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Posted 5-23-98
Sgt. Mike Mcintosh

"Green beach harier pad". Any one that was over at green beach with 1st. Mar. Div. and was in heavy junk should remember Sgt. Mac, Mcintosh, remember the typhoons and the hucks that stole our stuff?  how about the barbecue we had at the govenor's place on the beach with the horse?  bring it back.

Posted 5-29-98
Lashlee, Robert W., (Jan54-Jan55)

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me at Subic. Especially, those who were in the Drum and Bugle Corps we developed there.

Posted 6-19-98
Sgt. Paul N. Baylor, (1984-Feb87)

I am interested in talking to all those whom served about this at B Co Marine Barracks Cubie Point. I was in third platoon. ( Lt. Mickoloski, Ssgt. Rogers, Sgt. Moan, Sgt. White)

Posted 6-22-98
CPL. Chris Montoya, (85 to 92) "C" Company 1/4 13 MEU SOC

That aint no shit some Marines left their hearts in subic, if you were ever there you left something. Some little part of you stayed. Man, looking at this site reminds me of the many times I pulled into that port. What a time. I always said it was a Disney Land. I wish I could of been stationed there, but no such luck.


Posted 6-25-98
Sgt Mike Yannutz,
(April 1992- Dec 92) B company, 1st platoon, 1st section

Guarded the world's largest Naval magazine, binictican housing, flight line, and the always favorite Jungle Patrols!!!!  I can still just about recite my guard knowledge.  Just found this homepage, I got lots of photos when I was there, I need to scan them in soon.  I am here at Camp Lejeune, II MEF G2, drop me a line!

Posted 7-4-98
PFC Billy D. Thompson, Marine Barracks from Dec. 64 till May 1966

This is a great site and was very glad that a friend of mine Gary Dearing who I served with at Marine Barracks at Subic Bay told me about it. I also hope to make the reunion in 1999 at Subic Bay. I have a few pictures I would like to post when I was at Subic. Would like to hear from Marines stationed at Subic from 1964 till 1966.

Posted 7-16-98
Sgt Jay Bernier, MAGT-4-90, June 90 to Nov 90

Semper Fi mac! My name is SGT Bernier, I am currently in Hungary,Croatia, an Bosnia for Operation Joint Forge.
I loved Subic, I really miss grande Island. What a nice place. I was there between June 90 to Nov. 90 I was with MAGT-4-90 and I am looking for anyone who was from 3rd CEB, I was a Heavy Equipment Operator. 
I am also looking for anyone who was there for the earth quake on july 16 1990, and who participated in helping pull bodies from the cabanatwan christian college.  I would like to get some photo's because not to many of us had a cameras.
Well drop me a line any time, no one e-mails me any ways unless it is work, and I would love to hear Subic stories. Semper Fi...Sgt Jay Bernier

Posted 7-22-98

Anybody hunt NPA behind the hospital?  Spetznaz near the Mag? Run wild through the streets during the revolution?

Posted 7-28-98
LCPL Christopher Gertken, "A" Co., July ' 91 - Dec ' 92

I was just hoping to find anyone that might be able to help me find some buddies that were there the same time.   The names of a few are: Sgt Gates, Sgt Looney, LCPL Ward, LCPL Becker, LCPL Hicks, LCPL Ogurchock, LCPL Gwizdala. 

Posted 7-29-98
Mike Durr, ctrcs(sw), USN RET.

You have truely done an outstanding job with this website. I was there/da nang/phu bai/there at subic between 1970 and 1980 and I greatly appreciate the many pictures and information. I was stationed at comusnavphil/comnavbase and you have a really good ariel shot of the headquarters bldg. I can actually see my office window. I have been missing my subic bay a lot lately and you have made it easier.  Thank You

Posted 7-29-98
Randy, Subic Bay 1971-1973

Hey Marines. Anyone out there who was at Cubi Point or down at Subic Bay, I did a lot walking through that naval mag before, you know, up there where the white lady you know the ghost of the lady that was dressed in white that walk around post #7 on hill over looking the entrance to the bay and headless jeepy driver was ha ha. man did we have some fun with that one. love to hear from someone who was there when I was or anyone
who. Semper fi

Posted 8-25-98

Just to let you guys know that I think you have done a great job on the homepage.  The pictures are great, but most of them I wouldn't remember since I left there to go to Korea in May, 1951. My tour began in July, 1949, when I was a PFC and transferred from MB, 8th&I Streets, Wash.D.C.  I was promoted to Cpl. in 1950 and Sgt in l951 in Korea.  Made SSgt in June 1952, in Norfolk, Va. (Retraining Comd).  Spent two tours of duty in Virginia as a recruiter and two tours at CLNC before going on I&I Duty in Rochester, N.Y.  Then off to WestPac (Okinawa 3rdFSR and short trip to Danang (Red Beach) in 1967.  Came back in July, 1967, to MB, Phila.  Retired on 1 April 1970.  Keep up the good work Marines and Semper Fi!

Posted 8-27-98
SGT. Frank S. Sellin (currently)
NAS Cubi Point, B Co. 1st Platoon, 1st Section, Oct 91- Dec 92

I have a lot of pictures of the last party that 1st Platoon had. If anyone would like copies of them, let me know and if any of you can identify the people in them please let me know.

Posted 8-28-98
EPR, Sangley Point in '54

Pulled your site off '"The Few The Proud" You've got a good thing going. I was stationed at Sangley Point in '54. The flag was still there at that time and they were paring down a mountain top preparing to move the Admiral and staff to Subic. Marine Barracks Sangley used the Subic rifle range annually (along with the rock apes). I also spent some days with the Navy orthopedic surgeon for a busted hand at Subic... seems he was better than the Sangley Docs. Many memories congered up by your site... mestizo girls with breath taking beauty...many others vastly opposite. Well, old farts wax nostalgic at the drop of a photograph. Thanks for a fine site. Rosebery, F.D.1385404

Posted 9-9-98
Cpl. Michael Murphy, sta. plt. 1/2 CLNC, 87-91

Looking for a good buddy of mine who served on barracks duty in P.I from 86-87, A co., I believe. Richard Jennings who was from Portage Ind.  He kicked my ass one night after some mad dog in little creek.  I used his drivers license at the Helm Club.  Been trying to find him for 3 years!!! 
Semper Fi. Mike Murphy  (409) 729-3730

Posted 9-11-98
Botts, Darin D., LCpl '85-'87 Bravo Co. 2nd Platoon (Port side)

How come Cpl. Conte (spelling?) is in all of the 1985 pictures on this site, He was nothin' but a smack... Just kidding He was a good marine (maybe still is) and was always 'gung-ho'. I'll try to send a couple of '85-'87 (the Marcos-Aquino years) picture to provide a little balance. Great job!

Posted 9-23-98
Corporal Tom Giambra, 1981-1984,
Parris Island, Little Creek, Va., Camp Lejuene, Okinawa, Korea, Subic Bay (Naval Gunfire School), Beirut, Lebanon

Hi, I am researching the Marine Barracks, Pearl Harbor.  I know that is not in P.I.!  I live and work in Hawaii now and have spent a lot of time working around the former Marine Barracks at Pearl Harbor.  I want to find out everything I can about it.  I know that Chesty Puller was once the commander there.  Do you know of any websites or books which may help?  Sure appreciate it. Semper Fi

Posted 9-25-98
CPL Jake Simmons, 2/3, 77-78-79, West Pac

Spent alot of time in Subic. Had great times. I would love to hear from other guys who were there. Remember the PEARL CLUB ? Spent a month in the hospital with Malaria, I guess some leave a little something there, some take a little home.

Posted 9-30-98
L/Cpl Vernon Shimanek Jr (73/77) USMC or work at Home/

Would like to hear from anyone assigned to Delta Co, 7th Engr Bn (original B Co 3rd Engr Bn) that built the Harrier Airstrip @ Green Beach. Capt Hammons Company Co. Late 74 early 75. Some great times were had.

Posted 10-1-98
Sgt Richard G Lawrence    Ser # 2264267

After Vietnam I was tranfered to San-Magueil Radio Communication Station, 1970
Sgt Richard G Lawrence , Plt Sgt , Det Guard Co , Mos 0311 , I had to take a Bus to go on Liberty in Subic Bay. Would like to hear from any Marines who were station at San-Maguiel , in the early 1970, Have rosters to send, just takes time to get it together.

Posted 10-11-98
Sgt. Slagle, M.M.

My name is Slagle, M.M. and I was a Sgt. when I got out and did plenty of time in the ol'  "PI".  This is a great site and has brought back some good memories and has made me remember those wild days in Subic city hanging out at the Jupiter, M. divers and other first class dinning facilities.( Now I remember why they called me "Crazy" Mike out in the "PO" ).  I was with Marine Barracks Bermuda, The 13th and 15th MEU(soc)Golf 2/1, Charlie 1/4 on the USS New Orleans and the USS Okinawa (broken-aa-wa)85/91.  To Toelstrip, Hovey, Wag, and the Horan brothers "Stay Hard or die" and to my bud Bill Whenham "Semper Fi wherever you may be."  to contact me mash in.........

Posted 10-22-98
SMC(SW) Jim Biederer, MP/OPM  1980-84

Nice job with the site. I sure got the feeling of Deja Vu looking at some of the pictures. I cruised the city and new it like the back of my hand. I worked with some great people there who enjoyed partying as much as the next guy. "Tiny", Sgt Randy Golden, Bob Allen, Dave (thumper) Mcdermott (Dave lost his bout with cancer and I'll miss him), Tom Riley, Larry Goethe, Gunnery Sgt Smith, MACS Skelton, Gene (Dusty) Rhodes, BM1
Griffiths, SSGT Jim Bickhart, and many others I can't put the names to the faces. Some great Choirboy practices. I have been many places and seen lots of things, but nothing will ever compare to SUBIC. There use to be a "T'' shirt that had a saying about Subic, and never seen no shit like this. If anyone has the original saying, please email it to me.
Again, great site and Semper Fi.

Posted 10-23-98
Sgt. Mark Lee Christianson, April 1952 - April 1954

Would like to here from any one who remembers. Hope to see you at the 1999 reunion.

Posted 10-29-98
GySgt D.A. "Red" Millis II, 1977-1979
III MAf SU II /NaAS Cubi Pt AIMD JET SHOP +/- B co. & NAS Color Grd

Naaka Estation ako diyan Sa Cubi. Saiyung waala na ang maanga 'Kano na diyaan.'
Was my first duty station after tech school. was back several times before I retired. Got there a boot LCpl, left a Sgt. Still my favorite posting!! Great site, how about some "Clean" libbo pics?
Obviously, married a write (after a fashion) and speak Tagalog.
Really liked the site, was in Oki for the evac. There w/ NIS off base during "workers strike"(by order) Great story please advise if ya want it. Got some pics also. Strike, and cultural. Stop by my site, the Marine Corps Legacy Museum.
Take Care, Red Millis, GySgt (ret) Salvete, D. A. "Red" Millis II

Posted 10-31-98
Flanagan, Terrence D. Sgt 3421/8411

Served at the Barracks from 2/75 to 2/77 in the S-1 shop as well as at the NSD Disbursing Office. Barracks CO was Colonel Robert N Burhans, who remains the finest Marine that has ever been my privelege to know. XO was Lt.Col. Donald Babitz, Sgt. Major was Larry Hartzler. Adjutant was a Capt. Fred Kuss and PersO was Capt. James Muschette. I was a Subic City hound more so than Magsaysay. I got out of the Corps in July 80 and am now a Police Officer in Southampton Town on Long Island with 18 years
service. I was married to a Filipina for 18 years then we divorced.(amicably I might add) I'd be thrilled to hear from anyone I served with during this time frame. Even that "boot" DK3 Craig Moore, USN.

Posted 11-5-98
Troy Harp, 91 to the End,  B Co., 1ST. Platoon, Marine Bks.

This is a nice page... Looking to talk to anyone who was there shoveling ash from Pinatubo.  Was that ever fun.  Miss the jungle and of course the girls in Olongapo.  Magsaysay Dr.  and Gordon Ave.  what a fun time.  Psssstttoooooyyyyyyy.     
Semper Fi  MARINES.

Posted 11-26-98
LCpl Tim Beachy, "B" Company 1990-1991

Seperated from Marine Corps in 1993 as a Cpl.  Joined the Air Force Reserves and working full time as a Deliver Supervisor for the U.S. Postal Service in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Married a Filipina from Pampanga Philippines.  Returned to the PI in 1996, Visited Subic Bay And Clark Field.  Anyone who I served with can contact me by email. Send More pictures of B Company!!

SSGT Timothy Beachy USAFR

Posted 12-7-98
Gary LeVault, L/CPL, Aug 77- Dec 78,  Company B, 2nd Platoon, Cubi Pt.

Best duty station in the world!  Would like to hear from any Marines that were there when I was.  OR any Marines that were stationed there.  I do have pics but no scanner.  SEMPER FI

Posted 12-10-98
Gysgt Bill M. Morris, A Co. 1st Plt., Dec 90 to Dec 92

Hello my brothers!  My name is Bill M. Morris and I was part of the barracks from Dec 1990 to Dec 1992.  I was company gunny for "C" Company in San Miguel  until its closure and platoon sergeant in "A" Company First Platoon until the pullout. I still have my coin (#16) which is one of my prized possessions. Currently I am a Gunnery Sergeant in 8th Engineer Support Battalion, 2nd FSSG. I would love to hear from the men who served with me.  Semper Fi

Posted 12-10-98
L/Cpl Rob Ormond "A" co. 86'-88'

I'm looking to contact any A co Marines from the time I was there. I stay in contact with a few guys, Edgar Edwards, Dave Shirah and Mike Wondoloski, but I would love to hear from others. Man I miss that place! 

Posted 12-11-98
Cpl. Mike Wondoloski, A Co MarBks., Starboard Plt./JOB, 1987-1989

It was raining sleet and cold as hell ---so i swam shit river boy it really smelled,--on the other side i met a joe-- asked him were i was he said OLONGAPO ! ( PT cadence)

Posted 12-12-98
MSgt Stevenson, MSgt, USMC, Ret, 87 - 89

Was stationed at B Company Marine Barracks from Jun 87-Jun 89. Was the Company Gunnery Sergeant. First Sergeant was 1stSgt Singer. Co was Maj Silva. Barracks Co was Col Mock followed by Col Guy. Enjoyed the tour, Green Beach and the liberty. I retired as a MSgt in Oct 97 and now reside in San Antonio. Anybody stationed there during that time frame, drop a line. Semper Fi!

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