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Posted 1-6-03
Bill Hazel CTR2/CTR1/CTRC/CWO2 (Retired)
NAVCOMSTA PHIL, NSGD Subic,NSGA Clark AB, USS Princeton (CG 59)

Spent the majority of my adult life in the Philippines. Graduated from the University of the Philippines and married while at Clark Air Base. Wonderful place. Good luck to all who see this entry.

Posted 1-6-03
Jeffery T. Denton, YNC (Ret)
VRC-50 (76-80), CTF-73 (80-84), TPU Subic Bay (85-89)

My second home - 12 years in the Philippines.  Drove to the top of the island (Cagayan Valley) in my yellow Volkswagen Thing and sailed on an overcrowded commercial ship to Negros Occidental.  Lived off base all 12 years and managed to avoid most of the Merchandise Control and Legal Hold pitfalls.  I say most, but not all.  Who knew that buying too many apples, Fundador brandy or Jergens lotion was a crime?  How could one explain to their young Filipina bride that she should not buy her mother a simple radio in the exchange?  Getting caught off base during the fall of Marcos, the gate closure, meeting an LCM at White Rock Beach (to get back on base - not my first choice) and dodging slingshot fire back to the base.  Not getting the clap (tuluk).  I still plan to retire there once my youngest of eight children are grown and on their own (balik bayan forever).  Anyone who wants to drop me a line.........feel free.

Posted 1-7-03
Thomas Bowie, BM3, Boat Pool, 1952 - 1954

Over the past few years I have read all of the emails regarding Subic Bay on this website and I must say all of what I read I believe is true, but, for all of the Ship and TAD personal who visited Subic off and on; on a part time basis you really never knew what it was like until you were stationed there. I had almost 30 continues months of the best times of my life. The part timers enjoyed it but I had the opportunity to enjoy it many times more.   Keep up this great website as we all appreciate it.

Posted 1-10-04
Dottie Sterbenz, 1964 - 1966 (?) or

Does anyone out there know the whereabouts of Airman Robert K Mortenson? He was stationed at NAS Cubi Point 1964-1966, approxamately. He also DJ'd the Subic Radio Station on Lower Base. He worked in maintainence, I think, maybe fueling. It is really important I locate him. Anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Dottie Sterbenz.

Posted 1-11-04
John E. McCormack, Jr.  AE-2, 1969 - 1970 & 1970 - 1971
VF-211 (USS Hancock CVA-19), Shore Detachment (Check Crew, F-8 Crusader, CAG-21) or

I was at Cubi Point for two cruises, 1969-1970 & 1970-1971 on the VF-211 Shore Detachment.  I left Cubi in February, 1971 as an Aviation Electrician's Mate Second Class.  Loved Olongapo, the people and just about everything there. I am interested in hearing from anyone in VF-211 or civilians I knew on or off base during those time periods. When not in the PI we were at NAS Miramar, San Diego, CA.  After my Navy enlistment expired, I entered the CT Army National Guard & retired as a First Sergeant (E-8) having served the Guard in Armor, Infantry, Field Artillery, Forward Observer (FIST) and Medical Companies.  I have also retired from the local phone company (SNET).   Hope to hear from you.

Posted 1-26-04
Paul Bohling, Naval Hospital, May 83 - Dec 84

The woman I married worked as a waitress in Rufadora's and I became a regular there.  A Marine and I struck up a friendship and, as often happens, I swore that I would name my first-born after him.  His name is KC (last name unknown) and my daughter was named Kimberly Crystal after him.  We still call her KC to this day.  A few years after leaving the Philippines, I returned to find that KC had left the Marines, gone home and acquired a bank roll, then went back to the Philippines to open "Garfields" in Barrio Baretto.  If anyone knows KC's whereabouts or any information about him, I'd appreciated it.

Posted 1-28-04
Philip Hughes, HM1(FMF/SW), Cubi Pt Hospital, 1983 - 1985

Looking to "hear" from those wild and crazy corpsmen that "took over" Solid Gold and played softball for VIA's. I've contacted the RAO office in 'Gapo, they tell me that the area has cleaned-up well and is now a major tourist/business area. Glad to hear that the stomping grounds are still alive and kicking (although, I think it doesn't kick as much as it used to!!!)..If only we had the exchange rate then as it is now!..the mind staggers at the idea.

Posted 1-30-04
Harry V. Evans CTA1 (RET) ARFCOS Station, Cubi Point 1982 - 1985
DCS Clark AB, 1990 - 1991, DCS Cubi Point, 1991 - 1992

I love the PI.  Anybody that knows me, drop me a line.  I had a house fire a few years ago and lost my address book.  Its about 10 degrees here in St. Louis and all I can do is look out the window and think of beaches and palm trees.  Anybody remember the old "Island Bar" in the Barrio? 

Posted 2-12-04
David Etheredge, 1984 and 1985

I would dearly love (though I know it would be painful) to see Olangapo again. I briefly "owned" a bar there, had to give it to Mayor Gordon's brother when I screwed up and took 3 of my girls out to barrio barreta. I was on DD992 there for 64 days in 1984 for 45 days in 1985 - brownouts, etc. I was in Manila when Aquino was assasinated as he got off the plane. Stayed at the "Blue Marlin" where a "sparrow team" killed 2 guys later on. I'm open to anyone who wants to write me, I was disabled in Somalia, so I got lots of free time. I need a PI girl who wants to come live quietly out in the country with me!  To any one who might remember me, David E., known as Dave E-Especially at Cindibar. Girls, anyone recall those days in the mid 80's... How are you now? Remember when I closed the bar and we all went dancing, but I got busted by shore patrol and NIS? Write me on this site and we'll trade addresses, I want to come, but want someone I know to come TO... You know? I love you, no shit - bye!   Dave E.,  USS Fletcher DD992

Posted 2-22-04
George Wood,
HT2, USS LaSalle AGF-3, 1976

This is an outstanding site!!!  I was aboard the USS LaSalle AGF-3 when we pulled into Subic in April of 76 for overhaul.  I left Subic in July 76 for discharge.  I was an E-5 Hull Technicial and since we were being overhauled, there was no duty rotation.  What a wonderful 4 months!!  My most vivid memory of Subic Bay was the time my friend I "checked out" a couple of ladies for the night from the Big E #2 Club.  Don't ask me why (maybe it was all the San Miguels and Gallo Port we were drinking) but at about 2:00 am they kicked us out of their house.  Here we were, out on the streets in an area that was under martial law, we weren't supposed to be on the streets after midnight.  Anyway, we were on Rizal Ave at the other end of Magsaysay Blvd and had to find out way back to the base without being seen.  It took us a couple of hours of sneaking thru back yards and back alleys till we got across the street from the main gate.  Of course, that area was patrolled by the local police, so we had to be very careful.  We were able to get the attention of the gate guard and he waved to us to stay put till the coast was clear.  When it was clear he flagged to us to double time it across the bridge.  We were safe... from the locals anyway!  The jarheads slammed us against the wall, put their knee in the back of our knees and pinned our necks against the wall as we were lectured to never, NEVER let that happen again...and if it did happen again, they would let the locals get us. Needless to say we were very careful from that point on... namely, we never went to a ladies house again.  We always rented a motel room from that point on so we could never be kicked out.  What a fun time we had!!!!

Posted 2-22-04
Dan Sea, 1961
st Comm Group, 1974 – 1976

Motorcycles … all over Luzon. Thousand Islands to Legaspi. You heard my voice at “Wallace, Subic, Cubi ,John Hay, & Clark on 1510 kilocycles AM … Your Armed Forces Radio Outlet in the Philippine Islands.

Posted 6-18-04
Glen Lounsbury HM2, 1981-1984
Naval Hospital Physical Therapy Clinic

I can't believe there isn't anybody posted here that I know.  My time in the PI was the most memorable experience of my life.  Hopefully more will find this wonderful site!  Anybody who remembers my name, please respond.

Posted 6-18-04
Randy Stirm, 1975 - 1979

Hello, I was station at VRC-50 from 1975 to 1979. I am looking for anyone who was there when I was?

Posted 8-2-04
Julius Mesias, HM3/2, Naval Station Branch Clinic, 1987 - 1991

Hello, Shipmates.  Just visiting again and reliving the past.  Let’s see…My first deployment to Subic – Nov 1986. We had just arrived in Okinawa for a routine 6-month UDP at the Rock when my battalion (3/9) got word that we’d be sailing to the PI post haste to augment the Marine forces there because of the many coup de etats that were going on against the fledgling Aquino government at that time. We sailed real quick, alright, straight into a typhoon off Naha.  Our ship, the USS Dubuque (D’ Puke) rock and rolled, the ventilation system failed, and everyone in my berthing area, except me, was sicker than a dog for a couple of sailing days.  I slipped and slid on vomit, going from one bunk to another, making sure my Marines didn’t drown in their own puke.  The weather let up as soon as we sailed into Philippine waters.  Beautiful green islands, deep blue waters, clear skies, and a strain of flu gaining virulence in my system.  As our ship pulled into one of the piers, everyone’s anticipation of things to come (mostly about libo ops) increased ten-fold, everyone, except me.  I was sicker than a dead dog.  I spent my first week in paradise laid up in my rack at Upper Mau Camp Tamez with about of killer flu while everyone else was getting familiarized with the environment, the beer and the local ladies.  When I finally got well enough, HN Ted Griego, volunteered to show me the town that night.  As we were standing in line on the way out of the main gate, Griegoexclaimed in his usual loud-mouthed and poorly-thought way, “It won’t be long now.  We’ll just have to go through this stupid inspection so these jar-heads can feel good about themselves.”  Well, what do you know?!!!  The Corporal of the Guard turned to us, motioned us inside his duty hut, and proceeded to give Griego the most thorough inspection he’d ever had in his life.  After about 10 minutes, I decided I could do a tour of Subic nightlife by myself, so I told the corporal, “Hey, Sergeant.  You can have that squid (meaning Griego) for the rest of the night.”  The corporal very graciously released me out of his shack….onto the bridge over Shit River….and into paradise.

Posted 8-2-04
Raul Hidalgo BT3, USS Constellation CV 64, 1975 - 1979

Made two West Pac 77 & 78 To P.I. Hung out at Pal's Inn in Olongapo. A great place for BT's and MM to hang out. Would like to hear from any one who use to drink there.

Posted 8-2-04
Wayne Goodwin, Service Craft, 1963 - 1964

I would like to here from anyone that was there in Subic in 63 or 64 in service craft on the yog-61.

Posted 8-2-04
Philip Hughes, HM1(FMF/SW) USN,Ret., Naval Hospital 1983 - 1985

I'm going to try to make it to the 2005 reunion. I'm Bringing my wife to show her the old stomping grounds. It may give her some idea as to why I'm so "crazy". Anyone else planning the trip in '05?

Posted 8-2-04
Peter Schwab, Former A02, 1961 - 1971

I served on the Hancock (CVA-19 VA-212) late 64-early 66 and swapped decks to VA-164 (Oriskany) we did not complete that cruise - The fire in Oct 1966. I have made Med cruises and the two wes Pac Cruises PO town was the BEST Liberity in THE WORLD. Nothing even came close. Maybe the mexican border towns, but they were'nt as cheap (wine/women/song/dane/food) and it was still hard to spend 25 bucks. I tell young sailors about PO town and they don't believe me. I belong to the AO Assoc and the Hancock Assoc (Great ship) best of the four I served on. But of course in the mid 60's I was young/crazy/single - probably would not offer the same things now.

Posted 8-29-04
Will F Hux, P.E. (Former Gy/Sgt  USMC)
Stroud Diving & Hydrography div of Marine Engineering Systems Co, Inc
5030 Old Kings Road NW
Jacksonville, FL 32254-1184
904-355-1777 ph
904-353-5500 Fax

Hi I'm a former Marine Gunny and currently own an engineering and Commercial Diving company which is teaching Filipinos Commercial Diver Training in support of the oil and natural gas exploration there.   The Subic area is where many projects launch and return for maintenance. I thought that any former Subic service people might want to know that there is a lot of new activity there. If anyone would be interested in working in the region again and has any skills in these areas of diving, engineering, marine construction or oil field, please contact us.   In addition to a good career over there, you'll have some new memories.  Ang asawa ko and I have a new home in Illocos Sur (just to the North).  We are partnered with Magsaysay Marine Corp which is a tremendously talented group of professionals.

Posted 8-29-04
RMCM(SW/PJ) Robert "Bob" Ritter (Retired)
USS Davidson (DE-1045) 1973 - 1975
(RMSA/RMSN) NTCC Cubi, 1975 - 1977
(RM3/RM2) USNS Hassaympa (T-AO 145) (RM1) 1981 - 1982

Has it really been over 20 Years? First pulling into Subic in 74 on the USS Davidson with my brother, BTFN Bill Ritter. He loved Subic so much he went UA until the XO called me into his stateroom and told me to inform my brother that his fun was over and the ship was leaving the next day, so I did. Bill got CO's mast and restriction out of it (like he cared). Got back to Pearl and ommediately called my detailor. That's when it really began, orders to Cubi!!!! The things I remember the most besides Scuba Diving, motorcycle riding (oh what they would do for a ride), meeting Marcos and all the partying... was the people. Bruce "Marty" Martin, his wife Nanette and her sister Josie (oh the parties), meeting the cast of "APOCOLYPSE NOW" when they were filming the movie, Rodger Ritten, Duane Morey and his wife Mirna, Ben Burlson, John Rodgers and Josie, Bill Blomdall and the night we snuck a girl on base in the trunk of his car, and thrying to figure out how to get her back off the base the next morning! Bill Stoddard (thanks for saving my career Bill), my Dive instructor and good friend Jim Whalen. and everyone else, to many to mention in the letter. You were the best friends a person could ever ask for and I really really miss the good times. If any of you are reading this, I would love to hear from you. Retired and living in Pensacola, FL. Yes, I did 28 Years!!! Would love to go back to Subic for a visit but I know it would just hurt. I was saddened to read about OSCM Kennety Asay who passed away several years ago while retired in Subic. He was my AOIC on the Hassatampa, agood leader and a friend who knew how to have fun.

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