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Posted 4-24-12
Edward R. White, ADJ AN, 1967-1968
AMD Prop Shop

NAS Sangley Point   I ported in the bay quiet a few times while aboard the USS Hornet and The USS Hancock.  While I was at Sangley I would visit sometimes.  I enjoyed the PI and will never forget her. The reason I'm sending you all a message is I have been trying to locate fellow servicemen from Subic and Cubi who were apart of the Rescue/Recovery at Ruby Towers in Manila on August 2 1968 and the week fallowing.  That's when the 7.3 earthquake collapsed the Towers and killed close to 300 people.  I know thee were personnel from just about all the US facilities in the PI there.  If by chance you were there or you know of someone who was please contact me

Posted 4-24-12
John D. Lampke, in Subic from 1982 to 1992
Aboard USNS Passumpsic, Hassayampa, Chauvenet, Navasota, Kilauea

First off, what a great web site! Keep up the good work! Sure brings back fond memories. I never realized how much a part of my life Subic had become until long after the base closed. I’ve been back a few times since, the last time was in ’08. It’s a lot quieter now, as you would expect. Anyway, I’m looking for a drinking buddy from those days – Charlie D. Johnson. I believe he was an AC2 in ’86. “Stationed dito”, as the girls would say. Married to a beautiful Philippina lady named Cora. Anybody that knows how I can contact him (or just wants to say hi) please send me a heads-up . I’m still working for MSC and still living near Eugene, OR.

Posted 4-24-12
Dave Bender, SH2, Armed Forces Police, Subic Bay, 1972 - 1975

I found this website recently and was looking through the many postings and remembering what a great time we had on AFP when I came across a posting from OS2 Jerry Johnson who was on Armed Forces Police with us. He mentioned that he is in contact with Top Garrison. He goes on to mention that he is trying to find John Flaherty and, low and behold, my name was mentioned!!! What a blast from the past!!!!!  To jog your memory, I was an SH2 when on AFP and was the off base patrol supervisor. I remember John Flaherty being a Desk Sergeant. Jerry Johnson said he is trying to locate John and so are some of the rest of us. We heard he either is or was a San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff in California but we have not been able to make contact with him yet.  I have contact info on Mike Cuff, Gary Gillam, Ernie Perkins and Jim Shatokin. In fact, Jim Shatokin is here in San Diego where I am and we are trying to find as many 1972-1976 AFPs as we can in hopes of having an AFP Reunion. I just hope all of us are still 10-8. If anyone has any info on anybody that was an AFP during this time, we would like to hear from you. What a tour of duty. Anybody remember "Manny" the PC who rode with me each night in unit "Echo"? How many of you AFPs were with us the night we went to the bar owned by the family of Olongapo Police Officer DelRosario at 10th & Gordon to drink San Miguel and eat barbecued "aso adobo" (known in English as dog)!!! How about all the 10-20 drills during the curfew runs in town. How about coming 10-19 to 10-14 Whiskey? Wow, what a tour of duty and one that any AFP can never forget. I think Paul Gross may be out there somewhere still trying to find "The Checkerboard Room" (Ha-Ha).   It would be great to hear from any of you and maybe we could all 10-87 in the future. Let us hear from you and let's have that reunion. All we gotta do is find all of us and then 10-87 somewhere. Hope to hear from you.

Posted 4-24-12
LI1 Eugene Pantano
USS Prairie AD-15 - 1980's, USS Midway CVA 41 - 1950's

I am wondering - why on earth the US moved out of the PI... I loved it there...had  a fantastic time there - Miss the Competition on the Pistol Range there with the MARINES from the Base and Ships.  I ran the Range and  trained MANY  Military Personnel there.....and knew some of the Philippine MARINE Officers on Base. Was there the day the  Bank was robbed near the Main Gate -- and the US MARINES  were  far too slow in doing anything -- the Philippine MARINES pushed them out of the way and shot the  ROBBER DEAD...! Yes indeed ...Major Edanyo -- if you read this.... all the best to you. Good people you folks...God Bless... miss it .

Posted 4-24-12
Jack Daley,abh3,
Station Cubi Point Crash Fire, 1964 to 1966, then Cubi MAA 1966 to 1967

Wondering if anyone I served with is still around, would love to hear from you.

Posted 4-24-12
James Kuhns

I did two 6 months TAD tours at Cubi Point in 1960 & 1961 from VCP-61 and VAP-61 Agana, Guam. Was part of the group that moved the photo lab to the warehouse area close to the Cubi Point gate.  I was in VCP-61/VAP-61 for two years and was a PH3 while at Cubi Point, made PH2 about the time I left Guam to go to Miramar.  

Posted 4-24-12
Rob Billingsly

I went through Subic in '68 - stayed in the transit barracks while waiting to forward to the USS Jamestown.  Sometime after midnight we were rousted - we had just been 'volunteered' to fight a fire in Olongapo.  I recall that it consumed quite a bit of Potown - people trying to run in and either loot or get their belongings.  Propane tanks would frequently explode.  Nothing like running between burning buildings with a [heavy!] fire hose while wondering where the oxygen went.   Quite a night, but I can't seem to find any info on that fire.  I sometimes think I'm having senior moments, but I have a 'Certificate of Gratitude' and pictures of receiving said certificate, which had been forwarded to the Jamestown.  Anybody remember that blaze?   After my shipboard tour, I was stationed at the San Miguel Comm Station, so I took many trips to Olongapo while there.  Great memories.

Posted 4-24-12
Bob Mericle

I was stationed at the Repair Station in 1945 & early 46; sorry to say I have no pictures of the base--other than in my minds eye!  I was in the electrical division with our shop being located just off the beach near the floating dry dock.  Fond memories!

Posted 4-24-12
DT1 Art Eadie, 1970 - 1971

I was stationed at the Dental Clinic in '70-'71. I'd like to talk with anyone who was there during that time period. I was an dental equipment repairman and had to take care of Subic, Cubi, the ships, San Miguel, and Sangley Point. I had an interesting and fun 2 years in the PI and was sorry that everything closed down there. Anyone who wants to talk can email me.

Posted 4-24-12
Drew Bailey, EN3, 1981 - 1983

The is D. Bailey EN3 I am looking for the crew of YTB 775 and 784 from 1981-1983. Like to know what happen to you all after I left! as Like to know what happen to AJ and the others.

Posted 4-24-12
Jerry “Mouse” Mouton GMG2

Was in the Philippines  ’68, ’69 & ’70 aboard the USS Mauna Kea AE- 22  and the last year aboard the USS Ponchatoula AO-148. Played volleyball at Cubi Point; got drunk at a ship’s barbeques several times at Grande Island; danced my feet off at the Sampaguita Base Club and was the most handsome guy in Olongapo as long as I had pesos and a carton of cigarettes.  What a place to grow up.  Definitely a rite of passage for a many of young sailors.  Magoos and monkey on a stick were my favorites.  Miss my shipmates and have been able to see a few at the ship reunions.  If you know me email me anytime.

Posted 4-24-12
Peter O'Dowd

I am trying to contact anyone who may have remembered a visit by approx 4 sailors from HMAS Brisbane to the Naval Hospital in Subic Bay around the May 1969 time frame.

Posted 4-24-12
SK3  Ben Munji  1976-1977  AFP

I was TAD’d at the AFP for more than a year late 75 to 1977.  If anyone remembers me or those times please email me.  Calling on Chief Long,  Lawler , Agra, Bender, Childress, Biehler, Stover… and anyone who was there at the time, Maybe we could get a reunion going. It has been 33 years but the memories will never be erased.

Posted 4-24-12
Lt Dennis J. Callahan, Security Officer, US Naval Magazine

I am searching for a dear friend of mine who served with MOMAG, SUBIC BAY NAVAL MAGAZINE in the Philippines during 1989-1991.  Her name is Linda Phillips (Ratner). She went then to Monterey, California at the Language School there where I lost touch of her.   Please email me if you have any information that can help me find Linda Phillips.   Thanks in advance....  

Posted 4-24-12
Robert D. Mericle, USNR

I was stationed at the Ship Repair Unit, SRU3002 in September of 1945 as a naval electrician working from a quonset hut shop located on the water front! In that Subic Bay had limited capability, we could only service ships to the APA class--and of course landing craft! We did have a small dry dock, and all the shops necessary to provide most emergency repairs---did not have many replacement parts available.   Our shop had very few navy personnel--mostly Filipinoes--one who had graduated from the university in CAVITE! As a result, I have never been in touch with anyone who served there--perhaps this contact will yield some results!   Thanks for doing the history thing---sure would be nice to get some of the early years!

Posted 4-24-12
Jim Pruiett, YN2, 1/63 to 12/63

I served at Cubi Point NAS during the year 1963.  I worked at the Administration Building as a yeoman 2nd class.  Have fond memories of my time there. Remember I had to have 4 or 5 San Miguels before getting on the bus to Clark or Manila.  I remember the pee stops where all the women went behind the bushes to relieve themselves and afterwards the men would do the same.  I dreaded the shore patrol on the buses, especially the last cattle car to Cubi. There was always several of the guys who had more than their share of San Miguel beer and half way up the hill to Cubi wanted everyone to get out and push.  I loved my time there and would like to return sometime for a visit. Had a great relationship with the corpsmen who were right next door.  I always thought they were highly trained. Great board, keep up the good work.  

Posted 4-24-12
Mike Browne

I was homeported at Subic between February and October of '62 as a yeoman striker on the flag allowance of the Commander, Amphibious Group One, then from 10/62 to 4/64  I was stationed ashore where I worked for KCMB radio as a disc jockey, then Port Services and finally on the base newspaper, the Subic Bay News.   The Education & Training Officer on the base was Lieutenant (jg) Edward R. Murphy, Jr.,  who took my liberty card until I passed a high school GED, for which I later thanked him years later after I was out of the Navy and a college grad.  Mr. Murphy became the executive officer of the USS Pueblo, which was captured by North Korea in 1968.  He spent 11 months in captivity and co-authored a book about the experience, "Last Man Across The Bridge."   I worked for two civilians on the base.  Dave Burckman was the base public information officer and a former Journalist First Class, and Oscar Miranda, a Filipino civilian who edited the base paper.  When I was asked why Oscar was the editor and I, a round-eyed white guy was not, I replied , "Because Oscar is a Cornell University graduate and I have a high school GED."   My best buddy in those days was Lance Corporal Frank Chirco of San Jose, CA., where he now runs a barber college, unless he's retired by now.  He was one an orderly for the Amphibious Group One commander, a rear admiral.   After Subic, I spent my last year of active service, 64-65,  aboard the USS Oriskany (CVA-34) which some of you may remember burned up in the Tonkin Gulf when the flare locker when up and spread to the ordinance on the hangar and flight decks.  My replacement died in that fire.   Nice site.  

Posted 4-24-12
John Link (YN3), 1957 - 1959

I was at Cubi Point (FASRON 113) from late 1957 until late 1959.  The day I left FAS113 was decommissioned and all aircraft and personnel transferred to NAS.  Of course during my tour I visited Bagio and Manila a lot.  I had some good times in the PI; great beach parties!  

Posted 4-24-12
James Young, PC3, 1975 - 1976
Cubi Post Office

Looking for David A.Young station in Subic 1975-?. He worked on service crafts was a BM3 in 1975 and was married to a filipna named Vicki. Lived in on base housing, lost touch with him and like to know if he is still around.

Posted 4-24-12
N. Steven Larsen, DP2 (ret), 1967 - 1968

I was stationed at NAVMAG Subic from May 1967 to May 1968. Does anyone remember when the, I think it was an F4 crashed on top of a bunker of 5” shells. The whole base shook. I would love to hear from anyone stationed there when I was. We had a team in the base basketball league The Subic Hares. I left NAVMAG to go to DP "A" school in Treasure Island.

Posted 4-24-12
Shelby Gaul, PH3

Hello, Looking at those photos brought back a lot of memories.  PI was my first experience of leaving the Mainland U.S. to go to another Country, learned a lot.  I was stationed at Cubi Point where I was a photographer's Mate assigned to FICPACFAC in 1969-1970 after which I left and was re-assigned to the USS Coral Sea (CVA-43). I remember they filmed a movie there out past the NAVMAG in the jungle area.  It was called "Too Late the Hero" and was directed by Robert Aldrich.  Got to be one of the "British Soldiers" on the movie and was there when some of the military dependants, who were smoking in one of the bamboo shacks "accidently" set it on fire and half the set was burned down.  Film was finished anyway using just the unburned part of the set the next day. Enjoyed the site and will come back again to view it.

Posted 4-24-12
Regina Marsh, 1989 - 1992 

EN3 Regina "Gina" Marsh (Stenger)  Stationed in Baaton YTB-798 1989 to 1992   Just trying to see if there is anyone that remembers going to Red River and Bogarts and some of the guys from the Midway. I ciuld dance a mean 10 step and cotton eye joe.   I did dance alot with Ronnie and sometimes with Sandy (Cotton eye Joe)   Sometimes I went to T's Tavern and when you come across shit river you make the 1st right and it was the bar on the left it had Twoffer's on tuesday buy 1 and 1 one free.  Pitchers of Mojo were great.... email me . Hope to here from you son. PS : Knew Mark Rissler,RonnieThomas, Wayne Jamison, Bonnie Vansel, Michael Vansel, Supervisor was Tony Golson, EN2 Bellows, I mostly hung out in the Country Bars.

Posted 4-24-12
William Horniman, ENCM Ret
COMPHIBGRUONE out of Subic, June 1963 – Jan 1965
Cubi Point Master At Arms, Jan 1965 – Feb 1967

Always have found memories of the duty in the Philippines. Retired in Manila in 1980 and moved back to the states in 1985. Have been back since on vacations.  Subic and Cubi have really changed since the military left. Far cry from when the exchange rate was 3.10P to 1.

Posted 4-24-12
W. Goodwin, Service Craft, 1963 - 1964

Hi  I am Wayne goodwin. I was in the PIin 1963-64 on the YOG-61 with Vern Partner, Bill Morrow, Harley Rackley, Frank Gidner, Kenney Murfey and I was wondering if any of these guys are still around?? Any info would be great.

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