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Posted 6-27-98
Dave Rice, USNAS Navy #520 (Cubi Pt)  1957-1959

Please excuse an ex-Navy pogue for intruding into your space but I was stationed at Cubi Pt. 1957-1959 and have been looking for a site like yours for a long time now. Sure good to see whats happened since I was there. I've bookmarked your page and intend to visit often as you've got some of the best I've found so far. Thanks Again for the site.
P.S spent five days in the Subic Brig in 1959 and the pictures you have brought back  some good memories of one of the Marine Guards there who befriended me and showed me how to keep my nose clean while there.

Posted 6-27-98
Steve Harvey (Steb), AMS-2, VP-60.

Can a Cubi (reserve) sailor get in here? Does anyone remember VP Alley? Gun shots in the middle of the night? Monkey's running out onto the golf course and stealing your ball? Monkey's in the dumpster? High speed rides? The exchange rate? Mummbels? Starch in your underwear? Something on a stick? Red Horse? Fried chicken feet? All night on the flight line? etc.

Posted 7-18-98
R. Hadley, USN - 1964/67

Would be interested in hearing from anyone based at Cubi Point Naval Air Station in the mid 60's. I was attached with Naval Squadron VU-5A which was later changed to VC-5A, home based at Cubi Point with detachments in Naha, Okinawa and Atsugi, Japan.
Just happened to stumble across your Homepage and find it brings back many memories. Have lots of pictures to share. Thanks for the info. and it's amazing how many people in the world are familiar with or know about Olongapo!!

Posted 8-3-98
Tracy Lawson, VC-5 from 84 to 87.

My name is AD1 Tracy Lawson.  I was stationed in VC-5 from 84 to 87.  I would like to here from anyone that was stationed there about that time to talk about old times.

Posted 8-8-98
Kevin Mook, (NTCC) Subic and Cubi Point, 87 to 90

My hat is off to you both! I am RM1 Kevin Mook, USN and was stationed at Naval Telecommunications Center (NTCC) Subic and Cubi pt from Aug 1987 - Aug 1990. I am very very impressed with your vision of the website.  I agree that the place needs to live on with our memories.  I am still active Navy and serving on the USS CURTS (FFG 38) stationed in San Diego.  I really don't think that I am going to make it back there with only 4 years left. Seeing the pictures of then and now brought back alot of memories.

Thanks!! Keep up the great work!

Posted 8-13-98
HMCM(SW) Bob Cornish, USN (RET)

Numerous port calls to Subic while stationed in USS DUBUQUE LPD-8, stationed at Cubi Point from 79 to 81.  Enjoyed your page, it brings back many a fond memory of a place I hold near and dear to my heart.  Unfortunately the servicemen today will never experience the things we did in any port; political correctness and feminism have stripped the military of the warrior (work hard - play hard) mentality.  I still visit Subic in my dreams regularly and hope I have the opportunity to return for a short visit. Bob

Posted 8-27-98
YN1 Bob Sheppard, USN, Active Duty
VC-5 (Cubi Pt) '84-85, USS MIDWAY (CV 41) '80-84

Its great to see web sites like this.  I'm currently with ACU-5 Det Westpac Alfa on board USS GERMANTOWN (LSD 42) (the LCAC Navy) and was fortunate enough to visit Subic Bay in '96.  It pretty much looks the same but doesn't feel like the base we knew.  There were only A COUPLE of bars in Olongapo which totally blew me away.  Never thought in my life that I would see that.  Bario was the only happening place.  Depending on the P.I. Govt, I might be able to visit Subic Bay one more time by ship!  I definitely
left my heart in the Subic Bay we all knew.

Posted 9-11-98
Ronald Krupa, EN2, Service Craft YO's, 81-84, US Naval Station

    First I would like to thank the Marine(s) who put this page together, a job well done. My service at Subic and the people I served with ( Navy, Marines, CB's et'al) will never be forgotten. Thanks to all. Anyone who was stationed on the YO's, E-mail me at the above address or anyone who wants to drop a line

Posted 9-30-98
David A. Schultz, CTM1, U.S.N., Nov. 1980 to Nov. 1983 (updated 8-23-04)

Stationed at the Naval Security Group Detachment (NSGD) Subic Bay. I would like to hear from any CTs who were stationed at NSGD Subic between 1980 and 1983.

Posted 10-1-98
Tim McGee, Ferndale, Michigan

I was a Corpsman stationed at Subic Naval Hospital from 1971-1972. I am proud to have served my Country and enjoyed working with many fine and dedicated Corpsmen, Nurses and Doctors. My only regret is that I've only heard from one of them in all these years. If any of them read this, please e-mail me. It would be great to hear from You.

Posted 10-4-98
Bob Velotta, US Navy, 57-59

My name is Bob Velotta. I was at Subic Bay from 57 to 59. I was a AM3 in tha the Navy. I am trying to locate a Marine named John Vain from Baltimore, Md.. Thank You!

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