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Posted 3-27-09
Steve Shauf, CTO3 COMUSNAVPHIL, 1972 - 1973

I was stationed at Subic Bay from February of 72 until August of 73. I had lots of great times during my 17 months there. I'd love to hear from any of my old friends who were working at comnavphil during that time.

Posted 3-27-09
Gary Myers, 1970's, 1980's and 1990's

My name is Gary Myers. I worked for MSC back in the 70's,80's and 90"s. I became good friends one of the pilots there, Capt Ellard, a retired senior chief quartermaster. Through Capt Ellard, I had the good fortune to meet the base commander at the time, Captain O' Shea, who was a member of the local poker playing fraternity on the base. I never met a more down to earth, gracious man than Capt Shea who was a true mustang and  former sub skipper. I wonder if you could provide a current update for me on Capt O' Shea? If Capt O'Shea is living, please provide his E Mail address for I would be grateful for the opportunity to contact him.

Posted 3-27-09
Frank Gardiner, 1962 - 1963

I served in the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm  805 Squadron which was stationed at Cubi Point for a short period in 1962-63(?) . One of the groups we really related to was a Marine Air Wing which went on to their home base in Japan and we were fortunate to visit them there as well. I have been back to Subic Bay and to Cubi Point  regularly since then and still enjoy the area with all its memories.

Posted 3-27-09
Bob Ranes, PN3, Base Personnel and Education Office, Apr 1955 - June 1957

I also was in a country band called "The Sangley Wranglers".  I remember J. O. Ward, John Wesley (Criss) Cross, Neil Brooks, and others that I can still see their faces but names now escape me.  I would like to hear from anyone that knew me.

Posted 3-27-09
Michael Beard or

I am looking for a Greg Welch that lived in Subic City 10 years ago.  If anyone knows him please have him contact me.

Posted 3-27-09
Smith, James E CIV, 1968 - 1969, 1970 - 1971

Was at TGU Subic '68-'69….anybody remember Minda or Nenita from the Fuji Club which was located close to the 2nd traffic circle? Also, anyone still around from SRF Subic Crypto/ULM-4 test site (Grande Island) '70-'71

Posted 6-7-09
Don L. McCurley, Nav Sta Subic, 1972 - 1975

After reading all of the messages from sailors and marines, I decided to return to Subic in December of 2008, having left active duty thee in September 1975. What an experience! It is well worth the time and effort and really nice to get back to the area. Stayed in Barrio Barretto at the Arizona Hotel, Took a taxi from Manila to Subic. A good, inexpensive place in Manila is the Swagman Hotel as they have a complimentary airport pick up. The hotel is definitely not a 4 star, but it is adequate and has good food and most important, good cold San Miguel. They do have a shuttle to Angeles City and you can stay at Swagmans there as well then take a shuttle to Subic.   Barrio Barretto is fun and much like Olongapo of the "old days". I am happy to discuss with anyone details about revisiting the area...but I highly recommend it. Thanks for your website as it reunited me with my old friend and diving buddy, "Bud" Hensley who posted a message in December 2008. Salamat!

Posted 6-7-09

This is to reply to the posted message of Tim Smith - SN/PO3 NAVCOMSTAPHIL, 66 - 68

Mr. Smith, You posted a message nine years ago, looking for Subic Bay News' Teddy Del Rosario.  He is my uncle.  Please email me so I can give you his contact details.  He is doing well in Quezon City, Philippines.  Hope to hear from you.

Posted 6-7-09
Glen Haendel, HM 3, Dec 1975 - Feb 1978

I was stationed in Subic Bay at the U.S. Naval Hospital from Dec 1975 to Feb 1978 as a HM 3.  I worked in the Emergency Room and was the senior corpsman.  I also did medivac flights.  I had a great time working there with some great memories.  Just looking for anyone that served there in the same time frame.  Officer or Enlisted.

Posted 6-7-09
Dave Bender, SH2, 1972 - 1975
Armed Forces Police Subic Bay

I found this website when looking for a way to contact others that were on AFP from 1972-1976. Much to my surprise there was a 2006 posting from OS2 Jerry Johnson trying to do the same. Jerry says that he has contact with Top Garrison but was looking for some others and, low and behold, my name was there.   For those AFPs trying to remember back 33 to 37 years ago, I was an off base patrol supervisor and my unit was "Echo". Manaligod (Manny) was our PC assigned to AFP and he rode in my unit each night. OS2 Tom Mishenko was the on base patrol supervisor, as I recall, and John Flaherty was a Desk Sergeant, as well as, patrolled in town.   Seeing Jerry's post brought back a flood of memories of the best tour of duty known to man. What a blast from the past. How many of you remember the 10-20 drills we did in town during curfew run? How about coming 10-19 to 10-14 Whiskey? How many remember John Flaherty, one night when he was city-wide in town, calling in an 11-99 at the Harlem Club in the jungle. Manaligod and I were backup and we dispatched all town and base units to respond. What a night!!!! There are so many memories.   I have contact info on Mike Cuff, Gary Gillam, Ernie Perkins and Jim Shatokin. In fact, Jim is living in Saan Diego where I am and we have been trying to locate 1972-1976 era AFPs so we could have a reunion. So Tom Mishenko, Paul Gross, Mel Davidson or anyone of our gang that sees this post please get in touch with me. Here's hoping all of us are still 10-8.

Posted 6-7-09
Michael J. Keene, ABE-1 (AW) , RET / USN, 1975 - 1980

I was station at VRC-50.And at Runway support from 75-80. I retired in 93 on The Big "E".Great work on the site! Thank again!

Posted 6-7-09
Bob Harris CAPT CEC USN(R)

To All -   Looking for folks that may have been on the USS Peleliu (June 1991) with all of the 7-9 month pregnant women Mt Pinatubo evacuees for a possible story on the Pinatubo babies that should be graduating from High School this year (my daughter was born shortly thereafter).   If you participated or know of any contacts that did we would appreciate that info.   Thanks!

Posted 6-7-09
Richard L. Beasley, 1951 - 1953

R L Beasley USN etsn . I landed in Subic right out of boot camp in Jan 1951 and was blessed to stay until Mar 1953. I had no idea were it was and what it was . But with only about 350 white hats on board I soon found out that I was in "heaven". That is until the Seabee's arrived to make an airport . I never did see it completed. Well if any of my old shipmates see this and are still on this good old earth maybe they will say hi  !!

Posted 6-7-09
Tom Jourdan, SeeBee's, 1947

Looking for links, to fellow Seabees stationed at Subic Bay in 1947.

Posted 12-12-09
Steve Shauf, CTOSN, COMUSNAVPHIL, Subic Bay

My post in December of 2008 had a different email address from what it is now. Any old friends or anyone wishing to reply to my post please send emails to . Really a great sight. Thanks.

Posted 12-12-09
Rocky Baptiste, 1951 - 1952

I was on Subic Bay 1951 to1952 in a cargo handling batalin called CHB 4 detachment abel. I was a SEABEE Diver 3ard class. We off loaded ships including the USS Mark looking for someone who was there at that time. Thank you for the webpage, it's great.

Posted 12-12-09
Tim Simmons USN RET, USS Kitty Hawk

Great site brings back memories. I was station on board the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 during the time of OCT 1978 to OCT 1981. I was in out of Subic many times. I am trying to locate any one that work in AIMD Im-2 division  Hyd, A/F or P/P shop. Or anyone that may have worked with me on the ship. Thanks an keep up the good work

Posted 12-12-09
Ken Bonsack, 1956 - 1958

I was stationed at the Naval Supply Depot at Subic Bay from December 1956 to August 1958!  I have to say that it was the greatest time of my life!  I was 18 years old, yes - I fell in love.  Her name was(is) Marciana Carag Millillin.  She was the Executive Secretary to the Supply Commander of the base.  We lived the life of the film "Sayonara", if any of you have ever seen it. I have never (NEVER) forgotten my tenure in the P.I., of of course Marci....I would trade years (yes, I said years) of my life to go back and repeat my twenty months their!  I have never expereinced anytime before or since to match my life in the P.I.  I was very dubious about being stationed there at first - but that sure didn't last long!  Oh, to be able to repeat one's life (especially the good parts). I strill get butterflies in my stomach when I think back to my "Subic Days".  I wasn't the typical sailor - I didn't just be there to get smashed on good ole San Miguel - I really enjoyed the places and the people!  God was sure on my side when I drew Subic as a duty station!  I'm sure everything has changed since my time there - but that's OK, I still have my memories........I wonder what she's doing today????

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