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Posted 1-5-01
Ken Evans, SN
USS Westchester County LST-1167   2/72 - 7/73
USS Oklahoma City CLG-5   7/73 - 7/75

I have been in touch with other shipmates from LST-1167 and it has rekindled memories of shipmates and times long forgotten. I am currently looking for an old shipmate from LST-1167 that was subsequently stationed there at Subic Bay with the SeaBees. His name is Jesse Kossman. He was a BM3 at the time. He married a Filipino lady and lived in Barrio Baretto not far from the Galaxy Hotel. I also had Filipino friends in that area. I have been trying to find out what ever became of Jesse. If anyone can help, it would greatly be appreciated.   Thank you...

Posted 1-6-01
Chuck Murray

While stationed at NSD I had a good friend, Grover Maines (JUNIOR). I have lost contact with him. Anybody that knows of him or his where abouts, please contact me. After leaving NSD he was transferred to the USS Helena out of San Diego 1963. I visited him in Phoenix in 1965 and I last saw Grover in the ST Louis area in 1972. Thank You!

Posted 1-9-02
Steve Mitchell ETR2, 1969-75
U.S.S. Tulare AKA-112,1970, U.S.S. Tutuila ARG-4, 1972
U.S.S.  Joseph Strauss DDG-16, 1972-73

Rolled into Subic the first time in 1970 while TDY on the U.S.S. Tulare.  After I washed out of Nuc School in 1972, I was sent to the Tutuila, which rotated around its anchor on the Saigon River for 9 months.  After leaving Vietnam, we came to Subic Bay before being decommissioned in Kaoshiung.  The next time I came to Subic (which seemed like home, now), I was sent to catch my ship, the U.S.S. Joseph Strauss, which was on the line.  I spent about two months in Subic Transit, waiting for my ship to appear.  I went out on the U.S.S. Mars and U.S.S. Hassayampa to catch her, but no luck.  I caught the Strauss on her way back to Pearl.  My last visits to Subic were in 1973 during an uneventful Westpac with the Strauss.

What all these visits created were stories, lots of them.  I just finished my novel "Steve McQueen Would be Proud," which is about a Westpac in 1973.  I devoted several chapters to Subic in the book.  You can read a Subic chapter at  Go to the bookstore and search under title.  Then click the sample chapter.

This is a great website.  Looking at it brings back fond memories of "monkey meat" and San Miguel beer.

Posted 1-10-02
Frank Reynolds, HT2, USS Dixie 68-70, USS Prairie 70-72

I would like to thank you for a great time reading stories of the old PI.  I was in there on 4 different occasions during my stint in the Navey.  I would sure like to hear from anyone who remembers me.  Many people called me RED. The PI was certainly the place that many young men grew up.  If you respond to this, please keep everything very clean since my address goes to a school.

Posted 1-12-01
Jerry Sheppard, AQ2, 1970
Beach Det.vf 151, U.S.S. Coral Sea

In 1970 spent 6 months at Cubi. Met a wonderful lady named Mercy Cortez. We rented an apt. in Barretto, next to Robles Bakery. Ate pancit and (fish), but really liked a roadside roasted chicken and a couple of cold magoosers. Used to walk to a rocky outcropping on the bay. It was always deserted. Sat and ate, enjoying the sunset, and each other. Went to Manila...saw the niteclubs...visited her aunt ..somewhere near quezon city..spent two hours riding a barge hauling sand and us with a case of Pepsi , to a place where the entire village lived in nippa huts...the people were very happy,and gracious..we spent the day there..rode a bus back to Subic...used to go to the "market" at the end of Rizal to exchange "bucks" for pesos.....loved snorkleing off Grande..found a huge anchor laying on the bottom....playing the "slots "at the E.M. Club at lunch time.....playing pinochle in the quanset hut at Cubi's airstrip after all the planes were fixed......the 7-11 club..the alamo..( beautiful girl worked there..part chinese/filipino)..tacos and cold beer before curfew....had a puppy. Mercy named it " walong utock "(sp)..came "home to barretto after work, asked her "where is walong utock?" she said the people down the street were having it for dinner...the experience will always be remembered... hey Steve Miller, David Rodman..where are you guys?

Posted 1-15-02
ET1 Eric Kemp, 85-89

I was stationed at Cubi Point Ground Electronics while in the Navy. Had orders back for a second tour in '91 but they got canc'ed.... and we all know why. I miss the place dearly and I still return there to visit now and then. One of my favorite places Mariposa's on Magsaysay... and Subic City.Does anyone remember a Leony Arellano? She worked at Mercy drugstore. I would love to get in touch with her again. She was a very good friend. And also if anyone knows the where abouts of the little person (midget) that worked over in the "Jungle". Cannot remember her name. This is a great site. Please keep posting those photos.
Cell 214-912-4034 Office 214 000-0785

Posted 1-27-02
Gary Rosenbaum, CTOC(NAC) RET, NSGA PHIL 78-80, NSGD SUBIC 82-86

Was at CTF75 in Subic in 77 and made an IO run with a team of DIRSUPers from NSGA PHIL and as luck would have it got orders to Clark after that trip.  I checked onboard Jan 78 as a CTO2 and made CTO1 that April. I was in DIRSUP but on the flying side.  I left Clark in Nov 80 and went to Pcola on the EEAP program. Returned to PI in Sept 82 as a CTOC and was at the Det in Subic. I made many trips to Clark on business and of course for some R & R.   I met so many CTs passing through Subic and Clark that it would be impossible to name them all, but I can guarantee you that I probably had a cold Sam Magoo with them from time to time.  Retired out of Skaggs Is in 89. 

Posted 1-30-02
AX3 Jeff Raleigh, NAS Cubi Pt., 1987-1990

Does anyone know anything about a sailor named Mike Navoir? He was shipped out on a medical problem. I believe he went to Widby Island or there abouts. The last time I talked to him his disease was in remission. That was about 8/10 years ago. Anyone work in work center 660? Write back with any info please.

Posted 2-10-02
Ron "Mick" Mallon, EM 2, 1959

Was in Subic Bay in 1959 aboard the USS Grapple, ARS 7. Just recently had contact with Bob Hall. Looking for Burt Wolf, IC 3. Anyone knowing of his whereabouts, please e-mail me. Thanks to all, especially the webmaster for this site.

Posted 2-16-02
ACC (Ret) Bill Henry, '75-'77 
CubiPt. Control Tower

   All bullshittin aside, everyone of us sailors or jarheads that experienced P.I. wouldn't trade those times for even another few months this side of the gates of Hell. The hottest R&R port all during the Vietnam War and the best kept secret liberty port for sixteen years thereafter, Subic's women served the U.S.Navy in every form and fashion.  No other liberty port ever came close to comparison.  With the base closed, what we enjoyed only exist in our memories, this website, and the rare occassion when two people that were there can joyfully recall the good old days.
    Those whom we all have to envy are the old salts that retired over there during the 60's and 70's, bought themselves a bar while collecting their pension. We can all only imagine what kind of life they had for years. It would be great to hear any of their exploits on this website. I salute them all for having the kahonees to jump into that wild Olongapo/Barrio Barreto scene. If any are out there, please share some stories.

Posted 2-20-02
Wally Van Selow, PCCM/CWO Ret 1968 - 1983

I was luck to have two shore tours at Subic Bay one as a PC2 in 68/69 (Main Post Office) and one as a CWO3 (OinC of FMC) 79/81. I also visited Subic on a number of occasions while onboard the USS Providence (61-63), USS O'Brien (64-68), USS Horne (72/73) and USS Enterprise (81/83).  I have many of found memories of Subic, Subic City, Barrio etc. Subic was a place were you could forget everything else, and enjoy yourself to the fullest. You could be always be assured liberty would be one great party. I have a friend that currently lives in the Subic area and always brings back some of the worlds best beer.

Posted 3-8-02
William B. Lewis (Bill) PHCS(SW/AW)
Patron 22 Det, 1982 and 1984
USS Ranger PI visits, 1989, 1990 and 1991

This is an awesome web site!  I would just like to say hello to all my friends and shipmates.  Still married to the same beautiful Filipina for the last 19 years.  Take care shipmates!

Posted 3-20-02
John Hyatt, TM3SS, USS Grayback LPSS 574
No Email Address

Home Port Subic Bay.  Brought her over and was on her in 69-70 there. Good memories. You're doing a great job. Favorite Bar... Harbor Lights.

Posted 3-21-02
MA1(FMF), Ret V. Rule "Skip", FSD Cubi Point, 88 - 92

Looking for anyone who served at either one of the Facility Security Dept's of Subic Bay & Cubi Point.   I was stationed there from 1988 until the unfortuante closing of the Base.  

Posted 3-24-01
Pete Burnett, Qm2, U.S.S. Hassayampa, 1968 to 1971

This is a wonderful site, thanks for sharing it with all the poor souls that passed through Subic, who tasted its fruits, only to leave and never return. My experiences are pretty much the same as yours. They are burned deeply into my memory, as deep as any memory I have. The sights, the sounds and the smell of the town when you first saw it from the Shit River bridge. Kids diving for coins, spitting water out of their mouths when they came up for air. The clamor of traffic, someone  on a p.a. trying to get you to exchange dollars for pesos, the sound of an accented Filipino singer trying to sound like Jim Morrison of The Doors.The shoe shine boys, the old women begging, the hustle and bustle of 10,000 jeepneys. We would go "Your Market" for a San Magoo or two. Susans for lumpia and then like everyone else, it was off to your favorite club,for more beer, music and chicks. Those beautiful, wonderful, young ladies. They were sweet! Pauleen's Club, The Cherry Club, The HI-Q, Zanzibar, dinner at Papagyo's. It was all good! I dream about it from time to time. But in my dream the town is closed down, the girls are all gone and I am dissapointed and it's sad. In the 30 years since I left the Navy I have had a great,full and exciting life. Married, kids and a good career as a cop. However, there was no time or place on earth like Subic. I thank my stars that I got to experience it. I am so glad I met Miss Perla Lopez back in 1968, she was the first girl I met there and I can still see her face. Strange,most of the others are just a blurr. I hope all the people I met there did well and if they ever think of me the thoughts are only good ones. Good luck and God bless you all!

Posted 3-28-02
Bob Capozzi, USN Retired, 55 - 57

Stationed SRF Subic aboard the YFNG 1  Diving Barge. 1955  to 1957. Thw web site sure brings back a lot of great memories. Some of the best diving in the world. I would sure like to locate a pic of the diving barge.

Posted 3-28-02
James Huston, 74 - 75

My late husband James Huston was stationed at Subic Bay on the tug YTM 406, Oct 1974-Dec.1975. Just wondered if anyone remembered him from that time. We lived in Olongapo City. We had 2 good friends that also lived off base, Pam and "Tabot" Palmquist, also many Filipino friends. Use to hang out at the Sierra Club. Loved it there in the PI!

Posted 4-9-02
Kevin Sumpter, 85 - 87

Visited Subic from 82 - 91. Stationed at Naval Link Station Mount Santa Rita from Dec.85 - Dec.87. Midway and Blue Ridge from 87 - 92.

Posted 4-9-02
Ron Cenkush, San Miguel 85 - 88

HI My name is Ron Cenkush. I saw one of my old buddies Phillip Johnson posted a message looking for me on this site ! I was stationed at the NCSP San Miguel from 1985 to 1988 as a Hospital corpsman. Its good to hear from you Phillip !  Drop me a message.

Posted 4-11-02
Bill McWilliams, FSD Cubi point, 88 - 90

What a great sight. Man, does this ever bring back the memories of the P.I.  I can still remember the smell as I approached Subic Bay.  As it turns out, that would be the smell of liberty.  Anyway, I was stationed at FSD Cubi Point from 88-90.  Looking for anyone who I was stationed with.  I saw your message skip,  I e-mailed, but no answer.  Crazy Mike, George Elliot, J.Muuuuuuhle, if you guys are out there I would like to hear from you.  Thanks for a great sight.

Posted 4-11-02
Tom Ennen, BM3, 66 - 68

I was stationed on the USS AFDL-10 from 1966 to 1968 and lived on a houseboat attached to the AFDL-11.  Looking for all the old sailors who ran these drydocks at Subic.

Posted 4-14-02
Monte Hyler, USS Enterprise, 71 - 74

I was an MM2 in #3MMR (Steam side, nuclear) on the USS Enterprise from '71 until May of '74. Over the years, I have told many people that there will never be any place like Olongapo City again. As I always say, no matter who tells you about liberty in the PI during that time, and no matter how great they say it was, it was much better than that!!!! :-)   I spent most of my time in The Stardust and that upstairs pool hall just up the street and in Josephine's. Anyone remember those places? Regards, Monte Hyler Covington, VA

Posted 4-20-02
Stan Durbin, AX3, AX2, AX1, AXC
Patwing One Det Cubi 1978-1980
Patwing One Det Cubi 1984-1987

Great web site. Thanks for the memories, too many of them, too many friends left behind. Memories...the UA Bar, VP Alley, Joy Club, Pa're Romy, my house in Gordon Heights, #72 Acacia Street, I believe, my dear friend Siony Miguel, Gevelyn, I could go on for hours. Are there any friends out there? Drop me a line.

Posted 4-25-02
Mike Walsh BM3, 1965
USN WestPac Cruise USS Munsee (ATF-107) -
1963 & 64 Mobil Cargo Handling Battalion 2 (CHB 2) - 1965 Subic Bay NS

Like to hear from any of the guys who shipped out in 1965 for DaNang with 3rd Marines.  We were a small outfit (80+) made up of BM's SK's and EO's.  Established what was later to become Naval Support Activities DaNang.  Not very much history on this outfit but it had left a memorial impression with me.

Posted 4-26-02
Louis Riemensnider, 51 - 53

I'm Louis Riemensnider and I was in Subic Bay for two years beginning in 1951, and wonder if anyone visiting this web site was there during this period.  The base was small at that time and the air field across the bay was just being started when I left.  So far, I haven't seen much information from anyone that goes back that far.  like to hear from some of you that were there during that period. Thanks!

Posted 4-28-02
Michael Donegan, SN, 3rd Divisionl, USS KITTYHAWK

Subic was a really new experience for me. I was a real mommas boy when I left the states. Subic opened up a new world to me. That was our basic R&R spot whenever we would come off the line in Vietnam. I served aboard the USS KITTY HAWK during our 69/70 tour of Vietnam. OK I have to admit I never spent much time in town but spent it mostly on base or on Grande Island. I remember I was totally struck by how beautiful the Philippine women were as having never met one before. I had a lot of fun there and got wasted the first time I was in the EM club - at 25 cents a drink I was blitzed after $2.00. Now my buddies were nice enough to bring me back to the ship on one of those landing craft that would shuttle us back and forth. But that was it - when they got aboard they threw me into the port life boat and let me sleep it off. I missed Muster the next morning as I had my first, and worst hangover in my life. The Division Officer confined me to the ship for the entire stay - but I made up for it the next time in and the next time and so on! Beautiful place and really nice people. Still love the old "Hawk" to great ship and great crew!!

Posted 5-3-02
Donald Shehane
VU 5  61-63 (ADJAN-ADJ2), RVAH- 11
USS Forrestal/USS Kitty Hawk (ADJI/AZ1) 67-68, VP 17 (AZC)  74-77

____No Message Given____

Posted 5-4-02
Matt Claypool, RM3
USS Wichita (AOR-1) 75 - 77, USS Hassayampa (AO-145) 77 - 78

Great website.  I have many good memories of time spent in the Subic area.  Definitely a place I will never forget.  Hope to hear from someone I served with on ship.

Posted 5-8-02
Bob Kirwin , SeaBees, 52 - 55
Danvers, MA

I had the good fortune to have arrived at Subic Bay/Cubi Point on July 5th,1952. Came in as a seaman duce left 3 plus years later as Steelworker 1st Class. Worked on Blanka Quary rock crusher Carriier Pier, Bulkhead plus many small jobs. Just about all the steel for the Carrier Pier went thru my hands, from rebar to H piles. Any old timers out there I would like to hear from you. Mobs 2,3,5,7 & 9.

Posted 5-8-02
Randy Widmann, VRC-50  2-73 to 1-75

I'm looking for anyone that was stationed at VRC-50 between Feb., 1973 to Jan 1975.  Have lost touch with ALL squadron personnel.  Would really enjoy hearing about some of the ole times we all had.  After spending two years there I remember some of the good times, but the other times were fogged over by getting plastered either in Olongapo, Subic City, or just on base.  Always had a great time in Makati with a family that adopted me.  I would like to get in touch with this family there.  This family live on the corner of Super Highway and Buendia Ave.  They Owned a beer house on one corner and on the other corner they had a Restaurant.  In between they rented out billboards on there property.  I would appreciate any info on this.

Posted 5-8-02
PH-1 RET Richard L. Baker, 1974

In 1974 while a PH-2 attached to the USS New Orleans, I was sent TAD to CTF-77, Fleet Hard Hat Shore Patrol, a mixed unit of Marine and Navy personnel.  Would like to hear from any of the men who were there at the time.  I still have the group photo of our mixed mob. In fact I can still hear Staff Sgt. Mitchell's call for "Fun in the Sun."

Posted 5-8-02
Tommy Shelton, AMS1, Cubi Point 76 - 77

Stationed at Cubi Point. AIMD A/F 76-77. Loved every second of it. I was also stationed on the USS Midway, VA115, 73-75 and 78-79. Looking for old shipmates.

Posted 5-15-02
Jere A. Call, USS Midway, 85 - 88

A wonderful site!  The pictures of Subic Bay and Olongapo bring back some wonderful -- and crazy -- memories!   I was stationed on the USS Midway from 1985-1988.  PI was our home-away-from-home.  I can almost see myself right now walking down the afterbrow, pesos in my pocket and a whole day to spend them.  Lumpia, balut, and San Mig -- That truly was the life! 

Posted 5-18-02
Ken O'Keefe, HMAS Perth, 68 - 69

Wow, this is great, I was there on & off for b20 years. My most frequent visits were 1968-69 during the Viet Nam War. I was on HMAS Perth serving under your US 7th Fleet, memories !!! Looking forward to you finishing your "Visiting The Phillipines" site. Veeeeerrry impressed mate !!     An Poblact Abu` !!

Posted 5-18-02
Ed Repose, VC-5, 89 - 92

Hi my name is Ed Repose. I was station in VC-5 from 89 till 92. I am looking for fellow checkers. I am living in WA. State and planning on retiring there soon. I am looking also to see what happen to some of the locals and to see how things turned out. For all those who remember Jack AUGI DOG Augsback, he was killed 2 years ago. He was a good friend to all, so keep his family in your thoughts.

Posted 5-10-02
Tom Mollitt, 87 - 90

My Name is. I was stationed at Cubi Point, PI from October 1987 to June 1990. I was the Avionics division Officer at AIMD for 1 year and the Power Plants (Jet Shop) Division Officer for 2 years.  I loved my tour there and have very fond memories. I was a LT USN while there. I also made many trips there on the Coral Sea and the Midway as an enlisted as well as an officer. If anyone is interested in correspondence, I will respond to all.

Posted 5-24-02
Jeffrey (J.T.) Evans LCDR, MSC (now)
HM1 USN  Prev Med Tech, Naval Hospital RP 81-84'

I have been to this site several times and love coming back to it when I do.  Memories, yes the memories.  I still stay in touch with the folks I was stationed with there.  I worked at the Subic Clinic in Preventive Medicine. If you recognize this please e-mail me and get in touch.  I am forever looking for some close friends...Yoly A. Figures...if you see this.....reply.   Take care shipmates and God Bless      J.T.

Posted 5-26-02
Bill Matthews, San Miguel NCS

My name is Bill Matthews and I am a retired Chief Radioman who retired in 1993. When Mt. Pinatubo blew its guts we watched it from the back stoop of our house at San Miguel Naval Communications Station. That is something the kids will never forget. If anyone wants to get in touch, email me. Thanks.

Posted 6-1-02
Kerry McCormick, MS3, Cubi Pt EDF, 81-82

What can I say, Great site and great memories. Like to get in contact with John " Chico "  Jimenez. We worked together at the EDF . He worked in the flight deli for the most part. He married a filipina , her name was Fae. Chico if your out there e-mail ,me cause we still have some partying to do. And if anyone else remembers me drop me a line.

Posted 6-1-02
CTRCS(AW) Chris Callahan (Retired), CTF70/COMCARGRU 5, 88 - 91.

Looking to get in touch with any of the old CTF70/COMCARGRU 5 guys from the 1988-1991 timeframe. When I first got there we worked at the Cubi Point Operations building and stayed in the barracks up on the hill. We embarked and rode the Midway, Long Beach and Independence during my tour.  We were Admiral Bull's Brigade!. Great softball teams/games.   We hung out a lot at the Missouri Bar on Gordon Ave. Also hit Cyndi Bar, T's, Runway, D'Bird, D'Rock, D'Office, Slims, Cork Room Attic/Cellar, Cal Jam's and Rock Trax. Used to hang out with IS2 Rick Estes, BM1 Al "Boats" Stroup, LN1 Chas O'Brien, YN2 Jeff Wehrle, RM3 Dave Melchionne, IS3 Jeff Mcghee, MS3 "Nate" Hernandez and others. Great times and I've lost touch with so many of them. Contact me. I'm married with two kids and live in Maryland.

Posted 6-1-02
HMCM(SW), Robert J. Cornish, USN (RET), Naval Hospital 79 – 81

I continue to visit this site frequently. The memories are great. Was stationed at the Naval Hospital for a couple years, and in and out on the USS DUBUQUE. Tried my best to visit every bar in Olongapo, but as we all know that’s was just impossible. It was sure fun attempting it though. Would love to go back someday, but it wouldn’t be the same. Again, great web page I’m certain every sailor that visited Olongapo appreciates your efforts as much as I do. Thanks.

Posted 6-6-02
BM3 Richard Rios, USS Wichita AOR-1, 3rd Div., 80 - 84

Well I guess it's time to post another message and see if I can find some of my old shipmates. I sure wish I could be having a coldie at the Pussycat and looking out over Magsaysay. Does anyone remember the " Club Courdon Blue" they use to have girls dressed like playboy bunnies----I sure liked that place, still have some pictures we took there too. Well have a good one all and anyone I served with is welcome to drop me a line.

Posted 6-8-02
Lew Shugar, SW3, 53 - 54

I served with Mobile Construction Battalion 2 at Subic Bay during the early 50's. We were building revetments in the jungle and lived in a tent city  We had to go to Olongapo by LCM because we couldn't travel the road at night, huks, wild bufalo etc. I'm looking at a time line of '53-'54. If this is read by anyne from MCB2 who was there during that time, I would like to hear from you. Our skippes name was William McFarland, Lt. Commander.

Posted 6-10-02
PN1 Edzel Jereza, PSD Cubi, 90 - 92

Hey congratulations on this site, job well done!! My name is PN1 Edzel Jereza, was "stationed ditto" at PSD Cubi Pt 90 - 92 and had numerous visits throughout my career, ready to retire in a couple years and Subic was the best duty station for me.  I'm sure those who were stationed there won't dispute that.  Great memories and great times.  Waiting for that PSD CUBI PT link to open.  Shout outs to shipmates at PSD and other commands at Subic. Let us hear you.

Posted 6-17-02
Ron Wahl (One-Ball-Wahl), YN3&2 VC-5 Cubi Pt, 83 - 87 & 91 - 92 .....(After Sep 02, 2002) >

Howdy all.  I'm soon retired (Sep 02), found this site and thought it would be a great way to say hello to old buddies that I met while stationed in PI.  As many have so eloquiently put it, "the best years of my life were spent in and around the Subic Bay/Cubi Point area."  Hello to all of my squadronmates of VC-5.  Crazy as it seems I've actually ran into a couple of them here in Everett, Washington.  Hopefully, some of you will see this and send an email.  After Sep 02, please send any emails to . Mabuhay!

Posted 6-25-02
GMG3 Joe Madden, Naval Magazine '67-'68

Terrific site and appreciate it very much. Hope to see a lot more in the future. This really brings back old memories. I can still visualize the clubs and the "kids" diving for coins on Shit River. I am looking forward to seeing pictorials on the NavMag area. Thanks again.

Posted 6-28-02
Michael S. White, (FN) (EN3) (EN2), Oct. 74 - Feb. 78
Service Craft

Just found this site and it is a winner........ What a flood of memories this site sparks. The last time I was in Subic Bay was aboard the USS Fletcher DD-992  83-84 WESTPAC. It was like a home coming to me.  The time I was stationed in Subic Bay was without a doubt, the very best times of my life. 

Posted 7-03-02
Gregory Stewart, NAS Cubi Pt 84-87 and at CBMU 302, Subic Bay 87-90 or

It was the best six years of my life.  I was also stationed on the USS MIDWAY (CV 41) from 82-84.  As we all know Subic was the MIDWAY's second home.  I have nothing but fond memories of the bases.  I now live in Washington State.  I would appreciate anyone dropping me a line and tell the stories of the Sampaguita Club as well the East Coast Disco.

Posted 7-12-02
AWC Tom Miller
HS -2, USS KITTY HAWK, 83, 84, OX Division, USS VINSON, 88

Love the site. First time I was there was with HS-2 on the Ranger during Westpac 81. Remember Jolos? What an eye opener that was. Was stationed ditto at PW-1 Cubi as AW2 and then AW1 from 85-88 and loved every minute of it.    Lived at Balou Beach, moved to Olongapo and then moved back to Barrio and lived in Santa Monica subdivision. Loved hanging out at the Rufadora, Gloria's Rotor Head bar, Slims,  Genesis, Cal Jam, "T" Tavern, Rock Lobster and a couple of bars at the end of Barrio, the one with the drunk monkey...Midnight something....and the one on the other side of the road with the country and western theme. You go in and they had the coldest beer in town and the coldest face towels. Loved the jeepneys and the trikes.  Loved the sites and smells of Olongapo / Barrio / Subic. The money exchangers, the bbq stands, monkey on a stick (to this day, I will swear I never had dog). All the t-shirt shops. Crossing the river and seeing Virgin's row.  Ice cold San Magoos. Remember the beautiful sunsets and countryside. The monsoon season (wearing wash and wear clothes) and of course some of the friendliest people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Want to say hi to Mike Duncan, Ken Kaaahanui, Kim Huff, Don-Don Soy, Cat Baker, Jerry Ketsdever, Stu Maland, Mike Berret, Terry Kutej, Gonzo and everyone else from PW-1.  Be calling it quits in January. 24 years is enough for anybody. My how time flys when your having fun. Would love to hear from anyone. Keep up the great work on this site.

Posted 7-13-02
Mike Burwash, HM3, Crossrated to MAA, retired MAC 1992
NAVHOSP Subic Bay, Feb 1969 to Nov 1969
USS Cacapon AO-52, Nov 1969 to May 1970

I sure like this site, and the many great photos bring back very fond memories of Subic Bay.  After leaving NAVHOSP, I rode the Cacapon back to Subic Bay many times until the WesPac Cruise ended, and we sailed to Long Beach.  I would be interested in hearing from anybody stationed at the Hospital, or on the Cacapon in 1969 and 1970. Mabuhay !

Posted 7-20-02
LT Ken Nakanishi, VC-5, 85-88

I'd like to hear from anybody that was a former Checkertail.

Posted 7-20-02
John Gatlin GSMC (ret), 56 - 57

I served with the Mobile Boat Pool One, detachnent alpha in 1956 and 1957. We would rotate between Subic and Sasebo via LSD. Best duty I ever had. I was a FN/EN3 while there. My Coxswains name was Robin Scates. Like to hear from him. Anyone that remembers me, please write. Also... Service Craft unit four. Our old barracks were wood with screen wire to keep out the bugs. No AC in those days. Our primary job was to run LCM's to carry supplies to the fleet at anchor. We also supplied Liberty Boats. I was a boat engineer and had to ride the bow ramp at night to warn the Coxswain of bouys or whatever. It really got fun on the last run of the night with 75 to 100 drunks in the welldeck under you. If anyone remembers riding one during that period drop me aline. John Gatlin , Como TX

Posted 7-21-02
Kris Johnson, 1977

Was with VAW-126 onboard CV-64 during Westpac 77 and would like to hear from anyone with friends of Hawkeyes. Did anyone know Jessica Calizo, a local with a head of hair that reached her ankles.

Posted 7-21-02
Tom Dixon, San Miguel, 63 - 66

This is Tom Dixon Former CTR. Arrived Clark from Diego Garcia in Aug 77. Was stationed at San Miguel 63-66 also. San Miguel is still my favorite beer. I retired from Guam in 86. 73 de Uncle T

Posted 7-28-02
Bill Gates, CTR2, 1962-1965

Just returned from first revisit to the Olongapo/Subic/SM area since '65.  Knew no one upon arrival, but made several new friends.  Also, took in Manila and Angeles.  Too much to detail and the younger guys know how it is, but a quick summary for us old salts;  you can now hit all the bars in Olongapo, and they are not the same;  Subic base still there and even improved, but little activity; Crossroads still there, but with some changes;  Barrio Baretto and Subic City have about a dozen bars, several owned by Americans;  Prices are very reasonable (cheap);  Even more jeepneys now than ever before along with motorized trikes.  San Miguel beer is still the best and the folks are wonderful. 

Posted 7-29-02
Mitch Laws, USS Knox FF 1052, 1975

I was in Subic in 75 onboard the USS KNOX FF 1052. I would like to contact anybody who was with this ship . And I would like to find anybody who might remember the hole in the wall bar.

Posted 8-8-02
Jeff Western (HT1/DC1)
NAVSTA, Subic Bay Dec 84 - Jan 89, USS Sterett Jan 89 - Feb 93

So many people and so many good times I don't know where to start.  Am now a DCCS onboard USS Bunker Hill.

Posted 8-9-02
Mel Wofford DC3, AFDM-5, 1952 - 1954

I have noticed that nobody that was attached to AFDM-5 (auxiliary floating dry dock -5) has checked in.It will be 50 years this Sept. since I was in Subic Bay.  After thinking about why so few of us from the early 50s have checked in I decided that it is probably because computers aren't a big part of our lives.  If it doesn't have something to do with our old cars, bikes, or wood shops we don't understand it.  My boy (38 years old) heard about the Subic Bay web site at the post office where he works.  A lot of vets work at the post office.  I had my wife show me how to get to the web site and I've been reading and looking at everything that's on it.  It's been great looking back over the years and to see what has happened at Subic Bay.

I've lost contact with all the guys that I knew in Subic.  I would like to hear from them.  Also in looking at some of the later aerial photos of the base the AFDM-5 wasn't there anymore.  What happened to it and when did it go?  Send me an E Mail and I'll get back to you.

Posted 8-13-02
David Taylor, IS3, 1974 - 1975, 1977

I am glad to see a tribute site for the Subic Bay!  I was stationed here from 1974-1975 with CTF-77, Commander of Task Force 77, which traveled aboard the USS Constellation, USS Coral Sea and USS Kitty Hawk while they were stationed here.  Great memories of the surrounding area, the yacht Club on base and of course all the fun in Olongapo!  Hope everyone jumps in and view how things have changed at Subic and hope the States reclaim this important base!  Smooth Sailing to all former CTF-77 and base sailors!

Posted 8-15-02
Mike Best, 1955 - 1957

Ahoy mate, My name is Mike best nicknamed feather QMSM3. I am proud to say I visited Subic Bay on the following occasions. First in 1955 aboard the USS Piedmont AD17. 2nd and 3rd visits 1956/57 were aboard the USS ST.  Paul Ca17, Last visit was aboard my favorite duty station the USS Rupertus DD851. There are so many memories in my foggy grey matter.  The Gitney marvelously colored vehicles, the dirt streets, a club I spent mucho time in Sat on a corner green paint with a balcony around three sides and a lovely young lady by the name of Bessie Vistacion.  San Miguel.  The shortest Liberty in naval history upon Hitting town,30 minutes.  Tropical hours, and American Fifties music that warted throut the Liberty areas.  The end of town with Jungle right there.  So many memories, so many good time, Blooks, corn on cob  (The best I've had buried in hot coals.  Yum Yum. Thanks for allowing me this opportunity, it means alot. I am going to be writing a lifes story as it were for my 3 grandsons who want to know what I did and what got me here today.  I never had that from my father or granddads. My regards to each of you vets and active mates, God Bless

Posted 8-16-02
David M. Battiste USN-Rtd
Custodian of Postal Effects, Cubi Point Post Office

I was the Custodian of Postal Effects. I ran the Cubi Point Post Office with a large crew. I'm seeking Senior Chief john Cunningham, ADC Conrado Benitez, MSgt Waite, PC2 Dave Pomerants, PCC Dave Hinton, PC2 Jeffrey Alexander, PC2 Steven Gomes, PC2 Mike Bennett, PC2 Gibson, any and everyone who knew me at NAS Cubi Point. Presently I am in need of some assistance, either postive or negative. My brother Frank Battiste ADI, died of brain cancer. Shelly Battiste YNCS still resides in Jacksonville, Florida. Many Thanks and God Bless.

David M. Battiste, PC1, 24675 Peacon Place Drive, Plaquemine, LA 70764-3804, 225-687-8715

Posted 8-24-02
Larry Bulla Rm2, 1968-71

(Rm3 first trip) was in and out of Subic Bay on several occasions. First trip I was aboard USS Annapolis AGMR-1, still wonder if anyone is still around who rode her. Second trip I was Carrier Divsion 9 Staff on the USS Ranger. I spent some time in the TAD barracks from which I rode an oiler to be highlined aboard the Annapolis, (what a rush). Would love to hear from anyone who may have been around those days.

Posted 8-24-02
James P. Even (aka Jim) MS2, Ret, Cubi Pt Galley, 1981-1985

MSC James P. Even USN   I remember the memories fondly. Mariposa rules. This was station dito unlike any other. it was more the experience how survival and partying then the US Navy. Hard to believe I made it through all that. My good buddy turned me on to this site and JT Evans I remember your inspections and Kerry you were the first I met there. Not many of us gringos in the Cubi Galley PC1 Battiste I remember you also. Anyway I loved having my motorcycle and parking in front of Posas and just hanging for hours watching the girls walk by. Nothing else compares to those days and am grateful for the experience and Leo Macabitas thanks for all the hook ups. Im still married to that wonderful lady that put up with all my crap back then Virgie. Have 2 boys now ages 20 and 16. The oldest was born there and am going to be a grandfather In Feb. I have been sober now for 15 years. I can say i got my use out of san Miguels and Cerveza Negra. CW04 Larry Mackenzie who was at ASD and then worked for Kay & Associates and then moved to Hawaii and stayed with me for awhile back in 89 give me shout and any of the VRC-50 Foo dog gang with the motorcycles that hung with me also give me a shout. Tunson, Magic Johnson, Bob Davis, Jerry Jenkins, Thadeus Dolson, Tony Martin

Posted 8-28-02
RM2 Vance Geauthreaux, 1966 - 1968 NAVCOMMSTAPHIL

I will always remember NPO. Stationed at the receiver site it seems like just yesterday I went to the Cross Roads for a  cold San Miguel.  Took a jitney to San Antonio and got another cold one before going to Olangapo.  The long, hot, dry, dusty, smelly and bumpy road to Subic will always have a place in my heart. Would not trade my experiences and friendships along the road for anything. Maybe RM2 Sheldon Lee Luce or his brother Gerry will get in touch. Gusto Servasa Mas Malimig Mahal.  MABUHI!

Posted 9-2-02
Don Herr, MR3 USS TUTUILA ARG-4, 1966 - 1967 USS JASON AR-8, 1968  

In and out of Subic Bay / Olongapo many times during duty onboard USS TUTUILA ARG-4, 1966 - 1967 and USS JASON AR-8, Westpac cruise 1968. Looking for ol' steaming buddies of those times.

Posted 9-2-02
Rich Mapes DP1, Retired, 70's and 80's

I first arrived at Clark in 73, wearing whites. I caught a bus to subic bay, needless to say when I reported in to reception center I was very dirty. I always enjoyed Subic Bay, was onboard Hancock when we picked up refugees off Vietnam and took them to Alava Pier, then out to Grande Island tent city. I especially remember eating at Spanish Gate on base, and on shore patrol at Susans Restarant. I returned on the Kitty Hawk in late 70's and the Ranger in early 80's. Will never forget the parties my division had in Olongapo. Just made a trip to Manila this past Dec 01. Went to Clark Air Base and Baguio. My wife is Filipina! If I had my wish, we would live in PI. Thank you for this awesome website, it is full of old memories, which btw reminds me of one time. I was in a base taxi going up to Cubi Hospital, it was kinda jungle, we came upon a huge snake that stretched across the road. I read somewhere in here of a snake 18 to 20 feet long. Well this one had to be close to that. Thanks for the memories... anyone out there remembers me pls email.

Posted 9-11-02
Willis A. Griffin "Bill" GM3, USS Yorktown CVS-10, 6th Div., 1958 - 1959

Subic Bay. I remember going skin diving behind the air field. After getting tired, we walked around the beach, and came to a cove that had like twenty ships, half in and out of the water. Looking at the latest pictures, I can't see any of them. When did they move them out? Has anyone else seen them?

Posted 9-15-02
Miles Bowman, Photo Lab, 81 - 85

My name is Miles Bowman and was stationed at the lab in Cubi from 2/81 - 9/85. I'm still in and working at FICP in San Diego. If anyone wants to get in touch with me you can email me. Take care.

Posted 9-20-02
Steve Blair, EM2, E-Div., USS Sterett CG-31, 9/81-8/83

I was part of the original crew on Sterett after her homeport change to Subic.  Great time in my life.  Think about it often.  Married my (then) sweetheart.  Remember many, many, many Magoos (and the subseqent squirts). The Sierra Club, FTN Mojo Pub, Genisis, Stoned Crow, etc.  Getting hammered with EM3 Alhambra at a softball game and walking down Magsaysay drive watching the water in the gutter splashing around and wondering how the hell that could happen, only to realize the next day that there was an earthquake and we were too jacked up to realize it.  Hanging out at the Grass Hut with the old salt/diver Mac.  Getting punched off my stool cause I didn't want to drink with him (damn he had a big fist).  Snorkeling on Grande Island.  Road trips to Baguio and a friend falling in the lake and losing his wallet. Fighting my way out of a con-mans pad after he tried to rip me off (I learned a big lesson that day about trusting kindly looking old Pinoys). Watching the local cops kick the shit out of a little kid for picking a sailors pocket.  Almost getting our throats cut by an old rice farmer for cutting across his paddy on our way to Balon Falls.  Watching the old lady at the Falls chasing the scrawniest little chicken around her yard so she could cook it for us.  And most importantly all the Great Friends I had over there.  I lost touch with almost all, but would like to hear from whoever sees this message and remembers me.  Especially guys like Steve Schmedding, Barksdale, Clay Ross (remember that shiner from Hong Kong? damn), Rick Totusek, Danny Hipps, Jim "three piece" Suiter, Scott Korth, EMCS Gary Smith, Ramon Mangahas, Melvin Alhambra, Jojo Cummings, etc.

Posted 9-23-02
John (Pete) Peterson, SN(SS), USS Perch APSS-313, 11/1963 - 11/1965

I just found this sight, and am delighted. I served on the U.S.S Perch APSS-313 from 63-65. The Oro and D'Cave were my main hang outs, but over the three year period I hit just about all of them. I made my first return in 96' to complete some of the past, and have been back eight times since. If you want to remember the way it was in those days, don't go back. Although a Filipina is still a Filipina, and a San Magoo is still a San Magoo. That is all that has remained constant. Perch was relieved by Tunny, and the last boat to be stationed at Subic was Grayback.

Posted 9-26-02
Martinez, Tony  HM2, 1974 - 1976

Where the HELL are you guys now? Rememnbert the parties in the Enlisted Barracks? Just dropping a line to find you guys.

Posted 9-30-02
RP1 Ret.) Linnie Ray, Cubi Point Chaplain Office, 1985 - 1986

First, I would like to thank AMSCM Sam (VRC-50), who owned Sam's Soul Food Rest. and a couple of other establishments in the Jungle for being my friend. I enjoyed every minute of my time in the PI.  BEST transportation in the world, Victory liner, Philippine Rabbit to  Jeepney. I loved the East Coast Disco, Bilboards, all of it.  Anyone wishing to contact me, please email.

Posted 10-6-02
Dennis Kemper, USS TANNER (AGS-15), 1966 - 1968

I was homeported in Pearl Harbor at this time but we stayed in Subic so much that it became our homeport away from our homeport during our runs to Viet Nam.  Remember many good times there in Olongapo City.  If anyone was on the Tanner during this time please contact me.  Would like to hear from shipmates.

Posted 10-7-02
James Rush, USS Sterett

I used to be onboard the USS Sterett, CG-31 from '81 to '85. Then I was stationed at Cubi pt. Naval Air Station from '85 to '89. I was a Radioman, Rm2.   I am submitting this information to anyone there that knows me, and would like to get in contact with me.  I now live in the State Of New York, in the U.S.   Take care, and hope to talk with you soon.

Posted 10-7-02
Bob Yeaman GMG3 / GMG2, 1967- 1970

I am looking for anyone who knew me while I was either stationed in Subic 1967/68, 69, and 70.  I was stationed at Nav/Mag, Grande Island, and barracks 7 as an MAA.  Especially looking for a girl named Erlinda Ebios who I think married a Marine in about 1971 or 72. Thanks.

Posted 10-7-02
Kevin Lanz, Cubi Point Hospital, 1990 - 1991

My name is Kevin Lanz and I was a Hospitalman at the Naval Hospital from June 1990 to May 1991. I worked on the quarterdeck of the hospital giving directions to places in the hospital both with patients in person and on the phone. I also made announcements over the PA system daily. I spent most of my free time in Olongapo with ex-wife who I married while over there. After we got to the states and She got her perminate green card she left me for good. Well enough of her. I had a wonderful time while I was over there with her as she took me all over Olongapo and to Manila. I lived out in town most of the time except when I had duty then I slept in the hospital Barracks the night before duty and she and her family stayed out in our house. I remember the first time I went out in town and went to Big Joe's bar where I met my ex-wife. I was in awe of all the women with numbers on them and how easy it was to get one to go out on the town with. Once you got the one you wanted she would do whatever you wanted. I was also shocked at first of how dumpy the town looked at first but as of today I would like to return to it.

Posted 10-8-02
Dick Smith, YN2, USS Agerholm, 1977 - 1978

Great web site that brings back a lot of memories. I remember first arriving in Subic in the fall of 1977 and thinking 'this place is the Wild West (or East).' It was an amazing place with amazing sights, sounds and, yes, smells.

Posted 10-11-02
Jeff Dore, 1980 and 1982

Served in the US navy 1980 - 1984 and visited Subic Bay several times between 1980 and 1982. Like everyone else, I had a blast as a young guy over there back in those days. I  got to know a few girls in Olongapo of course, but also a few other locals as well. The people over there were always so good to me. Always willing to point me in the right direction when I needed help with something new. One girl that kind of stands out in my memory was a girl by the name of  Sonya, although i can't remember the last name. My name i Jeff Dore'. Who knows, maybe she will see this someday, although I kind of  doubt it. By the way, great site.

Posted 10-26-02
Charles Johnson, AC3 USN, NAS Cubi Point, 1964 - 1965

I would like to hear from anyone who served in the control tower or GCA Unit at Cubi Point in the 1960's. I'll never forget the great times I had there both on base and in Olongapo. Great site, keep up the good work.

Posted 10-26-02
Mike Gross, GMG2, NAVMAG, Subic Bay 1975 - 1977

My words cannot adequately describe just how EXCELLENT this site is, but... EXCELLENT is as good a word as any.  In my opinion, it's the best site I've ever seen on Subic Bay.  Bravo Zulu Jim, one helluva fine job!  I just hope that you or someone else in the future will continue to maintain this fine site.  It may well turn out (if not so already) to be the finest history ever done on Subic Bay. You got my vote! I was in and out of Subic for a few years while riding 2 Tin Cans homeported in Yokosuka.  In Apr-May 1975, while underway as part of the CTF77/DESRON 15 during Operation Frequent Wind (the fall of Saigon), I "shipped over" for guaranteed orders to Subic and 2 months later I arrived for a 2 year tour at NAVMAG (well worth another 4 years on the Navy books).  What followed had to be the best 2 years of my life!

I knew many fine people at NAVMAG, but the ones I worked with immediately come to mind... the sailors:  Fell (LCDR), Hendricks (GMCM), Blackie (GMGC), Briggs (GMGC), Jenkins (GMGC), Burpo (GMG1), Pete (GMG1), Hook (TM1), Jones (GMG2), Turner (GMG3), etc., etc, and to the civilian  workers (US & Filipino) at Camayan and Nabasan Piers:  Mr. Raymond, Roddy, Bonnie, Basa, Pop Reyes, Samson, etc., I send my very best to you and yours.  I have never forgotten any of you. I also got to know many fine people "out in the ville" and I often wonder about them as well.  I guess I'll never know what happened to them.

Rarely a day goes by that I don't think about Subic (and it's been 25 years since I left there).  However, this site brought back even more memories! Damn, I miss that place!  It sure was great to be young, full of "piss 'n' vinegar", and not have a care in the world.  To all of us who have been lucky enough to go there, I'm sure most would agree there is no other place on this earth like it.  There isn't enough time in the day to write about the adventures, the sights, the sounds, the smells and the fabulous times we had there.  I'm willing to bet that for anyone who have ever been to Subic Bay and then left, Subic Bay has never left them.  If I had to vote for the BEST "Liberty Port" in the world, Subic would be the winner hands down. I've seen and have had "liberty" at many other ports, but none compare.

It is my hope that me and my Asawa will return there someday for an extended visit or possibly to stay for good.  I miss it that much.  I know things have changed... and surely that would make any visit back there bittersweet. But, I still want to go back. There are a few things that are holding us in the States at the present time, but eventually we should be able to see our way clear to head back over there.  The jury is still out on when that will happen, but in the meantime, I still have those great memories. Best regards to all who have been to this fabulous place... Gunner

Posted 10-26-02
Bill Murphy, Cubi Point, 1970 - 1972

I was stationed at Cubi Point from June 1970 - June 1972. I lived in town (Olongapo City), 25th street west BAJAC - BAJAC.       My landlord was retired Navy Chief Steward Maury Delosantos. Would love to make contact with him and his family again. Iwas also the first, and I think only, enlisted man to work at the base teen club. I was an E-3. I was assigned to the Cubi O.M.A.. I brought one of those P.I. wild dogs back home with me in 1972. Called her "JOEY" (of course). She lived 16 and a halh years. Best damn dog I ever had. Thanks you for this Great, Great Website.

Posted 10-26-02
Bill Taylor YN2, Legal Office, 1965 - 1967

I can not believe I found a site with the history of Subic Bay.  Did the Viet Nam thing on the USS Enterprise 1965,66,& 67 trips.  YN2 , worked for XO in Legal Office under Capt James Holloway command.  Those were great days and my time in the Navy was one of the best things I ever did in my life.   Good Bless All who have served our great country.

Posted 11-03-02
Mo Mckinney QM3, USS Sanbernardino LST 1198, USS Bristol County LST 1189, 1975-79

This is a great website. Brings back ole times. I called Subic Bay Disneyland of the Seventh fleet. I am looking for Phil Albritton PC3. We were on the San Berdu and the Bristol County together. Phil did another 4 years for shore duty in Subic and married a Fhilipino girl named Jennifer. Got out in 1981 settled in Kent, Washington. We exchanged Xmas cards for a couple of years then he disappeared. If anybody knows anything my send me a E mail. Thanks!

Posted 11-03-02
Jim. Huntington, GM  55/59

Was on USS Black DD-666 as Gunners Mate, Was at Subic Bay in 56 - 57 - 58, 58 # 1 Boiler broke down we were in port Subic Bay 21 Days.  ( Just the Black ) !! WOW !! what a time. Just one ship.  Anyone out there Remember the Destroyer  USS Black DD-666?

Posted 11-04-02
David E. Foster, BU3,  NMCB-5, 1973, 1976 (spent 2 months at Cubi Pt Hospital)

What a great site. I can't believe I haven't seen any postings from Seabees during my few short months there in 73. Where are all you guys? Olongapo was my first overseas visits and I remember  hearing so many strange things about it that I didn't go into town for several days after getting to Subic. However, Olongapo became one of my best liberty cities while in the Navy. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world . After being deployed to Diego Garcia for 5 months in 1976 with NMCB-5 I found myself on a medivac flight to Subic to be checked over for a medical problem. I was supose to be there for only 2 weeks but managed to get 2 and a half months out of it. I had the  best time of my young life there and wouldn't trade it for anything. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me from there and from NCS San Miguel. I would like to go back and revisit Subic and Clark Air Force Base  with anyone that has the desire. It would mean so much to me before the Lord takes me some day. I know it has changed so much and I have already bought an exspensive camera with new lenses for the trip. Any takers? I have had some friends from home offer to go but they wouldn't get anything out of it like someone that has already fond memories of it. I have the time to go as I am a disabled Vet. I would like to go over and visit later in 2003 after I winter over in Las Vegas. I live in the great state of New York about 60 mile east of Syracuse. To all you current military and vets, keep the memories of the philipines alive. Pass your stories down to your kids and friends. Seabees Can Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 11-9-02
Chris Ahearn, SW1(ret), FSD Subic Bay, 87 - 89

I was stationed at FSD Subic, from 1987 to 1989, worked mostly out in town as tango-0 day shift. I have some real fond memories of the place I hung out Dolly's Tavern and would like to hear from any of the other guys that hung out there as well. The base is gone now and I hear the cost of living is sky high, my wife goes home (Samar) about every other year and says it has really changed. I am lucky though the mini mart at the base near my home (NAS Pensacola) has San Miguel. Eddie Reeder if you are out there let me hear from you.

Posted 11-11-02
Kisel, Robert P.  HT3,  USS Hector AR-7, 1977 - 1981

Greetings Shipmates, To all that visited Subic; past, present & future, long may you sail, long may you run.  I will return to have another San Miguel. And I'm sure I share the daydream and many a sweet memory as all who had the great fortune to have visited such a beautiful place. I'm still picking on the guitar and I'm flyin to Cebu in 3 weeks. Anybody that wants, drop me a line !  Happy Trails & Smooth Seas   -  Thanks for the fine Web site, Salamot

Posted 11-23-02
Mike Manthei, ADAN-AD1 VRC-50 1972 - 1976,
VAW-115 (Midway) 1978 - 1980

Didn't you just love that place.  The Barrio, a boat ride to Gain's Beach, a beer, a hammock and a LBRPSM.  I wanna go back!

Posted 11-29-02
AO3 Nick Palko , NAS Cubi Point Armory, May 70 - Dec 71

30 years ago man....seems like yesterday....You know the drill"Young , Dumb and full of....". Best party I ever saw...Great Duty...Good friends. If anybody remembers me or anyone from the Armory drop a line as it would be great to hear from  you. Gonna post a pix of a group of us out in town as soon as I get it scanned. Brother out there man?

Posted 11-29-02
Ivan R Jones, Seabee Det 1508, Subic Bay, 1946 - 1948

I am Ivan R Jones, Seabee Det 1508, Subic Bay, 1946-1948.  Did not notice any messages from this time period.  Please reply to above if you were there then and/or have any reunion information from this group.

Posted 12-07-02
Melissa Reese, SN, '86 - '88

Hi everyone, I was one of the few Navy women station dito.  I was there from '86-'88.  I worked in the CPO Barracks in Subic Bay standing 12 hour watches, 3 days on, 2 days off.  (my friend Nina was standing watch the other 12).  I had a great time there, I remember my first night out in town, we ate at Via's and the tacos were great.  Shout outs to Nina, Tami, Patty, Arthur (HM3 at the hospital), Maggie, Ziggy, Ski and all the cute guys I met, especially from Seal Team 3, USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19), USS Tarawa (LHA-1) and NAVMAG...some like big brothers, some not (smile)....also shout outs to my favorite clubs and places while I was there....Rolling Stones (I had a running tab there I would pay off every payday, how bad was that?) Cal Jam, Tipplers (we used to eat french fries while guzzling cold San Miguel) and the place where I got my first tattoo, but I don't remember the name.  I used to live in the apartments across the street from T's Tavern, above a Mexican Restaurant, somebody told me that was where they shot the opening scene from Officer and a Gentlemen. I miss Subic, hope to hear from someone who was there at the same time that remembers me!  Or just to shoot the breeze about P.I. Also, thanks for the cool website, it's very well put together. Much memories!!!! Thanks

Posted 12-07-02
Timothy, Tritt,
RM2 - NCS San Miguel 90-91
USNS Hassayampa T-AO 145, USS Blue Ridge LCC-19

Great site! Felt great just to read all the posts from everyone. Nice to know that the base is still in everyone, even though it no longer is the same. I certainly have not forgotten all the good times there (well there might be a few fuzzy areas, heh!) I can still see Olongapo City like it was then. I remember walking to the Jeepney area to go to Barrio or Subic (Sin) City. I remember the crossroads outside of San Miguel CommSta and the long Jeepney ride down access road. I remember Via's Tacos. Playing golf in San Miguel and Subic. Great times. Nothing like a cold (and sometimes not so cold) San Miguel, Loud music, and sitting outside in Barrio taking in the sites. Oh sure some "bad" times too, but certainly those are outweighed by the good times. Thanks for the site and keep posting, love reading all the memories.

Posted 12-09-02
Steven Stockwell, ADJAN NAS Cubi AIMD, 1975 - 1976 U.S.S. Enterprise, VA-196 1976 - 1978

I am looking for a person that was stationed at Cubi from around 1974 to 1977 in either the Radar Comm. Division or the Radio Comm. Division. His name was Dennis Johnson and he was either an AT2 or ET2 at this time and he was originally from the state of Minnesota from around the Twin City area. His middle initial was possibly A. He was married to a Filipina at this time also and his wife is the sister to the lady that I am looking for on the other message board. If there is anyone out there that visits this web site and reads this message, and has any information as to where he is or how to get ahold of him send me an email. I am desiring very much to try and get ahold of the lady I am searching for. Any replies to this will be greatly appreciated.

Posted 12-13-02
Gus Dolar, PH1, Cubi Point Photo Lab, 1975

I was stationed TAD to the Photo Lab, Cubi Point, from VP-19 , Feb, 1975 to May 1975. In feb. we built a haunted house on base, just inside the front gate for the local festivities (I cna't remember the name of the holiday). It was a carnival of sorts and the local citizens came to celebrate. The base Photo Lab built the haunted house and we really had a lot of fun doing it. Even more fun than operating it. A lot of people, mostly young, entered the house all excited and scared and some of them even fainted while inside and had to be carried out and revived by the Medics standing by. I'd like to hear from any of the guys in the Photo Lab that were there, or anyone there that remembers it, to say Hi and talk about old times. We also had a hell of a Photo Lab Annual Party just after that. We held it at the beach. Rented a Bar and the Beach Cabins and made it an over nighter. Good times there!!! Some kind of floor show... I'd like to hear from the Photo Mates involved in those memorable fun times. Subic Bay was always my favorite port. I'll never forget any of the many visits I had there. Thanks for making this site available. I'll visit often and spread the word.

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