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Posted 2-5-05
AC2 Lee Ann Howell / Light NAS Cubi Pt ATC 1981 - 1983

GREAT SITE -- Brings back wonderful memories!!! . . . Would love to locate old friends.

Posted 2-5-05
ABE3 Bill Stokes, USS Ranger, West Pacs in 79 and 80/81

Just came across this sight today and have really enjoyed it.  Would like to hear from any old shipmates...especially Air Department.  I was in the V2 Division on Ranger from 11/77 to 08/81.  PI was like home over there...

Posted 2-5-05
Mike Conroy, YN1 Retired

Hello shipmates, If anyone remembers me or would like to shoot the breeze, drop me a line.  I was attached to CTF-73 (actually used a Guard II) from December 1978 until February 1982; used to hang out with a guy by the name of RM Willie Scott and Jim Hoogs would love to hear from them, martial law was still in effect during those turbulent times and libery expired at  12:00 midnight for those of you that remember.  Was on the Spica (the underway safeway) from October 1985 until November 1988 and hung out with shipmates by the name of Joe Schwestka, Charlie McPherson, Don E Brown to name a few.  If you're out there drop me a line shipmates.  Patwing One Detachment Cubi Point was only there for two years and change and my buds and I used to go Gordon ave and the Barrio quiet a bit, IS1 Niebergall, AW1 Connelly (who I ran in to up at Whidbey Island) when I lived in Oak Harbor WA, OS1 Anderson, OS1 Miles (who was my next door neighbor) in El Kabayo housing and RM1 Dennis (the Menace) Mitchell.  Such wonderful memories which will never be forgotten and will live on forever!

Posted 2-5-05
Tom Hatterick, 1970 - 1972

Hi, my name is Tom Hatterick. I was a CT3 working for ComUSNavPhil at Subic Bay from Dec 1970 thru Oct of 1972......I love this site. it has brought back so many fond memories. in fact, it was probably the best two years of my life. I spent most nights at the L Club. We were such regulars that the band had a table reserved next to the band stand for us and wouldn't let anybody else sit there. I/We became good friends with Phillip (the organist and lead singer) and Danny (the drummer). Of course the girls wouldn't allow us to buy them drinks. They said "save your money" we will let the fleeties buy all our drinks. We spent alot of our daytime hours down at White Rock Beach and our "after curfew" hours down at a bar on the beach. I even have fond memories of shit river and monkey meat. (it must have been a long time ago). If any of the "gang" read this (jim, peter, mike, norm, etc) please contact me. I am also hoping to find out what happened to a girl named Ninfa, who I was very fond of. I would love to hear from anybody I may have met there.

Posted 2-5-05
Jim "Bon" Bongaard, OS2, 1972 - 1975

Looking desperately for any photos of the USS Kirk that show her returning from Operation Frequent Wind May 1975 with four Hueys on her decks. Any photo of this nature would be a major find for our crew. Please assist.

Posted 2-5-05
Mike Conroy, YN1 Retired,

Hello shipmates, If anyone remembers me or would like to shoot the breeze, drop me a line.  I was attached to CTF-73 (actually used a Guard II) from December 1978 until February 1982; used to hang out with a guy by the name of RM Willie Scott and Jim Hoogs would love to hear from them, martial law was still in effect during those turbulent times and libery expired at 12:00 midnight for those of you that remember.  Was on the Spica (the underway safeway) from October 1985 until November 1988 and hung out with shipmates by the name of Joe Schwestka, Charlie McPherson, Don E Brown to name a few.  If you're out there drop me a line shipmates.  Patwing One Detachment Cubi Point was only there for two years and change and my buds and I used to go Gordon ave and the Barrio quiet a bit, IS1 Niebergall, AW1 Connelly (who I ran in to up at Whidbey Island) when I lived in Oak Harbor WA, OS1 Anderson, OS1 Miles (who was my next door neighbor) in El Kabayo housing and RM1 Dennis (the Menace) Mitchell.  Such wonderful memories which will never be forgotten and will live on forever!

Posted 2-5-05
James Mcpherson, OSC(SW) Retired
CTF-70/77/CCG-5 Sep 88 – Dec 90
USS Sterett (CG-31) Jan 90 – Oct 91

Posted in 2000, so this is an update on my email.  Still looking for some of the old folks, what ever happened to OSCM Nash?  I’m living in the bay area working for a wasterwater district in charge of training.  Going back soon with my wife (of 23 years).  Oh, what memories.  Hey, Mark Lloyd, where are you???

Posted 2-5-05
Jim Hughes, AIMD Cubi Point/VP, 1982 - 1988

Looking for information regarding Pete Cooper, owner of Traveller's Bar in Olongapo.  If you know of anyone I can contact for information about his passing, I would sure appreciate it.

Posted 2-5-05
Robert Stone, Sn, 1st Div USS Oriskany CVA 34, 1962 - 1964

Was stationed at the transit barracks at Subic Bay for about 3 months waiting for the Oriskany, what a drunkin mess. After setteling in aboard the Big "O" we were in and out of Subic Bay many times, what a drunkin mess. If anybody out there remembers me can you fill me in on what happend while we was having so much fun.

Posted 2-5-05
Al Fernety, CYN3 stationed at San Miguel NCS ' 65 - ' 67

I just found this site and would like to hear from anyone who may have worked in or around the Message Center and that Building during my time there.  I spent a lot of time in Olongapo, Subic Bay, etc.  After SMNCS, I went on board the Kitty Hawk for the rest of my tour.  I remember a few RM's coming to San Miguel from the Kitty Hawk before I left.  Great site and I look forward to hearing from anyone that may remember me or those times.

Posted 2-12-05
SM1 Gilbert Reger, USN, Retired, 1973 - 1988

Hello everyone, wow what a site. I am SM1 Gilbert Reger USN retired. Love the stories, they remind me of my own. I made nine wespacs from my first one in 1973 to my last in 1988. I was on the USS VANCOUVER LPD-2, USS DURHAM LKA-114, USS SCHENECTADY LST-1185, USS JUNEAU LPD-10 and the USS HOEL DDG-13. Any one knowing me can contact me at or 9287836579 my cell 9285033946. Some of my favorite hangouts were the Valintine Club, the Pussy Cat. Out in the Barrio Barreto at My Other Place, The Iron Butterfly, The Flame, also the Summer Place and Pals Inn back in Olongapo. Busted my cherry in the Oro Club and still remember Linda Dumape to this day back in 73. I was so f%$#$% scarred hahahahaha. But after that first taste man i was a gonner. I has a BMC I stood watch with on the Durham and one time on watch I asked Chief Fulfer what he was going to do when he retired. "He said Reger Im going to divorce my Japenese wife and retire in the PI and open me a bar. This was in 79, how many times did we here that one!!!! Well anyway IM on westpac in 86 on the Juneau and of course got my boots together to take them out on there first nite in PI. We were having a ball and boy were they surprised when i said "boys we got one more place to go see and that is the Barrio Barreto, dont be scarred cause ur seadaddy got ur backs". So here we are in the barrio bar hopping having a great time when we get to the bar Heaven home of Charlies Angels. Go inside and oh my God who the heck is standing in front of me welcoming us to his bar......Yep Chief Fulfer who's first name is Charlie hahahaha. Man that was one of the greatest wespac any of us had. I has it made in his club and was treated like a king. Boy did it make me seem the wespac king to my boots too. Well gotta go . Anyone knowing OSCM DRIGGS, SMC CRIPPEN, OSC MISHINKO, SM1 HOUSTON please give them my info and thanks shipmates.

Posted 4-11-05
Kenneth Dix, 1976 - 1977

My name is Kenneth Dix and I was stationed on the "USS DUBUQUE LPD 8"  I was there from 1976 through 1977...As most of you, I have the greatest memories of my time in the Navy. I visited a lot of places in Asia and the world but nothing like the time I spent there in Subic. I hung out at all the clubs with my pals and hit Grande Island sometimes.I sure miss all those times.

Posted 4-11-05
AE2 Dwight Small,  VF-52-USS Ticonderoga, 1958, 60's, 70's and 90's

Thanks for putting this web page and BBS together. It's a riot looking at the pictures of the sailors and the girls from the 50's. What a great time we had in Subic Bay!  I think I still am feeling the remnants of the massive hangover from those 2-3 weeks ashore.  After the Navy, in the late '60's and early '70's, I flew the Viet Nam Airlift and landed at Cubi a few times. I drove around the base and not too much had changed in the previous 10 years. Then, after the Navy left, in the mid-late '90's, and Subic/Cubi became a commercial zone, I flew there many times as a Fedex pilot. Again, I rented a car and spent a day driving around the base and around Olongapo. It was sad to see. Many of the buildings were still there, even a part of the Sawali Club was still standing, but the whole base was ghostly without the activity of when it was a major Navy base. By this time, the CB quonset huts on the hill, where my squadron stayed while ashore, were gone.  I'd love to hear from any of my squadron mates or anybody else that was there at that time. By the way. When I was flying the VN airlift I was able to visit the Cubi Point Officer's Club a time or two. I enjoyed this immensely because I certainly couldn't have done it as an AE2. That club has now been rebuilt in detail within the Navy Museum at Pensacola. Cheers to all who were there and now I think I'll go pour me a San Miguel.

Posted 4-11-05
“Marty” Martin RD2 USN WestPac Cruises, 1962-1969
USS Pyro AE-24, USS Pollux AKS-4 ,USS Vancouver LPD-2

Seems like yesterday I was sitting in the Galaxy Club sipping on a cold San Miguel with a girl named Felly on my lap.  I remember the smells of Olongapo and the humidity so well.  Spending a lot of my time off Point Yankee with R & R in Subic.  If anyone out there remembers those days or a girl named Felly from the Galaxy Club I would love to hear from you.  Maybe we could swap stories.

Posted 4-11-05
William Emory Dudley

William Emory Dudley, born, April 18, 1921 passed away suddenly, March 6, 2005.  He served as a Engineer under MSC (Military Sealift Command); he served on the USS Point Cruz, Taluga, and Passumpic during the late 1960's and through the 1970's. His daughters would like to correspond with anyone that knew Bill. Please direct all email correspondence to Gayle Dudley-Coe.

Posted 4-11-05
John W Carter, 1979 - 1981

I am looking for anyone I know who served at pord boatpool haborpatrol security from 1979 thru 1981. I am in need of info on FN Joe Konop, my roomate who I was told was in a car crash in Subic City.

Posted 4-13-05
Clinton Davis Jr, 1977

My name in Mike Davis, my dad was at Subic Bay NSA, in 1977 when he committed suicide if anyone knew Clinton Davis Jr, email me please.

Posted 4-13-05
ABF2 Robert Allen, 1979 - 1981
TAD from VRC50 to Armed Forces police

This is a great site. Any other former AFP's out there, give me a shout.

Posted 4-14-05
George Rosado, HM1, 1990 - 1992

Hello everyone...I am HM1 George Rosado and I was with 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines between 1990 and 1992 at Subic. I am looking for Carolina Caraig...she was my sweetheart during that time. I would love to see her and say hello. Can anyone help?

Posted 4-14-05
Bill Penrod,  (HM3-HMC), 1969 - 1981
USS  Sanctuary AH-17, USS Ajax AR-6, R&R

Sgt Holub first and formost I would like to than you for maintaining this wonderful site which takes many of us back to a simple time that no one can image what our lives were like in days gone by. Thank you!!

I have not heard from any of you old timers so I thought I better get a post in here. I was in the Philippines several times over the years the first time was November 1969 and I met the girl then that would be my life's parnter begining May 25, 1970. My main hang out was the California Club, Susan's, Peoples, New  Jo Lo's Club (fun place), of course there are many more one nighters too numerous to mention. We, Lydia and I , made a career of the Navy and had wonderful and exciting 20 years then retired to Columbus, Ohio.  So if any of the old crew is out there give me a shout.  Wishing all a Happy Year Year!! 

Posted 4-15-05
Steve Bowers, 1977 - 1978

I was stationed aboard the USS Truxtun CGN-35 from 1977 to 1978. We went to Subic Bay twice that I remember. The last time was in July of 78. I rotated off the Truxtun while it was in Subic. I was a RM3.

Posted 4-20-05
PN1 Misael "Mitch" Ramirez
VC-5 Cubi Point, 1979 - 1981
, 1986 - 1990

First of all, great, great site.  I came across it by accident and I'm sure glad I did.  I've barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer.   I was stationed in the Philippines twice.  First at VC-5 from '79 - '81 and the second time at PSD/Navy ATCO on Clark AB from '86 - '90.  My wife and I used to own a little hole in the wall called the  "Midnight Runner" on Gordon Ave in Olongapo.  I was a PN2/PN1 stationed at PSD Clark AB at the time so my sister in law, Grace,  would run the place for us.  Needless to say I was more than a little excited when I clicked on the link for the "Runner" on the bars and photos list and found a photo posted.  That's a sight I've missed for a long, long time.   I enjoyed my time in the Philippines immensely.  Your site brings back a lot of memories.  Mostly good and lots that are still blurred.   Having pulled extensive liberty in both Olongapo and Angeles I can say I had a great time at both duty stations.  Both different yet so much alike.    I haven't been back since I left in '90 other than a visit onboard the Nimitz before Mt Pinatubo erupted in 91.  That was the last time I saw the place other than pics and such.    I've been trying to locate a good friend named Keith H. (Cris) Crecelius.  He was a PNSN stationed with  VRC-50 Personnel at Cubi Point  from '79 - '82 and then later a PN2 on the USS Kitty Hawk before he separated from Active Duty.  Please contact me if you have any information.   Again, terrific site.  Keep up the great work and I'll definitely check in regularly for updates.

Posted 4-20-05
Don L. McCurley, SMSN,  1972 - 1975

Served 3 and 1/2 years shore duty in Subic. Worked for OPM for awhile as a dog handler, then later at CAAC. Served during the command of Admiral Dick, then later on with Admiral Shelton. Boy, was this a great time. Taught tennis and diving. Worked as a dive instructor for SEAUS diving and played with a couple of good tennis players at Cubi named Capt Wissler and Cdr McCabe, friends of mine, even though I was a seaman  E-3   Also remember the people at Special Services, Don Gauldin and Doug ??? who were diving buds all over the PI. Other names are Chuck Sawyer a civilian at SRF, Capt Passantino at SRF. At OPM it was COL Christensen and Maj Roy De Forest, a great guy. This was a magic time. Good times at "The Schooner" and hung with my girlfriend  "Sherry" at the Catwalk. Long live Subic

Posted 6-14-05
William "MO"McKinney, QM3, 1975 - 1979

My name is William "MO"McKinney,I was a QM3 when discharged in 1979.I was on board the San Bernardino and the Bristol Cty..2 LST's in the Gator Navy.We were in and out of Subic from 1975-1979.I used to call PI the "Disneyland of the Seventh Fleet".Certain smells out of nowhere will take me back 25 years into my youth and I'm again walking down Magsaysay in my bellbottoms and boots and leather jacket I hads made in Hong Kong,right out of "Saturnight Fever".When 2 ex navy west coasters run into each other anywhere,they have that PI bond to talk about and the stories roll out.Nobody in the room can believe you.Of course they're probably imbellished but you don't have to much,it was that crazy of a place.Anyway I had a friend named PC3 Phil Albritton,we were on both ships together.Phil reupped for duty in Subic in 1977.He married a Phillipine girl named Jennifer and had a baby boy named Jody.He got out in about 1981 and settled in Kent,WA.We exhanged Xmas cards for a few years and lost touch through some misunderstanding.I would like to find him again,I think he may have gone to Pauls Valley,OK or gone back in the Navy.

Posted 6-14-05
Richard DAloisio, 1968 - 1969

I visited Subic several times on the William H Standley (DLG-32)  In late 1968 and 1969.  I would be interested in talking to anyone who remembers any of the girls who worked at the California Club or any one who has recently been to the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Posted 6-14-05
Paul Nichols, Off and On, 1960 - 1978

Hi..   I'm Paul Nichols. My first trip to Subic was in 1960 on the USS PARICUTIN, and my last in 1978 on board the USS Anchorage. In between went there over & over & over again on board the KEARSARGE, ANNAPOLIS & DULUTH. Wonderful times and memories. Paul of San Diego..formerly Boston.

Posted 6-14-05
James P. Even aka (Jim), MS2, NAS Cubi Galley, 1981 - 1985

MSC James P. Even USN RET  . This is an update to my email after all these years. Please note the new email address. I do remember the memories fondly. Mariposa ruled. This was station dito unlike any other. It was more the experience on how to survive and party then the US Navy. Hard to believe I made it through all that. My good buddy turned me on to this site and JT Evans I remember your inspections and Kerry you were the first I met there. Not many of us gringos in the Cubi Galley. PC1 Battiste I remember you also. Anyway I loved having my motorcycle and parking in front of Posas and just hanging for hours watching the girls walk by. Nothing else compares to those days and am grateful for the experience and Leo Macabitas thanks for all the hook ups. I'm still married to that wonderful lady that put up with all my crap back then Virgie and our 25th anniversary is coming up in 8 months. Have 2 boys now ages 23 and 18. The oldest was born there and have a 2 year old grandson. I have been sober now for 17 years. I can say I got my use out of San Miguel's, Tanquray and Cerveza Negra. CW04 Larry Mackenzie who was at ASD and then worked for Kay & Associates and then moved to Hawaii and stayed with me for awhile back in 89 give me shout and any of the VRC-50 Foo dog gang with the motorcycles that hung with me also give me a shout. Tunson, Magic Johnson, Bob Davis, Jerry Jenkins, Thadeus Dolson, Tony Martin. My wife has been back 2 times in the last 2 years and tells me about all the changes and how modernized it has gotten and my kids who hadn't been there for 15 years got a real eye opener recently. MY first boss MSCM Paul Stelly currently resides in Angeles City and tells me how great it is so Im hoping when I turn 55 in 10 years I may end there myself.

Posted 6-14-05
Kevin Jenkins, AIMD Jet Shop, 87 - 90

Most will remember me as K-Bone.  This message is to notify all personnel stationed at the NAS CUBI Pt. Jet Shop; a reunion is being planned. This idea is in the infant stages.  I welcome any and all assistance.  If you are interested in knowing more, e mail me.  Please, put "reunion" in the subject line.

Posted 6-14-05
Ron Wilson, ACU-1, 1969 - 1970

What a great website. I have many memories of Subic. D'Cave, D'Tunnel, Thunderball club and many others. I remember riding a truck to the YFNB where our assault boats were tied up. Lived in a barracks across from a store that  sold electronics. Looking for some old Navy buddies Gary Simon, Tom Bayless, Sam Nagy, Bruce Urban, there are many others but after 35 yrs the memory is slipping.

Posted 6-14-05
Gene Koshiol, GMCS(sw) Ret., USS O'Brien DD-975, 1978 - 1984

Looking for any old buds to share some stories and memories, drop me a line.

Posted 7-18-05
Rebecca Nickerson FN 1982-1983
Boat Pool and tug Boats

I try to post at least once a year, just in case anyone new comes here.  I loved my time in Subic.  It was vastly different for a woman being stationed there.  Most of the men I worked with became like older brothers to me, they looked after me and made sure I stayed out of trouble, most of the time. Some of the names I remember are Hastings (where the heck are you and Cristy?), Hardon ( I talk to him sometimes), Churchill ( occassionally talk to him), Mike Severn, Senior Chief Stan Polmounter (I read somewhere that he died in 1991, in Subic and is buried there) my first tugmaster Chief Maxson (love those emails!), Betty Brown, Lori Clark (what happened to your email address?),Rhonda Counts (remember those marines we went out with?  I was so sunburned from that day at Grande Island), Phillip "Red" Guwin (will never ever forget you)! Susan Van Winkle, Bob Horn, Pope, ( I believe it was you, we had to do a run to  one of the beaches, and we decided to go swimming off the VP, and the XO's boat pulled up alongside ours as we were getting back into the boat, dripping wet?  OOOPPSSS) Jennifer Whitney (my messy roommate and then you ended up stationed at Coronado with me) Betsy with the motorcycle, Dave Richards (you did teach me lot), bill Howls and there are more faces in my head that I cannot put names to.....   I want to tell all of you that I am thankful for the service you have done for our country.  And for those still serving, you are all in my prayers.

Posted 7-18-05
Alan Kane,  USS Coral Sea, 1979 - 1980

Hi, I was reading a message from Zeny Thots.  I was wondering if she was still monitoring this site. I knew a girl named Zeny when I was in the PI and was wondering if this was the same person. So if you are out there, I would appreciate it if you got back to me. I tried to E-Mail you but that E-Mail address is no longer valid 

Posted 7-18-05
Raymond Morgan, AK2
CVA-66 (USS America) S1 Division, Westpac 1972 - 1973
VRC-50 (TAD to NAS Supply) 1973 - 1975
Retired AS1 in 1990

Great memories. Living in Millington TN.

Posted 7-18-05
Michael S. La Bay, 1981 - 1984

Wow! This is a wonderful site! Memory Lane! I severed on the USS Midway from 1981_1984 In VF-151 Fighter Squadron. I was looking around this web site and noticed that the bar I hung around is still listed as being open "Your Home Away From Home" Great place and memories.   Anyway what brings me to this web site is I am thinking of taking my next vacation there this winter. God... how fun would it be to walk down memory lane. Funny I just posted my picks from vacations I had there recently at Anyway... Nice to happen upon this site!   Michael S. La Bay Seattle Wa

Posted 7-18-05
Alan E. Hartman, Jr., BM3, December 26, 1972 - August 26, 1975
Assault Boat Coxswain, USS Tuscaloosa LST 1187 (Homeport San Diego)

A most excellent site that I have found today. I made two WESPACS (08/29/73 - 03/14/74 & 03/10/75 - 08/30/75). Many weeks were spent in PO City. I became a 'regular' at the Ocean's 11 Club and The Fugi Bar on Magsaysay. They would send the 'house boy' out to get me a bowl of ramen (with meat from various species of animal) when I showed up. I had an apartment on Kessing Street (1973-1974) and on Fendler Street (1975). Man what fantastic memories. It's been almost 30 years since I left the paradise of Olongapo City. I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to experience that place during the early 70's.

The "Big T" suffered through a typhoon while we steamed up to Taiwan in November 73. We lost both Bow Doors with the Starboard door bounced along the forward deck tearing off most of the deck equipment and welded railing. I'm sure that we were quite a sight crippling into Subic Bay for repairs.

The sights, sounds, smells (Shit River), visiting each other's apartments after the midnight curfew, the 007 club (never use your lighter at the wrong time), The Jolo's absolutely amazing what a woman can do with a tall stack of Pesos. Ohh... the icy bottles of San Miguel for only 1 Peso 25 Centavos, and my first (not last) pitcher of MOJO at the Apple Disco (I drank that whole pitcher...stood up to hit the "Head" and hit the floor instead).

I just turned 19, never been anywhere (grew up in Pittsburgh, PA), and was suddenly thrust into an exciting and very dangerous world. Over the years I have told of my exploits in Subic Bay and am most often met with dis-believing eyes. I always think back to that relatively carefree, wild, wicked, wanton way of life that was like nowhere else on the planet. I simply tell people that "you just had to be there to understand."

I ended up with a Filipina named "Tita" (Conchita) whom I met on 09/25/73 and we married on 07/21/75. Unfortunately, we divorced back on 02/20/85. However, we remained close and always were in contact with each other (I guess in a way, we still loved each other...we just couldn't LIVE together). Sadly, she was involved in an auto accident here in St. Louis, MO (on 01/11/01), and suffered a series of strokes that left her blind and partially paralyzed. Her desire was to go back to the family in Olongapo before she died. She called me from San Diego (she went there to stay with her sister's daughter after the accident) on 04/01/01 to say goodbye just before she went to the airport. On 04/04/01 (three days later), I received a phone call from San Diego that Tita had passed away one day after arriving in Olongapo City. I was crushed and to this day think of her almost daily. We met a month after I turned 18 and she has been part of all of my adult life.

To this day, I have not been able to contact her niece in San Diego to learn about how she actually died and where she was buried. If I ever return to Subic Bay, I would like to visit her. If anyone has any contacts back in the PI that may be able to locate that type of information...please contact me.

Posted 8-8-05
Herb Mesler, RMC, 1958 - 1960

I was stationed at NAS Cubi Point 1958-1960 as an RM3/RM2 attached to the staff of COMFAIRPHIL but lucky for me I got TAD to NAS Communications down in the OPS Bldg on the strip.  This is just an update to a previous post a few years ago in the hope some of my past friends might find this and contact me.  It would be great to have any guys I was stationed with email me at   I loved my time at Subic and am still in contact with one of my best friends who I met while there.  I returned to Subic Bay aboard the USS Walton, DE-361 in 1961. It sure was  a bit different going ashore there as a fleet sailor as compared to a base sailor.  Fun in a way as unlike most feet sailors I knew my way around. Difficult to realize it has been so many years since those great times.

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