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Posted 12-30-07
William J. Abair Jr. MM3 USS Enterprise 87'-90'

Great site!!! Happened upon it while trying to find out more about NAVMAG Subic Bay. I recieved a penguin (Zippo) lighter from a friend with the NAVMAG emblem and was curious. Spent some good times in Subic & Cubi. Enjoyed reading some of the stories after hours of browsing through the site. I to enjoyed a trip down memory lane. If you or someone else could give me some info I would appreciate it. Thanks & keep up the good work.

Posted 12-30-07
Felix Payne, FC1(SW) USN Ret., 80's

I was one of the people that helped put in the sound system in T's. I was stationed aboard the USS Sterett CG 31 at the time. I remember the Grand Opening very well or parts of it anyway. Many a fond memory of the Subic of the 80s are in mind.

Posted 12-30-07
Tom Hatterick, 1970 - 1972

My name is Tom Hatterick. I was a CTO3 stationed in Subic Bay from 1970 - 72. I'm still looking for some of the old gang that I lived, partied and hung out with at the l - Club. It was such a good time and I would like to reconnect with you guys and kind of talk about some of those memories. Those that we can remember anyway.

Posted 12-30-07
Paul Pousson

Looking for Danny Finklea. SeeBee at Subic in 1976 stationed to the base. He was from New Jersey. Roomed with another CB named Kurt. Thank You.

Posted 12-30-07
SN3 David Dickinson,
USS Henry B. Wilson, 1969 - 1971
USS Admiral Lockwood, (plank owner) 1971 - 1972

Thanks for creating the Subic Bay website.  Definately a blast from the past for this low-life deck puke.  In and out of Subic betwen 1969-1972.

Posted 12-30-07
Dennis Peters (sister of)

My name is Margaret. I am not a veteran but my brother is. He served in the US Navy during the Viet Nam War. His name is Dennis Peters. I believe he was on the USS Kitty Hawk. He talked of being in Olongopole (SP?) City and Subic Bay. He had a child there with a Filipino woman. He wanted to bring them to the US but it never worked and he had to leave without them. He lost contact with them about 4 years after coming home. Does anyone know of any way to find someone from back then? I know he would love to know whatever happened to his daughter. My brother is very difficult to deal with. He came back from Viet Nam so different and has never really recovered. He always talks about nobody understanding what he went through. While this is true, there is nothing we can do about that. I was a child when he was gone and just remember nobody talking about it. He still carries a gun with him. Also, I hate to say this, but when he talks about some of the things he did, I sometimes don’t believe him. I feel terrible about this, but I just don’t. I have a hard time relating to him because he seems so wounded. I listen all the time and he says I am his favorite sister because I don’t judge him.

Posted 12-30-07
Elmer Lee (Buddy), BU1  RNMCB2, Jan 1990 - Dec 1990

Met my wife Lita there and have been married ever since.  She worked at TGIF Photo Shop on Magsaysay. We have been back around  8 times and enjoyed it greatly.  We will be retiring there soon. Have watched Olongapo change from one kind of great city to a different great city. We will be going home next year and will stay at Kongs Hotel because the rooms are reasonable. We're looking for an old friend of hers named Ceferina Weaver.  She was Married to a PO2 sailor in the communications department in the late 1989 and 1991, that we know of. If anyone knows her or their whereabouts we would really appreciate any info on them.  Olongapo is still a great place to visit and live.

Posted 12-30-07
Robert Blue

Remember YNC Taylor at the COMUSNAVPHIL Marriage Office and how he seemed to make it a mission to prevent us from marrying our Filipna wives? He was there in the 1980's and I think part of the 1970's. Anyway, I work with the retired Marine who says he helped send him to the brig. He was booted out of the Navy without a retirement too according to my friend. If you supected he was corrupt, (or experienced his corruption), it seems he did get away with a lot. By the way, almost all of my friends who married in the Philippines stayed married. Conversely, most of my friends who married American women are on their second and third marriages. I am not knocking American women, but the attitude toward marriage is different in America. When problems occur, many Americans tend to want to bail out. Most Filipinas believe marriage is for life and do their best work through any problems. That helps immensely.

Posted 12-30-07
Michele Carrington, Subic Bay 1972 - 73

I was on the USS Constellation attatched to VF-96 Fighter Squadron. We were in and out of Subic Bay the whole west pac cruise. I loved it there. I keep trying to reach old friends from my squadron and some old friends from the PI for over 30 years now. This is a great message board and I hope I can find some friends here.   Thank You Lennie Siangco, Maui, Hawaii

Posted 12-30-07
Richard L Beasley, USN, 1950 to 1955

I was stationed at Subic Bay  for 3 years . Arrived in Feb 1951 about one year before the air base was started. What great and "sad memories such as going on patrols looking for Huks" which I will never forget . All of the guys that I worked with there have all passed on but I will never forget them and all of the other people that I made friends with. Just in case that some one from those years reads this message and remembers me or served there during those years drop me a line.

Posted 12-30-07
John Raspe (seashells) Weapons Mechanic
Drafted to the Australian Destroyer “HMAS VENDETTA 08” from 1969 – 1970

My name is John Raspe. I worked on-board the Australian destroyer Vendetta as a Weapons’ Mechanic and was attached to the Vietnam Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club of 69-70 (Oh! And by t' way me nick name be Seashells because me buckos named me that). Subic Bay was our home port at the time and the few time we were there, I did Shore Patrol with American Service personnel (Navy and Marines) a couple of time. I know it’s been about 38 years ago or so but some of us Viet vets may have done SP or MP work while you visited Subic Bay…Did YOU ever do Shore Patrol or Military Police work in Subic during your years in the Navy? I just had the bad luck to get the Shore Patrol duty outside of the Subic Bay Naval Base, not once but twice and some other duties. You did not volunteer for this it was part of the ships daily rosters of who went ashore for R-n-R and who didn’t (sailors would know how this works. If so I would like to communicate with you at the above email address…or you may know of someone that did, please give them my email address so as they may contact me privately.

Posted 12-30-07
Stafford Norris, 1983 - 1984

Hello Folks, I was deployed to Subic Sept 1983 - April 1984 ,  with NMCB 40 DET SUBIC. It was an excellent time in my life, with the best bros. If there is anybody that knows me can drop me an email..Stafford Norris..aka Hoss. NMCB 40 Det Subic 2nd Platoon 3rd Squad--Subic City Commandos !   Great Site keep up the work.  

Posted 12-30-07
ABF2 Robert Allen, Armed Forces Police, 1979 - 1981

Hello, my name is Robert Allen, once again I am posting to locate personnel who were formerly assigned to the ARMED FORCES POLICE / 7th FLT SHORE PATROL in Subic Bay for the purpose of a reunion. I am in contact with the following personnel currently: Fred Ferro, Jim Beidier and Dusty Rhoades. I previously made contact with about 17 other former AFP’s but lost the info to a computer virus. It does not matter what time frame or branch of service you were, any and all former AFP’s are invited to make contact with me. Some names of personnel that I remember are: John Snedden, Mike Seneca, Dennis Beaupre, Tim Seidenberg, Guy Harrison, Paul Bender, Bruce Huddler, Robert Bennet, Danny Macabitas, Jun Eblamo, Greg Washington, Sydney Johnson and Jon Allen. If any of you know these individuals and have contact, please ask them to contact me. I know there are more of you out there but it has been 26 years and I can not remember all the names.

Posted 12-30-07
Jack Fischer, 1945 - 1946

I was stationed at the Naval Supply Depot at Subic Bay in 1945-6.  Anyone have an idea where on your maps that this was located back then?

Posted 12-30-07
Brian D. Files

I am looking for any sailors that were on the U.S. S. Forrestal during the years of 74 and 76. My husband was on the ship at that time. He was only 18 then. I am in need of some information that may help his only son and three daughter's and his seven grand children. His name if you remember him is Brian D. Files. He retired a Chief in 1994 and Passed away in May of 2001. If anyone can help his family please email me. God Bless to all past and present in the armed forces. Thank you Laurel Files.

Posted 12-30-07
Richard Mckelvey, DC2, 66 - 70

I first went to Subic in January of 1967 as a 18 year old Fireman Apprentice aboard the USS Princeton LPH5. Man what a place. I remember going into town but never in all the times I came back do I remember how I got back to the ship. I wish I could write a book about all the things we did while in Subic from riding go carts on base when we were so drunk we should of been arrested to throwing 50 Centovo coins to the girls in the boats under the bridge into town. That cruise in 67 on the Princeton wasn't that much fun and we lost alot of Marines in Nam off the Princeton. So getting back to Subic was always a welcomed relief. The last time I went to Subic I remember coming into the harbor on the Uss Cree ATF 84 and seeing what was left of the USS Evans after the Collision with the Aussie carrier. I was a DC2 by that time and had done a tour on a PBR base in Nam before going on the Cree. It was just as much fun that time as the first time I went there almost 4 years earlier. Most of all I remember the girls, they were alot of fun and even now if i see a Fillipino girl I have to talk to her just to remember all the good times and friends I had while in Subic bay. Please visit my website and sign the guest book.

Posted 12-30-07
Hunter, Don,

Staioned with VMFA 232 Red Devils in Iwakuni Japan in 1975-1976. We hoped around to Kadena Air Force Base and to Cubi Point in the PI. We Always had Fun in the PI.

Posted 12-30-07
Larry Hayward, MM3, 1973 - 1976
Armed Forces Police, MAA, Personal Services Director and Riding Stable Manager

Prior to being stationed at Subic, I was aboard the USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5). So I guess you could say that I was lucky enough to be around the Subic Bay area for 5 years. I had some great times.

Posted 12-30-07
Craig Sonntag, 1972 - 1973

My name is Craig Sonntag, AZ3…..USN. I was with HM-12 Helicopter Mine Counter Measues Squadron back in 1972 and 1973 at Cubi Point.  I worked in Maintenance Control.  We were part of Operation Mine Sweep to clear the mines out of Haiphong Harbor.  A lot of great times partying in Olongapo.  I'm sure everybody remembers the Big Fight at the "Sky Club".  So if any HUM-12 Folks are out there it would be nice to hear from you.

Posted 12-30-07

Seeking any info about Subic Bay dealing with the Navy; stories, daily routine, ship info, etc. from 1943-1946 only, when my grandfather was aboard the Minesweeper USS Astute AM 148, which was stationed there. Also seeking info on crew reunions for the Astute or list of living members. Thank you, excellent site.

Posted 12-30-07
Donald Johnson, 1980 - 1985

Hi shipmates....YN1(ret) Donald Johnson....VC-5 checkertails from 80 to hear from anyone from that time period. Thanks for a great website....brings back alot of memories reading all the message from other shipmates and all the great times i had there.

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