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Posted 7-21-08
Mike Berg, USNS Mispillion, 1981

In 1981 I was working for MSC aboard the USNS Mispillion out of Subic. I'm looking for information on three shipmates, all of whom were married and lived in the Olongopo area. Mel Henline - pumpman and owner of the Chaparral Bar. Ken Clark - rig captain extraordinare - nick named "Flash". Tommy Heath - pumpman. Mike Berg refrigeration engineer (reefer)

Posted 12-30-08
Larry Garrett, RD3, USS DALE, DLG19, August 1965-68

Made 2 WESPAC cruises while on board DALE. Subic Bay was a favorite stop. Zanzibar, Old Jolos and Jolos, many more. Only remember one girls name from ZANZIBAR, Juanita Juarez, guess because she was the first and lots of fun! As all of us do, I look back on those days with fond memories!! Am in touch with several shipmates from those days, any more out there?

Posted 12-30-08
Gary Blake, AME2, VRC-50, 1/1/1975 - 6/1/1977

To all who are responsible for maintaining this web site and all the pic's have my deepest thanks. Reading the responses and viewing the pic's stirred emotions I haven't felt in a long time. There are so many people I remember. I am so bad with names I can recall faces but can't remember many of there names. The people who were most influential to me are, AME-1 Lenny Sabinowitz (sorry if I butchered your last name), AMEC (Chief) Conn, and my mentor, AME-2 Samuel Townsend... Thirty years later I must say my time spent at VRC-50 was one of the best times of my life. I am so proud to have served my Country with all of you and am equally proud to say I am still serving my Country by working to secure our borders from terrorism and illegal immigrants. I hope to attend the reunion in  Branson. I lived in Branson back in the sixties and it will be great to see it again along with all of you. May GOD Bless each and every one of you.

Posted 12-30-08
Steve Shauf, 1972 - 1973

I'm Steve Shauf. I was a CTOSN at the time I was stationed at Subic Bay. I was there from late February of 1972 until August 1st 1973. I worked at the Command Center in naval intelligence. Like most of you who have been there for any length of time, I have a thousand stories of Olongopo. To say it was a wild, party place, would be the greatest understatement of all time, I guess. But by far the most important thing to happen while I was over there is that I fathered a child. My tour of duty ended in August of 73 and my daughter was born in October. Her mother married an American merchant marine about 2 years later and took them to California where she was raised. I lost touch over the years and never was a part of her life growing up. In fact I never had gotten to see anything except a few photos of her. About 5 or 6 years ago my son, who was in high school at the time, put in a lot of effort in to try and find her through the internet, primarily, and bottom line is we finally found her in September of 2006. She now lives in Minnesota, is an RN, and is living a very productive life. I met her for the first time face to face in the spring of 2007. Since then she and the guy who's now her husband have been to Tennessee for a visit, and I just returned last month from Vegas, after getting to be a part of their wedding. The connection has been absolutely wonderful, and we have plans on getting together a couple of times each year from now on. I would strongly encourage anyone who has fathered a child while at Subic Bay to put in the effort to find thier child. Getting to know my daughter, even after all this time has enriched my life, immeasureably.

Posted 12-30-08
Steve Wolff, AE-3 USN, VP-17 Sangley Pt., 1970 - 1971, Cubi Pt., 1973

I visit your website frequently, and feel you've done a great job for all past, present, and future visitors!  First, I would like to say that I did locate my daughter and her mother.  Secondly, I would like to say "Thank You" to all those individuals that did contact me to offer help, encouragement, or to share their own story. The Philippines were, by far, the best "duty" in the WestPac, with Sangley Point being my particular favorite. Keep up the good work!!  Anyone that would like to contact me about related topics, feel free to email to me.

Posted 12-30-07
Sylvester Robert Foley, 1972

Hello I am trying to locate a man by the name of Sylvester Robert Foley I beleive he was stationed on the carrier USS Midway in 1972 possibly the Captain I am working on behalf of his daughter who would like to locate him if any one knows of him or how to contact him pls e-mail me. Thank you for your time and help. Don MacLean.

Posted 12-30-08
Diana R (daughter of)

Arthur James Smith was a CPO Club Manager 1970 through 1974 at Navcommsta San Miguel Philippines. "Smitty" passed away Oct 24th 1994 of conjestive heart disease at 4:42 pm in the VA Hospital in Jefferson City Missouri.  He loved the Philippines and talked about it the rest of his life.  His memories and fondness of that wonderful time are carried on by his family, Diana, William, Robert, Dorothy and Mary.  He has a grandson who now serves on the USS Ashland.  His name is Christopher Brown and he really adored his grandpa Art.  We all miss him greatly.

Posted 12-30-08
Bobby Gene Hartman (daughter of)

My name is Cindy Hartman. I found your website while I was searching for something regarding my parents. My father was in the Navy and stationed in the Philippines. That is where he met and married my mother. Both of my parents have passed, my mother when I was still a child and my father in 2006 from a heart attack. I would love to know if anyone knew my father, has any pictures or any stories about him. He talked so little of my mother, his time in the Philippines and even less of his time in the military.

His name was Bobby Gene Hartman. He was from West Virginia. He married Joselyn Jackie Amora in January 1974. He was about 5’6, brown hair and blue eyes. He passed away October 15, 2006. He was 53 years old. Thank you for your help and I look forward to any help that you can give me! Cindy C. Hartman

Posted 12-30-08
Regis Wendler (daughter of), 1958

Hello, My name is Kari and I am in search of men who served in the Navy with my father.  His name was Regis Wendler.  I recently came across a photo with: “E” Div Party, Subic Bay PI, dated Dec 29,1958 written on the back.  Also there were list of names also written on the back. The following are names that I can make out from the photo; Cliff Braden, Emerall E. Hubough(first name may not be spelled correctly),Johnny Baker, Larry Kreger, Johnny Burtsky, Fred W Swey(last name may not be spelled correctly), Ron Dobson, Clyde Stokes, L. Anderson, D.S. Coey(last name may not be spelled correctly), Last name only:DeDios,Max Jones, Tony Terzo Jr. and Richard L. Bysne(last name may not be spelled correctly). If anyone recognizes his name or may have known my father I would appreciate any thing you can write to me. Thank you, Kari Nye

Posted 12-30-08
Guthrie, Stephen, Oct 1975 - Jan 1977
Cubi Pt Runway Support

My name is Stephen Guthrie stationed Cubi Pt runway support Oct 1975 - Jan 1977. Married there, retired 1994, divorced 1995, some of the best times in my life were in Subic.  

Posted 12-30-08
RM2 Lyle Felsch, NAVCOMSTAPHIL - RELAY Center 68-69

Just want to say Hello to anyone who served in Relay Center on NAVCOMSTAPHIL during Viet Nam era. It's been a long time and I have many special memories of BBQs on the Coral Sea beach, the crossroads and trips to Olongapo, Bagio and Manila. Served with some great guys, in the Relay Center, Fleet Center and Svc Center talking to the "Bonnie Dick", Oriskany, Kitty Hawk, Midway and many other ships that have been mothballed. I left in the summer of 70 to the USS OGDEN, LPD 5. Several of my buddies from the PI showed up there also. Ogden was decommissioned in 2007. My friend Vincel, Murphy and I were lucky enough to be able to bring our wives over to th PI and we lived in Olongopo. Murphy and I shared a Duplex on 23rd Place, West Bahoc Bahoc. Mrs Ramondo was our land lady.

Posted 12-30-08
David Standbridge, DP3, Subic Bay and Cubi Point 67-69

I'm looking for FAC PAC Hackers during this time. Frank, Jim, Leon, Steve, Johnny, Cliff

Posted 12-30-08
Ken Hoppens, Cubi Point, 1971 - 1972

I was a plane captain for the US-2C. Hopefully find some old shipmates from VC-5. Hutch, Woody, Rowboat, Randy Fish, Al (Elizondo), Thomas, and my nickname was Hop. Arrived April 14, 1971 and departed in July of 1972. Was transfer to the USS Constellation for remained of my enlistment. Highlights of our stay in Cubi. Remember the Marine and Sailor riot at the EM Club. Al started that one. Remember those 10 drinks at happy hour then go to town and drink some more. We spent most of our liberty in Subic City. I remember they closed Olongapo during a typhoon one weekend. I remember a couple buddies of mine jump on a navel base heading for Bagiuo Communication Station up north. We told the driver to drop us off in Subic City. We had the entire city to ourselves that weekend. Craziest time of my life.

Posted 12-30-08
Jerry Long, Subic Bay, 1957 - 1958

Originally stationed at Cubi in Base Security, then transferred to Subic Bay to work at the radio station. This is quite a site. I loved Olongapo. I worked on the base radio station, KCMB as a disc jocky and newscaster. I also played in a couple bands in town. One place was The Mocambo and can't remember the other....right across the street. One band was called Doc's Combo. I also hung out at Mom's Place, just a couple blocks from the main gate. I have pictures somewhere...... Keep up the good work. Jerry Long Fort Mohave, AZ

Posted 12-30-08
Carl "Bud" Hensley, PHAN-PH1
FicPacFac, NAS Cubi Pt, 1967 -1968
VFP-63, 1968 - 1970
Fleet Air Photo Lab (FAPL), NAS Cubi Pt., 1972 - 1975
VFP-63, 1975 - 1979
USS Enterprise (CVN-65), 1979 - 1980

If you knew me socially (i.e drank or SCUBA dived with me) you knew me as "Bud" Hensley. Otherwise, you probably called me Carl or some form of military address. My first exposure to Subic Bay was in early 1967 when I was sent to Fic-Pac-Fac right out of PH "A" School. Not my first time out of Oklahoma but first time out of the U.S.  Something of an "eye opener".  You old-timers will remember that there was no overnight liberty in Olongapo then and we were carrying liberty cards. If you wanted to stay out overnight in Opo you needed a place to hole up after midnight. This was usually a hotel, because every place off the main drags was off-limits unless you were married and had an off-base residence.  You also had to be able to stay out late enough the next morning that you could convince the Marines you weren't returning from the previous night. For this reason not many of us extended and were glad to see our 18 months come to an end.  As listed above, I transferred to VFP-63 1968. Made a WestPac on the Hancock's "6th last cruise" as the salts were calling it. Seems like we made more liberty calls at Sasebo than Subic on that cruise. Got out after that for a couple of years.  Just about when I mailed my pink reserve ID in I was ready for orders. Fortunately(?) the PH detailer in 1972 was one of my old Master Chiefs from FicPacFac. He recognized my name when I called from the recruiter's office and told me to call him from Treasure Island and he would fix me up. Well, I did and he did. This time when I got off the bus at the Subic NavSta I knew to make myself scarce. Grabbed a cab and went straight to FicPacFac, avoiding a month of MAA watches (I was PH2 by this time). I got there ahead of my clearance so they TADed me across the street to FAPL. That was the beginning of a 3-year tour (extended this time) that was a lot more fun than the first even considering martial law. At least we had overnight liberty and could go just about any place in town. I wound up running FAPL's shooting and aerial photo crews.  Got a lot more active in SCUBA diving, became a SCUBA Instructor and went to work for SEAUS, the off-base civilian dive shop. We conducted classes in the NavSta pool and Grande Island. Even did a little skydiving. Had a good time, got married, then spent the last half of 1975 in and out of hospitals as a result of an automobile/pedestrian collision (I was the pedestrian). Went back to VFP-63 on limited duty, made PH1, then went to the Enterprise in drydock at Bremerton. I did a year there and got out. This is starting to look like a novel, so I better wrap it up. If anyone who knew me at any of these places and times and any of the guys from Gunner Woodard's EOD team see this and want to trade Subic/Cubi stories e.mail me.   "Bud" Hensley, ex-PH1  

Posted 12-30-08
David Battiste, Cubi Point Post Office, or or

Hello everyone, this Is a great site, many thanks for this site. I, was the PC1 at Cubi Point Post Office. I enjoyed my job until I was accused by N.I.S. os stealing my own stereo system. I, need to get In touch with YN1/C Victoria Jones, was with CTF 73 Admin. Married a FilAm by the name of Glenda from Clark A.F.B. Anyone other than Rittle I would love to hear from. My brother worked at AIMD Jet shop along with ADC Conrad Benitez, Shelly, my sister in law, worked at Cubi Point Classified files. She was a YNC.

Anyone knew ADC Conrado Benitez, A.I.M.D. Jet Shop Cubi Point 1983-1988, AECS  John Cunningham N.A.S. Cubi Point, YN1 Victoria Jones CTF 73, Please pass my message on if by any chance you might know these persons. Now I am employeed at the Plaquemine Post Office as a Supervisor of mail delivery. Please cale or email me 225.687.6821

Posted 12-30-08
Ken Hoppens, ABH2, 1971 - 1972, 1972 - 1974

Looking for any shipmates from VC-5 during April 1971-July 1972. Would love to hash over those crazy times there. I was known as “HOP”. I was a plane captain for the US2C. Would love to hear from anyone from V-3 division on the USS Constellation between August 1972-September 1974. Still communicate with one buddy who lives near me in So Cal. His nickname was “AL”. We still get together from time to time but would still like to find some old buddies.

Posted 12-30-08
CWO Dick Goldsberry USN Ret

Would like to locate LCDR Jean Hoag. She was attached to Subic in an administrative capacity. I worked for her on Grande Island during the Vietnamese Evacuation. Any info would be appreciated.

Posted 12-30-08
Dave Sutherland, Signalman (Royal Australian Navy)

My first foreign port of call - April 1968 and "home port" while doing a Vietnam Deployment onboard a DDG - HMAS HOBART (D-39).  Did 6 weeks alongside (June and July 1968) getting repaired after a friendly fire incident.  A wild time had on base and in the Po. Recall a joint ships party with the boys off USS COLLETT (D-730) on Grande Island. Also had a visit to NAVCOMSTA San Miguel - playing softball and supping on San Mig. A port visit in 1972 onboard HMAS MELBOURNE (CVS-21) let me enjoy the delights of NAS Cubi Point EM's Club. And my last foreign port of call onboard HMAS STALWART (AD-215) in 1985. A very quiet place compared to the activity in 1968.  The Po even had sealed roads and neon lights !.  But whatever year, one could always smell the place well out to sea.   Great site - keep up the good work.

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