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Posted 11-26-06
Rob Lovell, B Company, 1991 - 1992,   PFC-LCPL

Semper Fi Warriors!  Im looking for Shane Martin from Washington State and Nate Robbins from Texas.  Lost touch with them in Lejeune, N.C. when I got out.   Email me.   BAD COMPANY........till the day I die!

Posted 11-26-06
Randall Kirk, 1985 - 1987

My name is Randall Kirk. I spent WestPac 1985 & 87 at Camp Tamez. I was with Weapons Co.3/1, Dragon Plt. I won't soon forget the time spent there. The beer, the sunsets, it was really something. The good old days.

Posted 11-26-06
Robert L. Langford, YN1, USN-ret

Hi folks,   I was stationed at the AFP during 1972-3.  I'm looking for a Marine who was stationed at the Main Gate.  His name was Dennis P. Decker.  Would love to hear from him, find out if he married his sweetheart.   Thanks, Robert L. Langford, YN1, USN-ret Florida

Posted 11-26-06
LCPL Mark A Smith (Smitty), 1987 - 1988
B Company 3
rd Platoon (Starboard)

Any of the guys I served with I would love to hear from! Semper Fi

Posted 11-26-06
SSgt Bouzek Randall, B Company 1st Plt, Dec 86 - June 88 or

Those were the days and times.  It was a great first duty station, T's Tavern was were I hung out the most.  I have allot of pictures. 

Posted 11-26-06
CPL. Robert Jackson, CSSD-35 Subic Bay Comm. Plt., 1990-91

No Message To Post

Posted 11-26-06
Cpl Sean Lentini, 1989

I was in Subic Bay in 1989, I don't recall the months. I was a Marine with 1/7 onboard the USS Barbour County. I have to admit it was a unique experience to be in Olongapo, one I will never forget..Please feel free to email me if you were their during that time.

Posted 11-26-06
SGT Micheal Lindsey Carson, August 1971 - September 1972

I'm trying to help my friend locate anyone who served with or remembers her father, SGT Micheal L. CARSON.  He was stationed at Subic Bay from Aug. 1971 til Sept. 1972, he was a helo mechanic in Vietnam, so we've assumed he had the same type of duty at Subic. Anyone??? Thanks in advance, Kim Sumek

Posted 12-30-06
Lcpl David Schaefer,

I was stationed in the Lower MEF as part of CSSD-35. I was a Combat Engineer. Several of my buddies were, Lcpl White, Lcpl Mlynarkiewicz, Cpl Donah, Lcpl Macias, Lcpl Shefsky, Lcpl Chavez, and several others I can't put names to. I was there from (like) Jan of 1990 til July, give or take.  I also returned a few months later to experience Mt pinatubo, and its aftermath, (what a mess) I think I spent a total of 9 monthes in the Subic Bay area. One of the best times of my life. I would love to go back. I cant believe it has been 16 years. Anyone there at that time, or remember me, please e-mail me. Semper

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