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Posted 2-8-99
Tom Etherington, AXCS Ret.

Are there any former VP Navy retirees still alive and somewhat sober living in the Olongapo Subic area?  I spent to many years to  remember traveling back/forth between Barbers Point and Cubi Point.  Its time to muster at Marilyns for a smile party. 

Posted 2-21-99
Rick - AMS3 - USN - '67, '68 & '69 with VAW 13 AE1 Spads & VAQ 131 A3's

Home base for both squadrons was Cubi Point. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the site. Keep up the great work. Any Zappers out there sign on. Great times and great guys. I had to laugh when I heard Mojo. Anyone remember the D Wave Club, Sphinx or Black Pussy Cat? Hats off to the Marines that had duty on the bridge into town from Subic. They seen it all LOL.

Posted 4-24-99
NCCM(SW) C. R. (Corky) Johnson, USN (Ret)

Great job on this Web Site....brings back many memories!  I served in the Marine Corps from 1948-1955.  During Korean War I served in A-1-1 from Inchon Invasion, through the Chosin Reservoir.  Was in "Chesty's" 1st Regiment, but our Skipper was then a young Captain of Marines named Robert H. Barrow, USMC, who retired as the 27th Commandant of the Marine Corps.  A fine human being, officer, and MARINE!
I spent the remainder of my career in the Navy, first as a YN, then an NC.  I visited Subic many times while serving in USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65), USS HANCOCK (CV-19), USS KANSAS CITY (AOR-3), USS ARKANSAS (CGN-41), and visited both Cubi and Subic while serving as Command Master Chief for Commander Patrol Wings, U. S. Pacific Fleet, the P-3 Community.  I retired in 1985 as C/MC in USS ARKANSAS (CGN-41).  Keep up the good work, I'll visit again! 

Semper fi, "Corky"

Posted 5-8-99
Robert Cornish, USN (RET), HMCM(SW)

Enjoyed the new photos of our old base and all your efforts to keep the memories of Subic Bay alive.  I will try to dig up any old photos I have of the base during operations. What's your take on the current status of the base.  The photos posted by SBMA make it look like a thriving tourist and industrial port; however, your photos give the impression that a large percentage of the base is abandoned and deteriorating rapidly.  The Sky and China Seas Clubs are ruined.  How about the Staff NCO and Sampaquita Clubs?  What condition are they in. It doesn't appear that many of the 900 + bars that were in Gapo City during my last visit exist any longer.  Now that the service men are gone, what is in Gapo City's main industry?
Again, great job keeping the memories alive, to bad the Sailors and Marines entering the service today will never know a place like Subic Bay.

Posted 5-17-99
Doc Lerp RVN 2/26th and First Med.

If anyone knows of anyone who served with Golf 2/26th from 68-70 could you please contact me. We are holding a reunion next month in Corning New York. Thank You!
Doc Lerp RVN 2/26th and First Med.

Posted 5-31-99
Melvin Grimes, AD2, VRC-50, 1983-85, Cubi Pt.

Great site! the pictures bring back a flood of memories. I have a 13 year old daughter still in the philippines and a few pictures I would love to share .

Posted 6-2-99
Ben Reed, May-Sept 75

I served aboard the USS Reeves, CG-24, and had the pleasure of experience as an 18 year old living in Subic and Olongapo City for about 4 1/2 months, during approx. May-September 1975, waiting for my ship to go on WestPac without me. I just missed the ship's send off when I arrived at Clark AFB, and embarked on a wild school bus ride from Clark to Subic. I am just starting to have a bit of sentimentality for the place after 23+ years, except for the little moment of silent grievance after the news about the base handover in 1991. I would like to see pictures, especially of the base and Olongapo City. I am having a hard time picturing the base especially.

Posted 6-9-99
John S. Darlington

Leave it to the Marines to immortalize Subic Bay/Olongapo City on the web! Thanks guys! I was surfing the 'net to find information on the shooting of sailors there in 1974 and stumbled on this site. Talk about flashbacks - especially from the picture of the Zanzibar! It was the home bar of OI Division, USS Albert David (DE-1050) '71-'75. Must get back to my research...but me sooo horny...
John S. Darlington University of Massachusetts, Boston

Posted 6-13-99
Kenneth Phelps, Cubi Pt. VU5A, 62- 64

My name is Kenneth Phelps, was stationed at Cubi Pt. VU5A  1962- 64, i was AO-3 Lcdr McGeachy was the skipper Fredericks was XO would like to hear from some old shipmates Best years of our lives Ken

Posted 6-13-99
Frank Pawlik

I can't tell you how many good memories this website has brought back.  Good job.  I was a radioman at the Cubi Point message center from early 67 until mid 68 and I have to say that those were (far and away) the best years of my youth.  After 30 years, the passion for Olongapo and the Subic area still burns in my heart.  I have never forgot the place or the people and I think of them often.  Once again, thanks for putting this together.

Posted 6-13-99
SK1 Jim Guernsey - SK2 Pat Guernsey, Subic/Cubi, 70, 71, 85, 87, 91

This is from SK1 Jim Guernsey and SK2 Pat Guernsey I was in and out of Subic/Cubi from 1970 with CTF77/71 at cubi point to 1991 with NSD Subic where I met my wife who was serving with NSD Subic during Desert Storm.  Could write volumns about Subic Bay and the changes over 20 years  but for now just wanted to say, thanks for the web page, glad someone finally did this for all of the Subic Alumni.   Have lots of photos from 70,71,85,87 and 91.  Will followup later. Jim and Pat

Posted 6-28-99
Becky Johnson, Boat Pool and Tug Boats, 82-83

Was stationed in Subic in 82/83...I was a FN Nickerson , I had been stationed at the Boat Pool and then on Tug boats...the memories I have as a female being stationed there are much different than most of the men I know...I do have wonderful memories of living off-base, going out almost nightly, making wonderful friends who I have sadly lost touch with!

Posted 7-1-99
OSC(SW) Jim "Pappy" Wright, ISN (Ret), 87-90

Staioned aboard USS Sterett CG-32 Dec '87-Dec'90....homeported in Subic Bay.  Our pic should be on Naval page....I can provide.  This is a great site.  Would love to hear from old friends.....also played on the pool team for Two Wheeler's Tavern in Subic City........Thanx for this great site.

Posted 7-4-99
David Wilson BTC (SW) USN RET
Various WESPACS 74-90, Recieving Station Master at Arms 79 - 80, Naval Station Boat Pool YO's 80 - 82

Subic Bay had a big impact on my life; I learned alot about people, got some street smarts and fell in love. My first impression of Olongapo was similar to going to a carnival. Wait in line, buy ttickets and head for the midway where fun things await you. Fantasy Land  be who ever you want to be. Yes I told them girls some whoppers.

Some memories: Waking up face down in a mud puddle with out my belt,shoes or money. ( hey i was young ) My first honey ko letter. ( yea i believed it was true love ) Roosters crowing ( time to go back to the ship ) LIBERTY of my first Tagalog sayings.... Bakit ba walang nippon mo ( Why dont you have any teeth ) Driving my jeep to Subic City when I couldn't even see.... My Chiefs initiation ( 17 baluts )

It was always a fun time and lots of memories are in my mind. I've never been to a more enjoyable place than Subic Bay. One day soon I'm going back. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Tom " Tuna" Shea stationed with OPM jungle patrol 79 - 82 and Special services 83 - 86 let him know I'm looking for him. Hey Tuna where are you ??

Posted 7-4-99
Marty Fenton, PNC(Ret), PSD Subic Bay '83 to '87

Thanks for your website.  Boy it sure brings back memories. Anybody know where I can find PN1 Ray Howell or PN3 Henry Phillips?  What great times.  I miss all you guys.

Posted 7-4-99
AMSC(AW/NAC) John ZaBelle, 85-88.

I am AMSC(AW/NAC) John ZaBelle.  I was stationed at VC-5 from 1985-1988. Great website.  It really brings back memories.

Posted 7-4-99
HMC(SW) Bryan Walker Unit CSSD-35, 90 - 91

I was a Corpsman serving with the Marines at this time. I would like to hear from any corpsman or Marine from that period, also would love to see some pictures. I married the woman (Elsa) I met there, we are going on 10 years now.

Posted 7-13-99
Mike Kennedy, RMC(AW), USN (RET), NCSP San Miguel, 82-86

Awesome website, it brought back tons of memories. The best four years of my Navy career were spent stationed in the P.I. I was actually first there in 1979 on the USS Coral Sea (CV-43), then later on the USS Blue Ridge from 90-92. I saw Olongopo go through many changes. I can't even begin to recount all the short times, peso shows and bottles of San Miguels I had.  

I would love to hear from anyone who was stationed at San Miguel between 82-86. I had a blast there.  I would also like to see some pictures of Barrio Barretto and my second home Subic City home of the nasty girls and the deaf mute. I will try to dig up any old pictures I may have and hope the rest of you do the same. KEEP THIS WEBSITE ALIVE!!!    Siggy Na.

Posted 7-15-99
Dave Schlickbernd, Fleet Electronics Support Shop, 74 - 76

Great Web Page! I was a CTM2 stationed at the Fleet Electronics Support Shop with the Naval Security Group Detachment from Aug 1974 - Aug 1976.  Your pages bring back many memories.  We've been back to the Philippines numerous times since 1976, and still attempt to stop in Olongapo when we are there.Unfortunately, during our trip in 1994, we had quite a time trying to find our old home in Olongapo.  We finally found it, but it had been destroyed by Pinatubo.

For a selection of photos taken in Pangasinan Province in the Philippines, visit our homepage at.... I'll see if I can't dredge up some photos of Subic/Olongapo to send your way.

Posted 8-22-99
HTC (DCC) Ken Peterson, 86 - 89

I am a retired USN Chief who was a Ship Sup station at SRF Subic from Aug 86 until I left to retire in Sep 89.  I would like to hear from anybody that was stationed or worked at SRF during that time.  I also played in the bar pool league for Heaven in the Baretto.  Looking forward to hearing from anyone.

Posted 8-24-99
Andy, Transit Line,AMD, Nov68 to Oct70

I was stationed in cubi P,T, from Nov. 68 to Oct 70. I worked on the transit line, AMD as a plane captain for many different aircraft, I also drove the follow me truck on the flight line, parked any thing that landed, I also was on the Oriskany CVA 34, Air craft Carrier, and Subic and Cubi was one of our home ports. I was trained very fast by guys in VC-5, if my memory is correct, and remember a Marine Det. at the end of the fight line. Thanks to all who where there, and the guards at the gate going into town, that got me back to the barracks when for some reason I wasnt able to fine my way, HAHAHAHA. And a special thanks to the guys in the tower and crash fire, when I was refuling a F4 and a fuel tank drop off and busted, the tower saw it, called crash fire, and they where there just as I climbed out. I was sure I was going to go up in flames, but not a spark. Thanks alot. I have many memories of Subic and Cubi Pt. Would like to hear from any one during that time......Leo, Andrews (ANDY) ALSO was in charge of getting rid of the F4 that crash in the mountain below the officers club. Pilots punched out and landed on the run way safe. Thanks to all that served there country........Andy

Posted 8-27-99
ENCM Richard Scott, USN (Ret), 84 - 92 (and then some)

I am a retired Master Chief who was stationed onboard USNS Chavenet, which was forward deployed at Subic, from Feb 1984-Feb 1987 and a Ship Sup/Diesel Inspector at SRF, March 1987-June 1992.  I was at SRF until the base closed and remained in the Philippines until 1998 when I returned to the US. I would like to hear from anyone who was stationed on Chauvenet or worked at SRF during that time. I also played in the Bar Pool League for Heaven Bar in Baretto.  I am looking forward to hearing from anyone!   Richard Scott, USN (Ret)

Posted 9-1-99
Donald J. Reid (DJ), 66-70

My name is Donald J. Reid (DJ) and I was at Subic from 1966 to 1970. From 1966 to 1968 I was a Program Manager with the Naval Shore Electronics Department of the Naval Repair Facility.  From 1968 to 1970 I was then Program Manager for the Newly formed Naval Electronic Engineering Activity, Philippines (NAVESEACTPHIL).  My wife "Vickie" and I lived in one of the Quanset houses across from the Hobby Shop there on Base.

Working for the Navy for 23 years, I have to admit that the time I was in the Philippines was the most rewarding experience of my career. My wife and I boarded a tramp steamer in Manila and cruised all down into the southern Islands to places like Ilo Ilo, Cotabago, Zambuango, Davua, and into Jolo Zalu. I have been retired on a disability since 1976 but my memories of being stationed in Subic are as clear as a bell.  I found your WEB SITE  and have been spending many enjoyable hours looking and copying the photos and reading the articles on display. Thank you for your wonderful effort in putting this site together. At present I am vacationing here in the Northwest part of Washington. When I return to my winter quarters, I will get out pictures I have of subic, scan those you might be interested in and forward them on to you.

Very Truly Yours, Don Reid

Posted 9-6-99
Cubi Pt. Personnel, Aug 66 to Feb 68

As like so many other sailors and marines I get nostalgic about my time in the PI.  I was stationed at Cubi Pt. Personnel from Aug 66 to Feb 68.  I handled receipts and transfers during my stay there so I encountered hundreds of people.  Even if only 1 familiar name contacts me it will be well worth the hours of reminiscing we could do. The photos I come across taken during the time I was stationed there leave an eerie feeling in my stomach knowing a young 19 year old sailor was somewhere in the vicinity of those photos. Hope to hear from somebody. Cliff Bedell

Jack Van Kuren
USN 81-89 AME2(AW)
Civilian Contractor (H.B. Zachry) 89-91

First of all, let me say "GREAT SITE". Best thing I've ever seen a Marine do. Just kidding. When on DET in Misawa Japan 87, my C.O. refused to let me go to P.I. saying he was afraid he'd never get me back on the plane again. Probably the smartest thing he ever did. After leaving the navy in 89, I jumped on a plane and 26 hours later, there I was... "PARADISE"!!!! Spent a couple months with a friend from VRC-50, Mike Crane. If you are out there, get in touch. Landed a great job with Zachry building the new housing up by El Kabayo Stables. My boss, Chuck Lockhart, myself and our escorts barely escaped the earthquakeat Camp John Hayes. I was lucky enough to meet and marry Precy from the Cork Room Cellar (G ood Salpicao). We ahd a nice house in Santa Monica outside Barretto where we welcomed our first child Jennifer.Then "BOOM" Pinatubo spoiled everything. I still dream about Cindi Bar, Body Shop, T's, Slim's, Cal Jam, and kicking back at the Fra or Crazy Horse in the Barrio. Looking for John Wheat from security John Boodles from "Boodles, and Mike Crane from VRC-50. Now with the USPS in Buffalo, NY. What a change. All emails welcomed. Oh Yeah... Hi Tess.

Posted 9-24-99
Jesse Miller, DPC, USN, Ret., 58-82

Greetings all. Have been checking out this board for some time and really appreciate all the work that has gone into it. Was looking at some of the pics and managed to identify some of the buildings. I was in and out of Subic from 72-85. Was on the USS Providence, CLG6 during her tour in 72, later on the USS White Plains, AFS4, 74-77. Station 'Dito', 77-80, at NSD Subic, and retired there in 82, working at the Feed Water Facility, NSD as a contractor until late 85. Played softball with the CPO Club team or the NSD team during much of my time there, so if any of you who played the Chiefs during an inport period in that time frame, I was the catcher. To the Webmaster, thanks for the page. Have enjoyed looking thru it. Jesse Miller, DPC, USN, Ret., 58-82

Posted 9-27-99
RMCS(SW) R.L. Bennett (Ret), Station Dito, 67 to 69 and again late 69 to 72

Lived barracks #1 in Subic but work in NTCC cubi point.  We were known and "Cubi Hackers". I remember a time when I was in the barracks one evening just waiting around to go on the Mid watch and a couple of Marines came in (in the Greens). They were leaving in the AM on a troop ship and had jumped ship....they wanted to get drunk just one more time before they went in country. The Coral Sea club wouldn't let them in because of the green utility uniform so they were looking for some civies. They spotted my dirty cloths bag and asked if they could borrow them. I couldn't believe it but said OK. They left the barracks looking pretty shabby....The next morning when I got back to the barracks I found my cloths on my rack in a box with a note and $5.00 bucks to get my cloths cleaned. I guess they managed to get into the club. Thats all for now, but have many memories of Subic.    Uncle Ben Bennett

Posted 10-1-99
Chuck Darwin, AWCM Ret.

If anybody has seen or heard of Stan Bruns, please drop me an email. We were stationed in Diego Garcia in '90.  He was retiring in the PI the last I heard.

Posted 10-11-99
Ron Morales, CTO3 USN, 75-79

Hello all you lovers of Subic, I wonder if any other place in the world becons generations of former visitors in the powerful way that Subic seems to.  While only a 4 year man, I can't say that a day does not go by that I don't reflect on my time spent in the USN from 9/75-9/79 and in particular my time as a CTO3 aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) and our visits to the Philippines.  As an "A" school graduate I was flown to the Big E from the states to where it was harbored in Subic Bay.  Talk about culture shock!!! I had never been on a ship and did not have the benifit of all the training that one would normaly get prior to an overseas deployment, and then there was the bigger shock, as I ventured off of the base for the first time and I was solo.  Well it all worked out great, on the ship and in town, I have very fond memories of both.  Having read all the other great stories in the other section of this site I will save the details of those memorable times for my own little sea story session.  Till then its been great reading about and once again seeing a place that seems so vivid you can almost touch it.

Posted 10-18-99
David S. McKay, USN, NAWMU-1, 1987-1989  

I was stationed dito from November 1987-November 1989 at Naval Airborne Weapons Maintenance Unit ONE (NAWMU-1).  Until the fall of 1988, we were known as Missile Maintenance Unit ONE (MMU-1).  We were located in the Naval Magazine, just up the hill from MOMAG Unit 9.  I was the command Yeoman there.        Your website brings back a lot of memories.  Hanging out on Gordon Avenue (Cindibar, T's, U.S.A. and many others) or later on in my tour, hanging out in the Barrio (Alamo Bar, Sportsman Bar, Rock Lobster, Midnight Rambler and many others).  I played on both the Sportsman Bar and Alamo Bar Pool teams in 1989.  Keep up the good work on this site.

Posted 10-18-99
EN1(SW) Chris Hegeman, YTB-797 JAN-90-SEP 92, Port Ops,NAVSTA or

Wish to thank the webmaster for the site that I've been looking for since I left Subic in '92! BZ!! I just want to talk to any one who wants to share memories of their times in Subic whether it was at work or at "play".

Posted 10-21-99
LNC(AW) Al Hedstrom, 81 to 83, 88 to 91

I am LNC(AW) Al Hedstrom.  I was at CTF-73 from 81 to 83 and then at NLSO from 88 to 91.  As a "Station Dito" and while on the Midway and other ships, I spent a lot of time there. I also spent a lot of time on FEN radio.  I played jazz during my first stint there and rock/blues during my second tour. I miss the place.  Would love to hear from anyone that recalls "The World Phamous Legal Beagle" or any other moniker that may have (accidentally) stuck.

Posted 10-21-99
Richard Casad (Junior),USNR Subic Bay Boat Pool May 68-Jan 70

Many times I have wished I had took addresses of friends I had while stationed at Boat Pool. Have always wanted to find some place that I could find out addresses of former Naval personnel according to their time of enlistment. Maybe this is it. Have had many dreams of spending a second or third duty at Subic. We lived on the top floor of the Marine Barracks and never forget after a night on the town, trying to keep the fleet sailors from cutting across the lawn and punching out some sailor. My court martial said I said " words to wit, bastards go back to your ship. After 5 days in the brig I got to know some more Marines!! Junior was the nickname CO R.E Robinson gave me while I was on the bowlling team. Would love to hear from anyone that was there at the time I was. Salomit po ?(thank you)

Posted 10-23-99
Chief David Goins (ret), San Miguel, 67-69
Mickey and Pat Collier

Great site! I can't wait to share it with my sisters. I just wish my Dad was still alive to see it. He was Chief David Goins (ret) he was stationed in San Diego with the 7th fleet and visited Subic often. In 1967 the whole family moved to San Miguel for 2 years. I met and married my sailor husband there; Mickey Collier. If any one recognizes dad or Mickey's names please e-mail. Great memories and great site. Bye for now, Pat Collier

Posted 10-23-99
Gary Rosenbaum, CTOC(NAC), USN(RET), 77-80, 82-86

First of all, Thank you so much for this site.  I truly left a part of my heart in the PI.  I arrived for the first time in Jan 77. I was TAD  to CTF-75, until Sept of 77.  I received PCS orders to NSGA Phill at Clark AFB. Jan 78 to Nov 80. Went to P'Cola for school and back to NSGD Subic Bay from Sept 82 to Nov 86.  Put in 7years 9 months and honestly remember some of it.  I got out and away from the Bases and met some great people.  I will always have a special place in my heart for the country and people of the Phillipines.  I had better, I have been married to a filipina since 1980.

Posted 10-31-99
Tom Hobbs, AZ3, Cubi Point, 62-63

GREAT SITE!!! What memories! Tom Hobbs, AZ3, VAW-13 1962-64, stationed Cubi Point, Oct 1962 - 1963 and was rewarded with a short all expenses paid tour of Saigon - Would be great to hear from the other Zappers - esp. my great hearts/pinochle partner Ron Yahn

Posted 11-7-99
Ken Beeson, E-3 AN with VU-5, 60-61.

GREAT WEBSITE !!!!!!!! My name is Ken Beeson. I was a E-3 AN with VU-5 in 1960-1961. Cmd (Crash) Gordon was the skipper...and we had a JD (B-26) that we flew "sleeves" for the surface fleet to shoot at. I worked with a Art Edmunson whom I still communicate with. I also work in ComFleetAirSWPac "Map Shak" we delivered all kinds of maps and charts for the fleet. LTCommander Jackie King Ashmore was the OinC. Anyone remeber they secured the beech on New Years Eve 1961? That was the prelude to LOAS, and we all remember Nam. Anyone else remember seeing the U-2 flying out of Cubi ? Would love to E-Mail with anyone who was there in that time slot...I recall a Marine Sgt. Named "Bear". Anyone want a Balut ?

Posted 11-13-99
Frank Glennon, USN, 1985-1992

USS Kirk, FF-1087, B-Division, Desron 15, 7th Fleet. Stationed Yokosuka Japan. We spent quite a bit of time in Subic, I really have some great memories of that place most of all was the B-Division parties we used to have at the Vegas bar in Subic,some of the guys I can remember but not all the names but i`ll try....BT2 Askew (Q) a very good friend I learned alot about life from,BT3 John Starkle from Montana,him and I grew up together on board the Kirk,BT2 Irons (Jake) A great friend and one hard working BT also taught me alot,any way I can`t list them all but if your out there feel free to contact me I would like to get in touch with my old friends out there....BT2 Selecky,BT3 Williams from Washington State....Thanks Former BT3 Francis Glennon (SW) USS Kirk FF-1087 B-Division 1985-1992

Posted 11-14-99
Charlie Thomas, Cubi Pt. Air Terminal, 69-70

Man, this is really filling in those memory gaps that come with age! I was stationed at Cubi Pt. in 1969 thur 70 and this really brings them back. I have very few pictures because I was always so busy doing other things. I worked at the Cubi Pt. Air Terminal during that time directing the planes, loading, unloading, or whatever else needed to be done. I was 19 then and now I will turn 50 this month ( 11/30/99 ) You have done a great job with your site;  I know I will visit often!!!!! Anyone remembering those times at the Air Terminal or times in Olongapo, please feel free to email me. Thanks!

Posted 11-16-99
MM2 Martinez, USS White Plains, 89-91

Wow! What memories!  I haven't heard some of those terms in ages. I was stationed onboard the USS White Plains from 1989 -1991.  If anyone was onboard then drop me a line.  I was known then as MM2 Martinez.  If anyone knows how to get a hold of MM2 Boutillier please let me know.

Posted 11-23-99
CWO4 J.E. Van Cleef, ret., 41-70

I was lucky enough to be the skipper of the U.S.S. Mark (AKL12) homeported in Subic, for a 3 year period, ('61 - '64) and lived on the base with my family. My oldest son, Robert, was a graduate of George Dewey  H.S. and both his sister and younger brother attended school there. I had been in Subic many times before and after that period, as it was a port pf call for other ships I was on. I'm sending along a picture of one of them, the U.S.S. Alshain (AKA -55) on a port call in 1947.

Would like to hear from any sailors who were stationed with me, or may have even ridden the Mark on an R.&R. trip to Hong Kong, Corregidor, Manila, etc.

Thanks for a GREAT site!

Poated 11-27-99
AT3 Jack M. Pinzari, VFA-151, USS MIDWAY CV-41, 87-91.

Great site. Spent many a peso in the dozen or so times I have been to Olongapo, the Barrio, and Subic both on port calls and squadron dets. P.I. was the MIDWAYS second home. Have lots of super memories with alot of great guys there. Anyone from the old VIGILANTES who wants to get in touch, post a note. I may be going back in march with a buddy of mine from VFA-151, who later went to VFA-192. I will definately give a full report upon my return. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Robert D. Swallow, who served in VFA-192, I would appreciate it. E-MAIL. Fair winds and following seas to you all.

Posted 11-30-99

AMS1 Thomas Windsor,  Station Dito 1976-1981
VC-5 and AIMD 500 Division.  Retired 1994

Returned to Subic Bay and am still here. Will answer most any question or provide information on the area and people. Here are a few local web pages:

Posted 12-10-99
Mike Toomoth, USS Racine 74, VRC50-Cubi Point 86-91

Great Job! NCC Mike Toomoth,USN Ret. In and out of Subic on the USS Racine, LST 1191, 1974. Stationed at Cubi Point VRC50 1986 to 1991. Retired on Baloy Beach. Left Nov 91 after Mt. Pinatobo. Lots of great times, friends, shipmates. My wife has gone back each year since 91 to visit family. I will be going next year. Old shipmates, send me an email.

Posted 12-11-99
HM2  deGuzman,bien, 83 - 85
Stationed dito HUMSTAD, Naval Dispensary

deGuzman,bien. That's my name. I was stationed dito HUMSTAD after my wife died in crossing in Zambales 1983, just married for 4 months. Assigned in Naval Dispensary Subic Bay til early 1985. A native of Olongapo used to work as a folksinger in the Cork Room Cellar, Butterfly Folkhouse,The Big 'E', until I entered the service. Everybody me by  'jOHN' or JUNE. I missed all the happenings there in Gapo, Grande Island, Binictican. My second wife worked in jungle general ESO Dept. when I met her. Got twin dauhters and a son. Anybody that knows me can email me. I wish I could turn back time. There are so many good things that happened to me in Subic Bay. So many friends to mention. To many activities. Non stop music, I mean playing guitar and helping, just helping who are in need until I'm broke most of the time. But happy inside. I wish to talk to some of the greatest crew of the Naval Dispensary and of course, Cubi Point Hospital staff who knows me. Thanks for sharing your great website. It really brings back memories and lots and lots and lots of it from point A-Z. Tango Yankee!! See you guys in Magsaysay Drive next year. I'll be back there first month, 9th Street, West Tapinac. Salamat Po and God Bless. Respectfully,  bmDEguzman

Posted 12-14-99
Eugene Schenck, USN Ret, VC-5, 66-68

I was stationed in Cubi Point in 1966-1968 with VC-5.  Was a AMS1 then in charge of the Airframes shop and also set a Quality Control program.  It was great duty, I was on flight duty and made flights on the S-2 aircraft flying mail to carrier's off the coast of Vietnam and also towed (Banners) targets. Prior to this duty was stationed in Japan at Shin Meiwa Aircraft Company where we overhauled and did corrosion control on many of VU-5 Aircraft. I went on to other things in the Navy and retired in 1974 as a Senior Chief. Had a wonderful carreer. After the Navy went to work for Boeing Company as an Inspector, then went to school part time and got my engineering degree and ended up back in Japan at Shin Meiwa as a Boeing Engineer.  I spent 20 years with Boeing and did more traveling for Boeing then I did in the Navy. I now live in Wichita, Kansas and do some consulting work for Lear Jet Aircraft Company.

Posted 12-16-99
Mark Knoepflerk, AT2, VP-6 Cubi Point, 76-78

I am looking for Chuck Davis.  He was stationed there during those times.  He was also an AT at Cubi Point.

Posted 12-18-99
Van Harmon  HM3, Subic Naval Hospital, 83-85

Dear fellow Corpsman, I was stationed at Subic Naval Hospital from April83 to June85. I was very sad when they shut the base down. If anyone remembers me please email me. My name is VAN HARMON  HM3 . We all had some great times together. Van Harmon. Wichita, Kansas

Posted 12-24-99
PC2 John Stillwell,  Fleet Mail Center (TNPO), 79-81

Subic Bay was my first duty station.  What a trip. Had a blast, and like many who have visited this site become nostalgic upon doing so.  Can't help forget the bus ride from clark and the great music.  Met some of the best guys in the world while there.  If any of you are out there contact me. I spent 7 years in the USN and wish I had stayed.  What memories.  Anyone who was there with me, contact and lets shoot the breeze.

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