8-15-02
Jeff Sankes, III MAF, Sub Unit2, Armed Forces Police/Customs, 1976 - 1982

Had the best job in the Marine Corps during those 7 years! Has anyone heard from Jim Bickhart or my "good friend" Colonel R.B Twohey? also Capt. William Wright from A co. I retired in 1986 from Camp LeJeune and now live in Jacksonville.

Posted 8-24-02
Cpl. Billy K. Hillhouse, Separate Guard Co., AUW Plt, Aug 1973 - Nov 1975

Had a lot of good times in the PI. Made some of the best friends I've ever known. Times in those days were fast and dangerous. I brought back a wife which I am still married to after 28 years. I live a short distance now from then GYSGT Brown who was the Company Gunny for Separate Guard Company. I spent 18 years in the Corps, and have worked the last 13 as a civilian at the Marine Base in Albany, Georgia. Love to hear from anyone who survived a tour during my time in heaven. Semper Fi Bros.

Posted 11-22-02
Cpl Michael, 1986 - 1987

Looking for buddies from Marine Barracks, "B" Co, 2nd Platoon from 1986 - 1987.  Cpl Michael Than at the time.  Send me an email.

Posted 11-23-02
LCpl Don Reitmeyer III, Co "C"
San Miguel and Capas Tarlac, RP 1986 - 1987

Left San Miguel for  San Diego in Aug. 1987 Shipped over with John Deephus. Remember very few names. Gunny Bratton and SSGT Webb,Cpl Pyron,Cpl Brown,etc. I was curious if this board is updated and would like to hear from other Marines I served with. I am trying to find out what happened to John Stockman from Buffalo. Take Care all and Semper Fi.

Posted 11-29-02
Cpl. Richard P Allen, 1645336, Hq.Co., 58 - 60

I Would like to hear from anyone who can help me with the name of our company co who's name was Stanley W???????????. He look like "CHESTY'. If you know what I mean. I remember he use to work our ___ over at the gym every afternoon around 1400hrs. Please help if you can. Semper Fi.

Posted 12-28-02
CPL Hershberger,  A Co, 1/9 13th MAU, WestPac LPH3, 1985

Shit River, Magsaysay Drive and the rest of Olongapo. Monkey meat on a stick. Mama'son, paying the bar fine, drinking and scewing your brains out all night long. Grande Island and Bar E O, its all good. Oh yea, don't forget about Dirty Bird Saloon and the Cock Eyed Cowboy. Thanks Sgt.Johnson for paying me back. Blood makes the grass grow and Marines make the blood flow. Ooh fucking Ra!

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