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Posted 11-26-06
David W. White CTR2 (TINY), USS Oxford (AGTR-1), 1968 - till decom 1969

I am David W. White CTR2 (TINY) stationed aboard USS Oxford (AGTR-1) from June 1968 until she was decommissioned in Japan in October or November of 1969. All West Pac sailors will be answered.

Posted 11-26-06
Postal Clerk, J Rosa
Terminal Naval Post Office, 1973 - 1975

Great Site! Originally off the USS Prairie AD 15 headed towards Japan, 1973. The ship encountered problems and headed for the P.I. On route, ships Capt, received message that Terminal Post office on the base needed some deck hands, guess who got lucky out of about 1000 men? any way, I lived on the the Island 2 years or so and made a bum out of myself. shacked up with a girl I meet in Olongapo by the name of Fanny Oro! she was a very attractive P.I. woman. For those that were there I send my regards. some times I look back and its hard to believe that I was really there. I was in the E.M. Club when the 4 tops were performing and the bottles started to fly. Any body out there remember that? 

Posted 11-26-06
Bill Taylo, 1964

Name is Bill Taylor.  I was an AN working V-1 Division Fly 3 aboard the USS Constellation CVA-64 during WesPac 64.  Subic Bay was our home port what few times we got to port. Before WesPac was over I made AE-3 and went to V-6.  I remember well the cattle trailer rides to the main gate from Cubi Point.  Packed in like animals.  By the time we got thru the main gate we musta smelled like cattle also. The Island Bar was my home in Olongopo when I could get off the ship.  The one Peso San Miguel was great along with the Monkey meat on a stick.  Don't know what that really was but it was good.   Got to go to Grande Island one time for a division party.  Don't remember getting back to the ship that night.  It was hot, humid and the beer was free.  There was 3 or 4 of us that started walking around Grande Island.  All of us tried to walk to the little island off Grande Island.  One bud and I made it.  Wasn't able to walk the entire distance tho had to swim part of it.  Next day found out my tennis shoes were torn up from the coral.   You have a great web site.  I found it by accident and really enjoy it and the pics.

Posted 11-26-06

Looking for Eric Kemp who posted message the below dated 10/05/03.  I know where Leony Arellano is and have her current phone number.   Contact me. Smithdeal San Diego CA  

Posted 11-26-06
Ronald Baluch, 1970 - 1971

My name is Ronald Baluch, and I was stationed at US Naval Hopsital, Subic Bay, PI from January of 70 through August of 71. Back then, I was a DT3, and I was working in the Dental Dept. with Dr. Sugg and Dr. Tooker, and mostly in the OR with Dr. Sugg doing surgeries daily.  I'm looking for anyone who might remember me, or some of the people who were so important to us back then.  If anyone knows anything of any of our crew from there, please contact me.  I'd love to hear from all of you. 

Posted 11-26-06
AC3/2 Phil Johnson, USS New Orleans (LPH-11)
NAS Agana, Guam, C-121J, 1973-1976

Just spoke to a friend I was stationed with on the N.O. whom I had not spoken to for over twenty years, and he gave me the website.  What a memory jogger!  I too was but a young 18 years old the first time I flew into Cubi on the Agana C-121 Super Connie as a crew member, and was to return there many times both on the Connie and later on the ship.  What fond memories; the cold San Miguel, the young nubile girls, and all of the sights and sounds of a truly unbelievable place.  I have told acquaintances about it, but none of them believe that a place could be so decadent.  If any of you out there remember me drop me a line and I gladly correspond in return.

Posted 11-26-06
Kyle L. Marshall, E-5, 12/27/91 - 10/5/92
NAVSTA Admin, Subic Bay, RP

I was fortunate to have had my first duty station be at Subic Bay.  I was there right up to the time that the base closed.  In fact, I was one of the side-boys at the closing ceremony.  At the time, I was a YNSN, working in the Administration Department.  My main duty there was to process command sponsorship packages for those sailors w/ non-US dependents who needed to be sponsored on to their next duty station.  I was 19 years old at the time and had seen on a personal level all of the headache and hastle that these sailors had to go through to get their family sponsored. For the ten months that I was there, I had more than my fair share of fun out in town; although, after a while, hearing the phrase, "Me love you long time," just wasn't doing anything for me.

Posted 11-26-06
AT1 Doug Storie, VP-22 NAS Cubi Pt., Nov 1988 - May 1989

Wow what a website. Brings back plenty of memories from the younger days and WESTPACing it. I was a bit older when I hit NAS Cubi that first time. I was on my second sea tour (if P-3s can be sea duty-YES!) a previous deployment/det to Cubi my 1st tour was ruined thanks to the Iranian conflict in 1979. Changed a bunch of schedules. Anyway thanks to AT1 Louis Wright, IS1 Cliff Delude, and AT1 Steve Johnson of my squadron who watched over me the 1st night out. J Cliff was later my best man when I married my wife. While there I explored all over the place – Balanga, Angeles City, Manila, Corrigador. At Corrigador I was able to visit places where a cousin had been captured by the Japanese during the war. When in Manila I stayed in the same hotel that an uncle of mine, a career army officer, had stayed before the war. From one of my adventures I still have a small scar on my back when I got cut during a robbery in Manila. Who can forget tryke races on the way to the Barrio, or sharing a seat on the Victory Liner with a small hog or fighting rooster? The food, the people, the smells of the market place. When ever I look at a battered jeep I think of the many colorful jeepnies I rode in. Of course I watch the opening scene of “Officer and a Gentleman” just to see familiar sites of Magsaysay and Gordon Avenue Cyndi Bar, T’s Tavern, FTN Bar, and others are all memories now. The family and I hope to return one day and walk to markets and places we did many years ago. Thanks again for the memories.

Posted 11-26-06
ABE1 Joseph Wessling (RET), 1980 – 2005
USS Coral Sea, USS Enterprise, USS Vinson, USS Kitty Hawk, USS Constillation

Kumusta Na all you Station DITO’s out there ! What a great sight and definetly made me homesick for Subic Bay. I am ABE1 Joseph Wessling (RET) was onboard the USS Coral Sea, USS Enterprise, USS Vinson, USS Kitty Hawk, USS Constillation, between 1980 – 2005. Was Stationed in Cubi Point from 1984 – 1987 Runway Support mainstaining the Landbased E-28 Arresting Gear, and on occation trying to maintain myself !!!!!!!! I had the best time, and would like to see if anyone’s out there that was there with me.  I was part of the base React team as well. Drop me a line or two. Would love to hear from old friends and new ones. Currently living in San Diego, CA. but plan on retiring in Cebu City oh maybe in about 6 years from now. Take care all and wish all who proudly served the best and continued fair winds and following seas. Maraming salamt po !  (yeah, I picked up a few words here and there, but that’s another story.

Posted 11-26-06
AE1 Steve Azaroff, USS Enterprise, 1988

I was with the old A-6 Intruder sqaudron VA-95, the Green Lizards !!!   We were from NAS Whidbay Island, and hit the P.I. twice aboard the USS Enterprise in 1988.  Had a blast, of course.  Shore Patrol was the best duty during the cruise, and was an eye opener for a boot Third Class P.O. Remember getting some rooms at the hotel White Rock, partying at Marmont & Garfields !  Almost got a tat, but was not quite druke enough for that bamboo stick.

Posted 11-26-06
Jimmy R. Edwards, 1974 - 1975

Hi , My name is Jimmy Edwards I was on the U.S.S. Samuel Gompers AD-37,  Wespac 1974 and 1975. 30 years ago I had a daughter born in The Philippines and due to me being in the navy I lost contact with her mother. I have not seen my daughter since 1975,I found her with some help from people on the internet,in March the day before her 30th birthday.I am not able financially to go see her,but guess what. A German T.V producer heard of our story and decided to do a documentary on us,they are paying for everything , I left Sept.17th for The Philippines and returned to The U. S. on Oct 1st . Thank God after all these years I got to see my daughter and grandsons . Now I help Amerasians find their fathers in America now. Let me show you the letter I send to people asking for help.

Letter of Introduction
I am Jimmy Edwards the father of an Amerasian in  The Philippines ,I had been searching for my daughter  since 1980,with the help of Amerasianfoundation and Marissa Navidad,she was located on the day before her 30th birthday,Thank God.After me and my daughter started talking, I found out about her siblings and a lot of Amerasians that were looking for their fathers, and in some cases mothers even,so I resolved to try and help them.I found a “Search Angel” that was willing to do the searches,Thank God for her. So with Marissa in The Philippines, our “Search Angel’ and me in the states,&n bsp; we started our little adventure,helping Amerasians .That is my introduction,and I hope we will be able to help you. You know the best thing about it ,THIS IS TOTALLY FREE. No cost to you ever ,if you would like to make a donation to it would be greatly appreciated,however, that is up to you.We will never ask any money for what we are doing,never. So if you want us to help you, or you know someone that needs help to find a lost loved one, please provide what info you have on your relative,  and any other information you have been told that would be a clue in helping us find the person you are looking for. Information needed for a successful search is as follows,

Your name, Date of Birth
Mothers name,Dob
Fathers name,Dob,Hometown and State
Branch of Service
Social Security Number Related Websites ,

Dear Friends, I have just read and signed the online petition:   "Amend PL 97-359" hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at: I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too.  If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself. Best wishes, Jimmy Edwards

Posted 11-26-06
Jerry Johnson, OS-2, 1974 - 1976

Jerry Johnson OS-2 stationed Armed Forces Police Subic Bay 1974-1976. Still keep in close contact with some of the AFP'S. Msgt. James Garrison who was the assistant Armed Forces Police chief  and his wife Elaine visit us as we do them. I remember Sgt. John Flaharty, who I am still actively seeking. George Saari, Dave Bender, Childress, Cuff, Reisland and Bill Carpenter. Great tour of duty and never a dull moment! 

Posted 11-26-06
MN2 John "Pip" Pipkin, MOMAG Unit 9, 1985 - 1986 & 1989 - 1992

Fantastic web site.  Always a pleasure to be in the company of PI Sailors.  Take care. Pip//

Posted 11-26-06
PHCS Jerry McLain

I was stationed at Fleet Air Photo Lab, Cubi Point from 1981-1985, while I was there the name changed into Pacific Fleet Audio Visual Center.  I met my ex-wife there.  She has all my negatives and slides from that time of my life.  I hope to someday get them back.  If I do you, I'll send some your way.

Posted 11-26-06
IS2 Michael C. Gregg,
NIS, Subic Bay, November 1989 - May 1992
NIS Cubi Pt.: May 1992 - November 1992

After three port visits to Subic, in 1987 (reporting to the ship from duty in Korea, and after an approximate two-week wait), and '88 and '89 aboard the USS Constellation during WESTPAC, I finally received the dream orders of a lifetime.  Those three years were the best time of my life, but also the saddest as I left there just two weeks prior to the base closing.  Had the base not closed I probably would still be on active duty, as I would've gone back there several times for port calls and might have even had the opportunity to be stationed there again.  Anyway, I would like to hear from anybody who might remember me.

Posted 11-26-06
Brian "Buzz" Smith, 1969 - 1973

I was tsationed aboard the USS San Jose afs-7 from 1969  to 1973 our oversaeas port was Subic Bay. I am trying to find out  any and all information about the  Martial arts club that was there and  where I had trained in those years.  The club was KyoKushin Kai- the instructors name was Neil Robertson. I am looking for pictures of the classes there and any  memorabilia.  Thanks for making this website for us all.  Brian Smith MM2 A division USS San Jose AFS-7

Posted 11-26-06
Rm1 Carles,
USS STERETT(CG-31) 3/1/03-4/30/86
NTCC CUBI PT 5/1/86-10/20/89

Looking for all shipmate while i was on STERETT/CUBI PT RMCM ANTHONY, RMC BEARD(NOW LCDR), CW4 HARTNET, RM1SCHMOL, RM2 RUSS, RM1 TIBBEN, RM1 CAPPIELO, RM1 LOUIE(AKA ARTHUR), RM1 ARCE(TACO), RM2 GREEN.. Mate give me a buss. Also, thanks to the creator of this site that link to good friends and memories.

Posted 11-26-06
William Carter, 1986 - 1988

I visited the Subic Bay Naval Base 4 times during my two overseas deployments on the USS Truxtun CGN-35, in 1986 and 1988.  The people I met and the good times I had comprise some of my fondest memories.  I also experienced some excitement.  I was on base the day Marcos fled the country in February 1986.  We were restricted from leaving the base.  Seeing as how it was my first visit to PI and I was eager to meet the beautiful women I had heard so much about, I was naturally disappointed.  However, subsequent visits were superb.  My only regret is that I did not marry one of the girls I met in Subic City. God bless you all and good luck getting back to PI if that is your wish.

Posted 11-26-06

Hello to all former shipmates and to those of us lucky to have been “STATION DITTO”. I frequent this site often and I am surprised not to find any postings for 2006 so that means I can be first. Let me say again that this is a great site, hats off to the webmaster. I will be sending some photos and items of memorabilia to be added to this site and I hope that everyone with any items will do likewise. I am still seeking info on any former AFP’s out there for the possibility of a reunion. I had accumulated several names and addresses of former AFP’s but lost the info to a computer virus so if you read this please send me your info name, address, email address and phone #. I would like to see where everyone is located and then try to make it as convenient as possible for people to attend. My personal choice of a location would be Las Vegas or San Diego I left PI in July 0f 81 and have not returned since then, however my wife’s family is having a reunion in 2007 and we are planning to go. I am anxious to see the Subic Bay Freeport and how it has changed. As a crew member of the Constellation we hung out in the “Teen High” club as did almost all V-4 carrier crew members those were some good times. As a “Station Ditto” my favorite hangout was the “Genesis” club because of the “Frictions” band but of course I made the rounds and don’t think I missed a bar anywhere in Olongapo, Baretto or Subic City. I had a live in girl friend her name was Enriquetta Isabelita Balicano y Panlilio, her brother played the drums in the “Tip-Top” band which also played at the Genesis club. We lived on st street in New Banacain. I don’t know what happened to her I continued to correspond with her after I left because we were going to get married but she did not respond. If anyone knows her I hope she did well, tell her I said hello and that I miss her mother who I thought of as a good friend. Once again great site webmaster keep up the good work.

Posted 11-26-06
J.T. Powell, MM3, USS HANCOCK CVA19, 1966 - 1969

Many West Pac tours from 1966-1969.  Acme Club, Queen Bee Bar, (coldest beer in the PI), San Magoo & Baluts !!!  And the women were HOT !!!!

Posted 11-26-06
Tom Hatterick, 1970 - 1972

My name is Tom Hatterick. I was a CTO3 stationed in Subic Bay from 1970-72. I worked at comnavphil. I posted about a year ago. my e-mail address has changed since then. I would still love to hear from some of my comnavphil  and L club friends. If any of you guys or girls are out there, please contact me.

Posted 11-26-06
Elizabeth Tudor, 1972 - 1973
DOD Kindergarten Teacher at Alava School

Hi! I'm Elizabeth Tudor DOD Kindergarten Teacher at Alava School, Subic Bay from 72-73.  I am trying to locate Commander Harry L. Klein RVAH5 . He was on the Ranger at that time.  He went home in May of  73.  Hope someone out  there can  help me.

Posted 11-26-06
John E. McCormack, Jr., 1969 - 1971

I visit this site a couple of times a year, great work! I was at Cubi Point for two cruises, 1969-1970 & 1970-1971 with VF-211, CAG-21 aboard the USS Hancock CVA-19.  I left Cubi for discharge in February, 1971.  I am interested in hearing from anyone in VF-211 or civilians I knew on or off base during those time periods. I would love to share/trade what photos I have.  I have scanned them so they are emailable. After my Navy enlistment expired, I enlisted in  the Army National Guard & retired as a First Sergeant (E-8).  I have also retired from the local phone company (SNET) and currently drive a school bus while I wait for my wife of 35 years to retire. We are going to move to eastern North Carolina (one hour south of Norfolk, VA) soon. Hope to hear from you.

Posted 11-26-06
Wayne Shipman, ADC USN Retired

My name is Wayne Shipman, ADC USN Retired.   I am trying to pin down an aircraft crash  incident that occurred in 1967   The A?C was an A-4B from VSF 3, attached to the USS Intrepid CVS 11.     The nearest dates that I can provide are as follows:     In-port, Subic Bay  15 Jun 1967 – 18 Jun 1967, 7 Sep 1967 – 12 Sep 1967, 27 Nov 1967 – 30 Nov 1967 Whenever we were to leave the line, the air wing would fly off a day before we entered port. This particular A/C experienced a malfunction, with the pilot having to eject, and the A/C was subsequently a total loss. Any info you could provide would be helpful

Posted 11-26-06
Nestor "Ness" Presa, SKC(SW) Retired

Nice to see this website. I was recruited in Subic Class A Station on March 1975. I was then stationed at NAS Cubi Point from May 1979 till February 1981. I had wonderful time working at Bldg 8149 and the main Supply Bldg 8047. I still remember working with these great office mates Lita Rodriguez, Mercy, Mary Pugay and more I can barely remember. I got married and went back to the states and then was stationed again in Clark AFB on August 1988 to August 1991 untill the Pinatubo eruption. It is really sad to see these places gone. Nice....Nice...memories. If anyone can still remember me, drop me a line. I am already retired from the Navy but I decided to sail again to see places so I joined the MSC. I am currently stationed aboard the USS Mount Whitney (LCC/JCC-20) homeported in Gaeta, Italy.

Posted 11-26-06
George St. Peter

Great Site... Does anybody remember a small mysterious looking building along the road from Cubi Naval Air Station to Jungle General? There was a sign outside of the building (yellow if I remember) showing a hand with five playing cards (I believe they were all jacks). One of the five jacks was unsuited and the jack's eye showed a winking motion leaving you the idea of deception. My dad claims it was some kind of Navy Psy Ops/ Intel hush-hush outfit. If you remember the sign or the building please e-mail me. Thanks

Posted 11-26-06
SM3 Brad Dunning, USS Sterett CG-31, 1986 - 1988

Looking for anyone who served with me.

Posted 11-26-06
K. C. "ROCK" BACON - YN3 - Naval Magazine, 1967 - 1968:

Hope this site still up, spent last few hours Googling and found a picture of me and "Rosie" and "VD" getting "out-blasted" by the Marines in a basketball game, the picture says 1969, but think it must have 1968.  Brought back great memories, even if a bit difficult to see myself again as a skinny 18 year-old.  Am still loading ships, but now grain not ammunition.  Lost most of my memorabilia, so sites like this are really appreciated.  Thanks

Posted 11-26-06
Ryan R. Harris, HM3 & HM2, 1989 - 1992

I was stationed at the Subic Branch Medical Clinic from Nov 1989 - Apr 1992.     This by far was the greatest duty station I had. It is really had to tell people about Subic Bay unless they lived it like I did. I made some life long freinds over there. My best friend was HM3 Joseph Johnson. We became really tight. We would run the streets of Olongago, Barrio, Subic City. I really fell in love with every thing about the Phillippines, the people, the place, everything and not to mention my wife Linda who I met while I was stationed over there. I would love to hear from anyone who was stationed with me. Take care.  

Posted 11-26-06
Bill Brown, 1980 - 1981

I was a Boilerman Petty Officer 3rd Class aboard the USS Ramsey, FFG-2. I was in Subic Bay aboard the Ramsey from Nov 1980-Mar 1981. During this time we went to other ports of the orient but were based in Subic. A small group of us partied at The Blow Heaven Bar in Subic City. Like many sailors experiencing Subic for the first time, it was great! I loved everything about it there, but of course I realize memories from 26 yrs ago can make it better. Anyway if anyone off the Ramsey reads this I hope you had a good memory of this too and HI and hope your doing well.                                                                              

Posted 11-26-06
Barry Elmore, 1986 - 1990

This is a great website. Thanks for putting it together. My name is Barry Elmore. I was a sonar tech. stationed aboard the USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60) in Yokosuka, Japan from 1986-1990. We made several trips to PI during that time. I will never forget my first visit. I had heard all the sea stories about PI from all the old timers before I got there but they all seemed to good to be true. Boy was I in for a surprise!!!! I remember walking off the ship with a friend around 4:00 p.m. after we had just come off a 6 month  deployment in the Persian Gulf. I was real excited and nervous being a newbie. We exchanged our money at a place just before you leave the base. I think the exchange rate at the time was 22 pesos to 1 dollar. I will never forget walking across shit river for the first time and going down Magsaysay. The first bar we hit was Slims. We walked in the door and it took a minute or so for my eyes to adjust to the darkness from coming from outside. As I stood by the door this very good looking girl comes up to me a starts rubbing her ass on my crotch. I knew then I was in heaven and all the stories I had heard were true. You can never understand until you have been there.  I visited several bars but one of my favorite was Slims. I remember one girl at slims who had the biggest tits of any Pilipino girl I ever saw. I also remember the jeepney rides from Olongapo to Subic City. It seems like it was supposed to take about 25 minuets but there was usually some sailor or marine who would give the driver a extra few pesos to pass everything on the road and get there faster. I remember the road was in bad shape and narrow which made for some interesting and scary rides. Some of my best times were had in PI. The Philippines will always have a special place in my heart. Oh to be young again sitting in Slims with a pitcher of mojo or bullfrog with a beautiful girl sitting next to me. Can I buy your bar fine?  

Posted 11-26-06
Don Lane, GySgt, USMC Ret

Does anyone recall or happen to know a Sailor by the name of  "Roy Goodfellow" whom was not only stationed at Subic Bay for a spell, but also Retired there back around 1981 (or earlier)?

Posted 11-26-06
IS2 Michael C. Gregg
NISSEAREG, Subic Bay, 11/89 - 05/92
NISSEAREG, Cubi Pt., 05/92 - 11/92

Hello to all my buddies and shipmates, especially from there in PI.  PI was the best choice I ever made (it was either that or separate and return to civilian life).  Even through all the adversity (i.e. base closures due to coup attempts, Pinatubo, restrictions, etc.), I had the best time of my life during those three years.  The worst time, though, was when I had to leave (which was two weeks before the final U.S. pull-out).  I was there a couple years ago (10-11/2004), and plan on getting back there again by 2014 (but hopefully sooner).  I sure would like to hear from anyone who might know me or just wants to say "hi" and share their experience(s).  'Bye for now.

Posted 11-26-06
Dennis Stockton, YN1 (Ret), 1979 - 1981

I am YN1 (Ret) Dennis Stockton, I was stationed at VP22 which deployed to NAS Cubi Point in 1976 for six months, then again in 1979.  I was transferred to NAS Cubi Point Administration Staff (CO’s Yoman) from 1979 through 1981 then transferred to PSD Cubi Point from 1981 to 1983.   My last two years at NAS Cubi Point I was Admin LPO of PSD Cubi Point.  My wife – Nathie (Natividad) and I are looking for our friends Tom (Thomas) and Cristy Patterson.  Tom was stationed on the flight line at NAS Cubi Point from around 1975 to 1979.  Nathie was Cristy’s Maid of Honor at Tom and Cristy’s wedding at Olongapo.  Tom use to ride a motorcycle. If anyone knows of Tom and Cristy’s location, please contact us. Also if any of my NAS Cubi Point Admin Staff and PSD Staff are out there, drop us a line.

Posted 12-5-06
AE2 Bob Allen....Subic FSD (K-9) July 1990 - Septmeber 1992,
HC-5 DET 2, 1986

Thinking back on the "good old days" sure brings a smile to my face. I remember my first trip to Subic when I was with HC-5. My shipmate That was supposed to keep me out of trouble, AMH3 "Jethro" Hall, got Us BOTH ripped off soon as we crossed the bridge. Oh well, it all Got much better. I was finally stationed at Subic as a K-9 handler And really enjoyed being a station dito. And yes, I took home a Pinay Wife and we now have two children. If anybody remembers me feel free To drop me a line or two.

Posted 12-27-06
Michael Ford 66 - 69

Mike Ford engineman E2 when I got there E5 when I left. 1966-1969. YO 115. would like to here from Doug, John, Jerry. sure wish I could remember last names. if you were in service craft during that time frame e mail me and bring back old memorys.

Posted 12-27-06
AE-2 Bob Allen
Subic Bay FSD (K-9 Handler), July 1990 - September 1992
HC-5 Helo Det. To Cubi Pt. 1986

I too had a blast at Subic and hope to go see what it looks like these days when I can find the time. If anybody remembers me or was stationed at Subic or Cubi FSD drop me a line.

Posted 12-27-06
Don M. Carelton, HM3, US Naval Hospital Subic Bay, 1964 - 1965

Hello shipmates.  Stumbled across this site while researching a VA claim.  It has reinvigorated my memory and brought back some scenes of my very distant youth.  Thanks for the memories.  Was wondering if anyone else from the Hospital remembers an incident in which we cared for some burned sailors and brought in a dialisys machine from Japan to try and get these guys ready to be evaced to the states.  I would sure like to know the app. time and the ships name those men came from.  Anyway, thanks for the attempt to get us in touch with one another.  Doc Don

Posted 12-30-06
Don Downing, OS2, 1883-1987,

Arrived as a young buck in Summer of '83 and remained until '87.  Brought back a wonderful wife to whom I am still married with 3 kids. Currently a CWO3 (Ops Tech) in USS ANTIETAM (CG-54) as Air Defense Officer.  Among other sea and shore commands, have also served in USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN (CG-57) and USS CHOSIN (CG-65).

Posted 12-30-06
Noel Torres   NC1 (E-6), Summer of 1983 July
USS Guitarro (SSN-665), West PAC

I will make this short.  At the young age of 22, I set foot on this Island.  Looking back, it is one big blur.  The Sub I was serving on pulled in for about two weeks,  and yes indeed,  I too allowed my heart to be taken by one of these beautiful Island Girls.    I have retired from the Navy and now work for ITT Technical Institute here in Everett Washington.  The few nights that I experienced there in the middle of it all,  will forever be locked away in my memory.  May my children never inquire about this part of my young life.    This was the time when I could go all day and party all night and next morning be standing tall at quarters on the pier.  Allow me to thank you for all your work maintaining this website.

Posted 12-30-06
William L. Krumpelman II, PHC/DV, 1983 - 1985
Ship Repair Facility, Diving Locker

I really look back at some interesting times back in Subic, first while making stops between 1981-1982  onboard the USS Blue Ridge.  Then after completing dive school, being stationed at the diving locker.  Learned some great things while stationed there and made some lifelong friends and made some wonderful memories.  I took many pictures, but I would have to see if I still have them, after all my travels and moves.  The dive locker was a great gig to work for.  I miss the beautiful scenery and the magnificent sunsets.  Of course always the Ice Cold San Miguel beer.  Maybe someday, I will be able to go back for a trip.  Forgot the name of the Older Filipino man that worked in our shop……cleaning everything, doing our laundry, making sure our refrigerator was full and shining our boots. I appreciate all that he did for us.

Posted 12-30-06
Mike Berg, 1981

Back in 1981 I was a refer engineer for MSC aboard the USNS Mispillion operating out of Subic and my roomate, a pumpman by the name of Mel Henline, owned the Chapparal bar as well as another rock and roll club that his wife ran. Old Mel was quit a salt and I was wondering if you might have any info on what might have become of him.

Posted 12-30-06
Russell Gallop, SCB-2, 1950 - 1952
Cargo Handling Battalion-2

Just for fun, I went to Goole and typed CHB-2 and got your web site.  I found no earlier dates posted then mind so I thought I would make a contact.    I had served for two years in WWII and when I got out of the service, I used the GI bill and went to college.  I joint the Naval reserve to help supplement my income as many of us did at that time.  Well, the Korean war started and I was called back into Navy and served 2 more years.  We started the Cargo Handling Battalion CHB-2 at the Oakland Naval Supply Center in Oakland, CA.  During this time, we trade CHB-4, 6 and 8 and I have often wondered what happen to the Battalions, and just out of not having anything else to do, I found someone listed in your web site who was in CHB-2 in more recent years.  I would like to hear from anyone with more information. Apparently, and from some of the dates listed, CHB-2 must have moved  from the Oakland base to Subic Bay.  By the way, I was at Sasabo and Subic bay and other ports around Japan on board the ship USS Volance AKA 9 in 1945 just when WWII ended.  This will be interesting just to hear from someone.

Posted 12-30-06
Howard Ray Janice, 63 - 65

My name is Howard Ray Janice. I was stationed at Subic Bay from 63 to 65 and worked at the Boat Pool. We serviced and repaired lcm6, lcm8, lcvp and patrol craft. My Rank upon leaving was En3. I would very much hearing from anyone serving in that location at that time.

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