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Posted 1-01-03
George Munroe, BM2/C, 1945

My name is George Munroe. I was part of the original party in Subic from the Sub. Div. 181 from the Tender Fulton. We helped established the Base and were later helped by the CB Battalian. Any one who remembers these time period there, give me a call. Those were tough times back in the early 1945.

Posted 1-05-03
Richard Paton (AN, AT3)
ATTACK SQUADRON 147 (Jason & The Argonauts)
USS Constellation CVA-64, for Wespac 10/71 to 06/72
Wespac 02/73 to 11/73; & Wespac 06/74 to 10/74

Aboard USS Constellation CVA-64, for Wespac 10/71 to 06/72; Wespac 02/73 to 11/73; & Wespac 06/74 to 10/74 (released from active duty 10/74). Last departue was from Cubi to Clark (stuck there during ten days of savage typhoon activity)...there was also the dicey taxi ride to Clark under marshall law (which cost the four of us a fortune in cash, and beaucoup packs of Marlboro Reds to get through all those little guard shacks in every village on the road) I then flew a 28 hour "milk run" all over the Pacific to wind up at Lemoore NAS, Ca. for seperation. I also served on the VA-147 "Beach Det" at Cubi on & off, doing corrosion control & keeping the Cubi cafeteria's supply of ice-cold, $.10 Heinekens from accumulating any excess quantities! About five or six each for lunch, but with the heat during the walk back down to the field we were straight as judges back at work. When working "On The Beach", I stayed at a buddy's (who was on beach det off the Midway) at his digs on upper Kalaklan Rd. near the "Cork Room" and got much more into the local scene, a very nice change from being just another mere "Fleetie" bum about town. And there was also the horrendous three week stay at the Subic Transit Barracks, pure hell in spades, due to our beach det's POIC pretending not to read English on my orders, and also due to his total lack of squadron esprit de corps...he got his butt chewed out big time before long, for sending our unit's stragglers to transit instead of taking us into the det. What a creep! I had more port calls at Subic than it's possible to count during that three year period, and have always missed the place after my last departure.  My best to you & the retirees there. P.S. Do you all remember Blaylock's Taxis, and the alligator at Pauline's?

Posted 1-10-03
Robin Scates BM3, Mobile Boat Pool No.1, 1956 - 1957

Hi my name is Robin Scates BM3, 56,57. Assigned to Mobile Boat Pool No.1 Subic BAY PI. While there my job was coxswain on the M Boats, Supplies, People, Work Partys, ect. and of couse running liberty boats to the ships, must have hauled thousands of drunks home. I didn't mine though. Some of those boys been out there a long time:).... they rated it. The reason I'm here is because I've been looking for a old shipmate and friend. His name is JERRY MOHEAD. We made our rate together in 56. He would have retired long ago. We served on the USS Luzon, Arg7, LST 1123, MBPno.1.Sasebo. Any info would be wonderful. Thanks!  This a great site thanks to the Webmaster.

Posted 1-18-03
Carmine Ferruggia Jr AO3 / AO2, 4/1981 to 6/1983
MMMU-1 ( Mobile Missile Maintenance Unit # 1 ) Naval Magazine at Subic Bay / Cubi Pt.

Navy creed, Work hard, Play hard. Boy did we play hard. First went to the P.I. on a R&R back in 1979 from NAS Agana Guam, and was instantly in love. Told my detailor I would sell my soul to the Navy for a set of orders there. Well a couple of yrs later I got my Guard III duty to MMMU-1. I was in heaven. The duty was great, learned alot. Made AO2 , made tons of freinds and oh yah, got married. My daughter was born there, well 20 yrs later I am still married to that Filipina. ( Connie ) Went back after I left 3 times, 83, 84 and the final time in 85. They would place a sign in the window of the Sea Breeze Bar on Gordon Ave that said. "Welcome home "C" and the U.S.S. Carl Vinson" I still tell stories of my adventures there. Well I am hoping to get a hold of a few long lost shipmates. So if you know me give me a Holler . God Bless "Big C".

Posted 1-31-03
Bill McWilliams, FSD Cubi Point 88-90

Well, here we are another year.  I think its time for a new message!  By the way, thanks to this sight I have found several people so far.  I think of the P.I. often. Both GOOD and BAD!!  I thought I would share some of my thoughts briefly.  First, the bad.  This duty station was probably the beginning of the end for my naval career.  Come on, sending an 18 year old to the Phillipines for his first duty station is not the brightest thing I ever heard of. (but the funnest. That comes under the good!!)  Most memerable was the command in which I served in. Now I could sit here and cuss them all night long, but that is in the past!  Ultimately my downfall was my fault. Them rat-bastards could not help that I was young dumb and full of cum..ha!  And, I did finally grow mature enough not to abuse the booze.

NOW, the good stuff!!!!  That place was overpowering to say the least.  I went over there as a virgin.  Boy did I make up for lost time!!  That place will always hold a special place in my heart.  I remember the first jeepme ride, the first bar I went to (which was Viva Young), the first time I walked out the gate (which was the most terrifying thing I think I did at the time. NO, that would be the bus ride from Clark. (haha)  I remember them cold ass barracks buildings, man did those air conditioners work or what?  I had some real interesting roomates during my stay as well.  I had one guy that puked in the trash can almost every night.  I roomed with a marine mp for a time that was the craziest son-of-bitch I think I have met all my life. I think his name was Ted Schlinker or something. If you read this Ted, give me a shout!!  Anyway, Tango Yankee Sarg, for this great sight!!  I think it would be great to have the whole base back for a reunion!!  That would shock the PI wouldnt it!!!!  Till next time, see you guys and keep this sight going strong!!

Posted 2-02-03
David Finnigsmier, AD1/GSM1, 1973 - 1985
P-3 Flight Engineer/Gas Turbine Systems, VP-6, VP-17, VP-22 Squadrons
USS John A Moore FFG-19, USS Cushing DDG

Fond memories of the Philippines. Was there on 10 deployments from 1973 to 1985. At N.A.S. Cubi point. Mostly hung out at VP alley, when the Paso rate was 8 to a dollar! oh well! I married a girl from Sierra club (waitress) in 1981 and still going strong. I miss the PI bad. Hope to go back someday! The wife won't let me go by myself! damn! no trust! lol

Posted 2-09-03
Steve Donner (SK3) USS Sterett CG-31, 86-88

Hello all you Subic brothers and sisters!  I'm looking for anyone who served with me on the Sterett from 86-88.  Check out They are planning a reunion this August in Bremerton, WA.  Great website!!!

Posted 2-09-03
Bill Murphy, O.M.A. Maintance Control, Cubi Point, 1970 - 1972

Hi. My name is Bill Murphy and I was an AE-3 stationed at NAS Cubi Point (Subic) from June of 1970 to June of 1972. I was attached to O.M.A. Maintance Control. I lived in town at 25th Street, West Bajac Bajac. I rented my house from a retired Navy Chief Stewart, Maury De Los Santos. I would love to hear from anyone who was in the PI at that time. Thanks!

Posted 2-23-03
Jim Pope, USS Boton, 1979 - 1980

Like to hear from all shipmates.

Posted 3-02-03
David M. Battiste, Post Office

While attached to the Post Office at Cubi Point, Sgt Wate/Wade/Waite was assigned to Subic Main Post Office, worked with PCC Davis and other military postal peronnel. Although I was attached to Cubi Post Office, Sgt was attached to Subic Post Office. I am in need of getting in touch with you.

225 687 8715, DAVID M. BATTISTE, USN-Rtd

Posted 3-6-03
Chuck Anderson, AMS3, 1992

I am AMS3 Chuck Anderson.  I was there with the USS Bellau Wood (LHA-3) back in November of 1992, while I was assigned to HC-5 Det 6.  I just wanted to say that I had the time of my life there and I think that we all lost something when the base closed.  I would like to hear from anybody else that was there with the Bellau Wood when we closed the base.  Thanks.

Posted 3-6-03
John E. McCormack, Jr.  AE-2, 1969 - 1970 & 1970 - 1971
VF-211 (USS Hancock CVA-19)
Shore detachment (Check Crew, F-8 Crusader, CAG-21

I was at Cubi Point for two cruises, 1969-1970 & 1970-1971.  I left Cubi in February, 1971.  I am interested in hearing from anyone in VF-211 or civilians I knew on or off base during those time periods. After my Navy enlistment expired, I entered the CT Army National Guard & retired as a First Sergeant (E-8).  I have also retired from the local phone company (SNET).   Hope to hear from you.

Posted 3-06-03
Julius Mesias, HMC(FMF), 1983, 1986, 1987 - 1991

Occasionally I visit this website to relive the memories. I first visited Subic in January 1983 as a civilian being recruited into the US Navy. It was a trying experience, competing against 20,000 applicants for about 400 slots (average annual stats if I’m not mistaken). At any rate, I made the cut, got my head shaved at the Recruiting “A” station and shipped out to San Diego for boot camp. My next visit was in November 1986, as a HM3 with 3rd Bn, 9th Marines. My battalion was pulled from Okinawa to augment the security of the base during the many coup de etats in the PI. We ended up staying for four months. Had a great time training with the Philippine Marines, and even a grander time conducting liberty ops. I hung out with my buddies mostly at the Straw Hat Pizza, Rock Trax and at Cal Jam. My battalion very, very reluctantly redeployed to Korea and Okinawa for the Team Spirit.

As soon as we got back to the US, I started preparing to go to the diving community but my career counselor (bless his heart) fucked up my orders, and hooked me up with orders to the PI in order to make amends. I reported to USNH Subic Bay in October 1987 and got farmed out to Subic Dispensary where I spent the next four years. Nothing compares to this experience. Terrible workload (averaged 80 whining patients every day) and stood 24-hour EMT duty every four days, but being in the PI was worth all the hard work. Made many good friends among my fellow Sailors and Filipino civilian coworkers. Continued training with the courageous Papa Mikes. Liberty ops every available minute. Many trips to Manila, occasionally to Baguio Frequent fishing and diving trips to Grande Island and surrounding waters. Many girl friends. Many, too many, empty San Miguel beer bottles. I first lived at 52 Jones St for a couple of years until I got married to then HM3 Laura Gropp. We moved to Basa St at East Tapinac and eventually moved on base to East Kalayaan housing.

The Subic experience was truly a unique and great phenomenon. I will never forget the great friends I made there and the good times we all had. Mt Pinatubo brought a cataclysmic end to my Subic experience. I departed in October 1991.

Posted 3-14-03
Randall Richards AO2, VA-115, 1985 - 1987

Would like to hear from anyone with USS MIDWAY and VA-115. Also looking for O.C. Condullie who may be in the P.I. and Ret.

Posted 3-19-03
AME2(AW) Jack Van Kuren, USN 81-89
Civilian - H.B. Zachry, 89-91
Prey Van Kuren, Cork Room Cellar

Hello to all my former VP (P-3) shipmates and all the guys who helped build the 264 housing. I still can't help checking this site almost daily. Subic, Cubi, Olongapo, The Barrio, Subic City, just tthe memories are antoxicating. Precy and I are still doing well in Buffalo, N.Y., although she obviously hates the winters. Everytime I talk about visiting the PI, she loves the idea - as long as I stay home! We welcome emails from all who knew us. Take care.

Posted 3-19-03
Larry (Bud) Kohler, 1961 - 1962

Was stationed at cubi from July 1961 to Dec 1962. Attached to ComFairSouthWestPac and my duties were at the ANO Air Navigation Supply Office. I'm still in touch with 5 of the men that were in that office at that time. Where are the rest of you? Looking for Andy Anderson, Larry Huff, J L Parker, Donald Barnett and J B Murphy. If anyone knows of these guys please e-mail me. I married a philippino girl there and we have been married now for 41 years and had 3 children. Anyone stationed there at that time or who worked in ANO is more than welcome to e-mail me and we can talk about old times. P.S. I just turned 60 March 10-03. Amboy Washington

Posted 4-02-03
Bob Yeaman GMCS, USN, Ret., 1967 - 1968, 1970

I am looking for anyone who was with the Base Master At Arms or actually stationed on Grande Island as a Master At Arms, there were only a few of us.

Posted 4-17-03
Larry Harrison, AMH-3, VAP-61 Cubi Det, 1964 and 1965

Spent about 6 months total at Cubi with VAP-61 and then came back for beach det with VF-162 in 1966. Our line shack for VAP-61 was next to the small fighter hangar (which we managed to blow them both up after I left) I enjoyed my time there. Still talk about it all the time.

Posted 4-17-03
Ralph Damato, HM3, 1969 - 1971

Hi served with Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 7 Cubi Point RP.. 69-71. I was looking for a friend of mine who worked in admin. I forgot his name but he had a motorcycle and we took a few excursions. We traveled to a town north of Subic.  Not many Americans there. We were going to a bar upstairs where there were Americans and I had a bad feeling and convinced him to go to the PI bar first. We sat and was drinking a beer when some jeeps rolled up. The PI's got buggy and hid us behind a partition saying something about Huks. I was real scared and could only pray. They ran upstairs and opened fire and I could hear bodies dropping. Then they looked into the bar where we were and only seen PI's and left. My friend and I got back on the bike and made it back to the base. I know that the one Huk was trying to take over the town. He had a 50 cal mounted on his jeep and managed to do away with his opposition a week before. I would like to get in touch with this friend. I still can't get that thought out of my mind and how lucky we were.

Posted 8-20-03
Danny J. Frazier MS1(SW) Ret USN, 1973 - 1975

I was stationed at NAS Cubi Point from Dec 1973 to Dec 1975.I wish life was as great now as it was during those years. I loved the PI and All its people. I am still married to my honeyko and we live in Texas. I would like to hear from anyone who was there at the NAS galley during that time, Steve or George.

Sorry For The Break In Postings - Personal Matters Needed Tending Too
Posting Of All These Message Has Begun And Will Finish Before Years End

Posted 9-02-03
Christopher Kellogg, EN3, Port Ops Harbor Security, 1983 - 1986

I was stationed at Port Ops Harbor Security from 1983 to 1986. It was the best times I have ever had. My daughter was born at the Naval Hospital there. I'd like to hear from anyone from Port Ops during my time there. Not a day goes by I don't think of my time there and all the partying we did there even though I was married. 

Posted 9-02-03
Eugene (Gene) Campbell, Cubi Point, 1956 - 1957

I was stationed at Cubi Point when commissioned in 1956 assigned to the Communications Department.  After graduation from Teletype Maintenance "C" School I spent a brief time in COMPHIBGRU ONE onboard the USS Mount McKinley (AGC-7) homebased in San Diego before receiving orders for Cubi.  Left Cubi in October 1957 as a TE1 (Teleman) to return to the states for discharge.  My wife joined me in 1956 and our son was born at the hospital at Cubi in August 1957.  Many good memories. 

Posted 10-5-03
Eric Kemp, ET1, 1985 - 1989

I was stationed at Cubi Point Ground Electronics while in the Navy. Had orders back for a second tour in '91 but they got canc'ed.... and we all know why. I miss the place dearly and I still return there to visit now and then. One of my favorite places Mariposa's on Magsaysay... and Subic City. Does anyone remember a Leony Arellano? She worked at Mercy drugstore. I would love to get in touch with her again. She was a very good friend. And also if anyone knows the where abouts of the little person (midget) that worked over in the "Jungle". Cannot remember her name.

Posted 10-5-03
Marty Holt, 1955 - 1957

I was stationed in Subic from Sep 55 - May 57 and worked as an announcer at the radio station KCMB.  Was also a life guard.  I married Brenda Fisher who I met in Subic.  We will celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary this year.  Looking for anyone who might remember us.

Posted 10-5-03
Richard Rios, BM3, USS Wichita AOR-1, 1980 - 1984

Well it's that time again----posting a message for any former shipmates out there. Every time I visit this site it's like a very sweet stroll down memory lane. Started with a visit to the Pussy Cat and nice cold pitcher of Mojo while looking out over Magsaysay and the hustle and bustle of the street. After that it was a short walk to the Genisis to see one heck of a guitar player imitate E V H and to tip my favorite waitress. Next it was straight over to Apple Rock for the burst of loud music to re-awake and re-charge the batteries. And last but certainly not least was a trip over to the Solid Gold club and sit with Tina. Boy what a knockout she was. I still remember how good she smelled when we would dance, which says alot about her cause I am the worlds worst dancer, but could never turn her down when she wanted to dance. Well the memories are still smoldering but of course those are times that have passed. I wish all the new recruits going into the Navy or Marines could have had just a taste of what a good time was in Subic Bay, because I doubt there will ever be another like it. No matter how bad or rough westpac was we knew we always had Subic for a couple of weeks per visit. We were usually there three time per cruise and that still wasn't enough for some-----yeah including me. Anyone who remembers me or just wants to chew the fat about Subic, fell free to drop me a line. Have a good one shipmates and I'll read ya later.  

Posted 10-5-03
Dwight E. Knutson,  ENFN,   YTB 794, 1973 - 1975

I was stationed aboard the USS MANDAN  YTB 794  at  NAVSTA Subic Bay.  Great duty staion, great liberty and great people to work with. Especially remember pulling three Marines out of the bay Thanksgiving evening around 1930 hrs 1975.  Never did hear what their story was but it was a cold evening and in the middle of a typhoon. Some of my shipmates were BM1 R P Jones,  BM3 Sid Kindler,  SN Steve Penny,  ENFN Dana Adams.  Any former tug sailors feel free to drop me a line.

Posted 10-5-03
Dale Fraser, HMCS, USN, RET.
Naval Station Subic Bay Dispensary, 1967 - 1969
USS Enterprise, 1974 - 1977
And Other TAD'S to Subic

I would like to hear from anyone who may be going to this years reunion in Subic Bay scheduled for Oct 2003.  I am interested in attending and would like to have someone to travel with.

Posted 10-5-03
Cliff Emerson, ADJ3, VFP-63 Det 14 (Knights of  Nork) Jan 1968 - Aug 1968

Does anyone remember in Aug of '68 when the 'Tico was anchored in the harbor because the Connie could not leave due to a monsoon? Tico launched 5 or 6 F8's that were going to transpac. They also recovered a few Spads. All while at anchor. It was quite a sight. I got to see it from shore since I had flown off the Tico a couple days earlier to fix a plane for our relieving detatchment. Be glad to hear from anyone that was there then or in VFP-63.

Posted 10-5-03
Craig MacDonald, STG2(sw), Cubi Pt FSD, 1992

One of my fondest memories was our going away party near the closing of the base in Oct 92. We had it at Sweet 16 in Subic City. Those little hard bodied gals still frequent my dreams. Some guy eating the banana out of a girl dancin on those smooth pool table was a classic moment. MA1 Skip Rule, email me if you see this!!

Posted 10-5-03
Bill Jones ETN2 (E-5), USS Catamount LSD-17, 1969 -1972

Made many trips between Vung Tau Vietanm and Subic, we returned burned out river boats to Subic where they would refurbish them and then we would return them Vung Tau to be destroyed again. Great Site! Here's some things I remember about good old Subic: -"Monkey Meat" - Great Stuff whatever it was, my wife doesn't believe all the stories of eating whatever they sold! -"Goat Island EM Club" - Snorkling along the beach, hamburgers and beer from the club. -"S#!* River" and all the kids who would beg you to throw coins into the river and then they would dive for the coins. I wonder if any of them survived without catching a bad disease? -"GI polish your shoes?" If you said 'no' they might smear a handfull of black polish on your dress whites. -Don't BUTTERFLY!! or you might end up in S#!* River with a knife in your back. -The day after your first night drinking San Magoos. What a mess! -Liberty Boats if you weren't lucky enough to get a berth and had to tie to a bouy. -Fried Rice with scrambeled eggs -The first real wave that hits your ship when it left the harbor. LSD's are flat bottomed! -"Ina-Godda-Divita" drum solos that went on for an hour -SP "Shore Patrol Duty" Breaking up fights, missing their face and punching a wall. All the B-girls tried to get you to go home with them. Safe to say "I no butterfly" they usually left you alone unless they were good looking, then you played along. -Trying to make it back to the ship before curfew. -Being 20-23 yrs old.

Posted 10-5-03
Benjamin Gorospe, SK2, Cubi Pt (Air Terminal), Aug 1991 - Nov 1992

This is an AWESOME website! It really brings back a lot of memories! Bravo Zulu!  I was stationed in Cubi Pt right after Mt. Pinatubo erupted, I even thought my orders were going to get cancelled but thank God it didn't. I was single when I was stationed there and I loved every minute of it. It was very hot, even when it was raining and work was not easy on the flight line. We off loaded cargoes and passengers, but mostly cargoes from C-130s, C-141s and C-5s..... We didn't mind the hard work though, because we know whats waiting right after....LIBERTY! lots of it! It didn't matter if you're tired from working all day, as soon as you get off the base and see Magsaysay Street, you get Energized! They had curfews off base but only if they catch you. I would go to sleep around 5pm till about midnight, then go to my favorite hang out - Chatterbox Pizzahaus..... I love their calamari, the iced tea and they had great bands (all clubs there had great bands)..... I had tons of good memories and great fun, I just regret that I never took pictures of the base, the clubs and everything else. I guess I was just having too much fun. That is why I really appreciate this website. I get to see all the pictures and it brings back all the memories. It was a very sad day when the Philippine Govt decided to kick us out and close the base. I still remember listening to the radio in my rented apartment when they were casting votes. Anyway, to all of you that was stationed there and experienced it, lets keep the memories alive and keep sending pictures if you have any, so that  everybody can see what Good and Great times we had! 

Posted 10-5-03
Lou D. Stubbs, 1946 - 1947, 1952

My name is L.D. Stubbs.  I was stationed at, or operated out of, Subic Bay during 1946 and 1947.  In 1950 I was recalled into the Korean Fracas and was sent to Subic Bay again.  In 1952 my second son was born at the old base hospital.  I'm sure he would enjoy communicating with anyone born there in 51 or 2.  I will be glad to put anyone interested in touch with him.  My wife (American) spent 19 months there.  I spent about 4-6 months in the base permnant Shore Patrol Force, and the remainder of my Korean tour on the AFDM 5 at the ship repair facility there.  Would be interested in hearing from anyone from those days.  I was an EnD1 and later an EnDC. PS...  My mailing address is: 

Dr. L,D. Stubbs, 907 Red Cut Rd., De Queen, AR  71832 - 870-642-2500

Posted 10-11-03
Cliff Jessup,  SN,  USS AFDM-5,  1967 - 1968

Stationed on the floating dry dock AFDM 5  (Big-5) Ran one of the cranes and worked the float during docking.  Site brings back a flood of memories.  It would be great to hear from anyone who served on the drydock.

Posted 10-11-03
ABH3 Gregory
Duty NAS Cubi Pt Air Terminal-Freight Services 1985 - 1987
USS Ranger V-1 Div. ABHAN 1982 - 1983

USS Constellation V-1 Div. ABH2 1984 - 1985 / 1988 - 1989

It would be redundant to say that this site "takes me for a walk into the past". To all the ATC's in the tower that I gave headaches to - forgive me? You guys did a hellova job during Clark AB closure. Ya'll remember - those C141's and C5's every 20 minutes 24/7 for 6 months. The Air Terminal was a close knit group, and I forged some of my most memorable friendships with Military/Civilian alike. SK's ABH's.........You know who you are! I'm Kickin' it down here in TEXAS! Yah, T's Tavern banned me! Drop me a line. Beep Beep!

Posted 10-11-03
Bill Lewis, SFP3, UDT 11

Was in and out of Old PO City from 1966 thru 1970.  The RAINBOW CLUB was the seen of many a memorable events.  The smell and sights of the city and it's people is indelibly etched into my mind.  What times they were and what a place to young in.

Posted 10-11-03
Ronald Baluch, US Naval Hospital, 1970 - 1971

I, Ronald Baluch, was stationed at US Naval Hospital, Subic Bay, PI from January, 1970 through August, 1971 and served as an OR Tech with the Dental department under Dr. Sugg and Dr. Tooker.  My rate was DT2.  I'm looking for anyone who also served then, and remembers our gang.  I would like to hook up with any others there during that time. 

Posted 10-11-03
Don Hoover

I was stationed at the Naval Station Sangley, Air Operations during March of 1952 until March of 1954. I flew on the PBY-6A and -5A, and the PBM-5A that hauled the mail from Clark AFB prior to Cubi Point being completed. One time we lost an engine on the PBM, and the Seabee's used their floating crane and lifted us aboard a barge. A tugboat towed us back to Sangley. Admiral Cruzen, COMNAVPHIL and some Formsan high ranking military were with us when we made the emergency landing. We tied up to a buoy and slept in the plane one night, until the seabees were able to hoist us aboard the barge. Had a lot of neat experiences in the P.I. Don Hoover, Author of "The Road to 311 No. York St."

Posted 10-11-03
Mike Haight, RMCM Retired (1970-1996) Station Dito:
NCS San Miguel, NTCC Subic/Cubi, COMCARGRU FIVE/CTF-70/77

Lived a total of 8 years in Philippines.   Hello to one and all...I've relived lots of memories reading over the writings of this website and it would be good to hear from some old buddies, those still there or elsewhere now.  Take care and God Bless.  Cheers (with a cold San Miguel, of course).

Posted 10-11-03
Allen Meece, 1963 - 1964

I was in Subic three or four time on the USS Edwards, DD950, in 63 and '64. The Philippine people were really sweet and I thought at the time that it'd be a good place to retire on Social Security because the cost of living was really low and the locals still had a great time in that beautiful rain forest!   My destroyer went to the Tonkin Gulf in September "63 and sure enough, like the Maddox and Joy, we got attacked by PT boats for straying too close to shore while a sabotage attack was being conducted against their base at Hon Me.  I wrote about it in my novel "The Abel Mutiny," which is available through my website at  Abel Mutiny novel home  cheers from Allen Meece, USN, 62 - 66

Ps. Here's a sea story that made the rounds of the ships in the Subic Bay Anchorage. A large supply ship hauled anchor one day in 65 and ordered "all ahead slow" and went nowhere. Unbeknownst to her crew, enterprising brass thieves had taken away her propeller, right there in the anchorage!  Could Harbor Security have been out partying?  NOooo  :-)  We think the crew just wanted some more time in Subic!

Posted 10-11-03
David Reed, AME2, FSD, VRC-50, 1986 - 1992

Hey all, this brings back alot of good memories. I have often wondered what the philippines was like after the base closings. Man, I miss that place. Any of my old buddies out there drop me a line.

Posted 10-11-03
Don Taylor  ABE-3, Cubi Point, 68 - 70

Was stationed at Cubi Point from Oct 1968 - Apr 1970.  Worked the Shorebased Arresting Gear, Morest Crew. Lived in the quonset huts across the runway from the control tower, close to the carrier pier. Lots of memories of base and Olongapo come back when ever I check this site. Thanks much to the Marines for bringing this site to all vets. I think back to the Vejo Rum, San Miguel beer, the Cave Bar, Peoples Cafe, Alligator Pit, Pitcher of Shakemup, the unforgetable aroma of the river and the case of hepatitis which put me in the base hospital for 28 days. Would really like to link up with some of the crew (Novak, sword, McCoy, Anderson, Mattson) I know you guys are out there somewhere, drop me a line.  Will check back here often to look for updates and changes to the site. Once again thanks for the great site. (This is a copy from a few years ago, changed my email address)

Posted 10-18-03
Edzel Jereza, PN3 at PSD Cubi Pt, 1990 - 1992

Hey all, this is probably my third or 4th posting.  Just wanted to relay to all that Olongapo and the old base is still alive and well.  Just came back from a 2 week vacation in Olongapo.  I'm up for retirement in about 6 months and my wife and 2 kids are already living in Gordon Heights.  I will be joining them in April of next year for good.  Anyway, most of the clubs in Magsaysay are still alive if not that much crowded....Sam's, Hard Rock Subic, Gigolo, Chatterbox is now called Mondeo's.  Most of the patrons are of the newer generations now, makes me kind of old.  The old base is very clean and of course it has turned into a freeport industrial zone with duty free products, hotels, resorts.  Workers there did a good job.  I just missed the grand Subic Reunion which was supposed to be on the 17th.  Too bad, but I'm looking forward to my retirement there.  Any of my buds out there, drop me a line.

Posted 10-18-03
Larry Heller, RPC(SW) Retired.  NAVSTA Subic Bay 1989 - 1992.

Great Site!  I  visit this site 2-3 times a month, brings back great memories.   I spent 10 years going in and out of Subic on several ships prior to being stationed there from 1989-till base closing.  I worked at Subic Chaplains Office.  Many memories from the Curfews, Coup attempts, Pinatubo eruption and the aftermath....clean-up...but man ow man was it a ball.  I loved every minute.  I miss the smiling faces, the smell of shit river, the feeling when you entered town from the base, meat on a stick. the girls... oh man the girls..hard to explain, but those of you who were there know what I mean...We share a great memory...would be great to hear from any of the guys I ran with....thanks for the ride down memory lane. 

Posted 10-25-03
Nick Napzok EM3,
USS Jason AR-8, Dec 1964 - Sept 1965
USS Falgout, Jan 1966 - Oct 1968

I made many visits to Subic Bay and Olongapo from early 1965 to late 1968 on the 2 ships I proudly served on, the USS Jason (AR-8) and the USS Falgout (DER-324). The Jason was a repair ship and was stationed there for about 3 months in '65 so I had plenty of time to learn about life in the Philippines. Being on the fleet repair ship meant a lot of hard days and nights of work for me and everyone else. At least, we had Olongapo to let off steam in, while on liberty. What a great time that was! In early 1965, I was a 19 year old sailor, fresh out of boot camp, when I experienced Subic Bay and Olongapo for the first time. The old salts aboard the Jason told me about what to expect in town but I wasn't fully prepared for the crazy carnival that was Olongapo in the wild and wooly mid '60s. For a small town boy from Iowa, this was pure culture shock, ha ha.

Some of my most vivid memories are of the mostly friendly inhabitants of Olongapo. I soon learned to steer clear from the ones whose only purpose was to separate me from the pesos in my wallet. I'll never forget the "fragrant" aroma while crossing the infamous "Shit" River into town. I'll never forget fighting through the millions of shoeshine boys who tried to hustle me and everybody else and them trying to sell me their "sister" for 10 pesos, ha ha. I'll never forget the bright lights and the sounds of great rock 'n roll bands coming from the incredible number of bars on dusty Magsaysay Drive. I'll never forget those little brown-skinned Filipina beauties who worked in them places and who always sweetly asked "buy me drink, sailor?" I'll never forget drinking enormous amounts of ice-cold San Miguel beer during those steamy hot days and nights in the P.I. I'll never forget drinking pitchers of Mojos which would bring you to your knees real quick. I'll never forget eating LOTS of dried fish, pancit (noodles) and shrimp fried rice.  I'll never forget one time when I got chased all the way down Magsaysay Drive to the main gate by a butterfly knife swinging Filipina who threatened to cut my balls off because I had stood her up! I'll never forget riding in those impossibly colorful jeepneys with a crazy kamikaze driver at the wheel. I'll never forget chowing down on that famous "monkey meat on a stick" on my way back to the ship every night. I'll never forget riding and fighting in the "cattle cars" taking us drunken sailors back to the piers every night. Last but not least, I'll never forget the D'Crown Club where I first met a girl named BelÚn who was my main squeeze everytime I was in port from '65 until my last visit in June of '68 on the USS Falgout DER-324. I came very close to marrying her. I'll never forget many, many other memories too numerous to mention here without writing a book. My personal motto in those long ago days was "so many women, so much booze and so little time", ha ha.

Nowdays, when I think back to those days, I get a weird grin on my face that my wife can never fully understand, ha ha. I went on 3 more WestPacs on my 2nd ship, the USS Falgout DER-324, but that first one on the Jason was the most memorable one to me. Good ol' Olongapo was always my favorite port, by far.

Posted 11-26-03
Ken Wilkerson, "Sation Ditto", VC-5, 1977 - 1979

Plus many WestPacs. Hello HSL line cronies and Rufadora rotorheads.  Somebody wake up L.C. and tell 'em it's his turn to buy the beer.  Okie Crew; Gene Hatley- if you're out there, drop me a line.

Posted 11-27-03
Robert "Chris" Christensen, PH3
Fleet Air Photo Lab, NAS Cubi Point 1980-1983
US Customs, Military Branch, OPM 1980-1981
Armed Forces Police, Office of the Provost Martial (OPM) 1981-1982
Liaison to Olongapo City Police Dept, OPM 1982

It is apparent to me that for those people who shared the common bond of serving in the Philippines, (Subic Bay, Cubi Point, etc),  it is a bond that only they can truly understand. I too have many, many memories. Some that have been shared here by others and some that are uniquely my own, but suffice to say that the most contented days of my life were those I spent in the Philippines. I remember working with great people on and off base and seeing things that will never come again. I remember screaming across town in my AFP truck during the middle of a typhoon, I remember helping too many servicemen in trouble with the local cops, who were desperate to stay off "legal hold" when their ships were going "back to the world," the sight of a huge Samoan sailor dragging a puny Filipino cop by the head, as everyone watched them struggle down Magsaysay, just before my partner and I rescued them from each other. I remember Bajac Bajacand Pagasa markets and I am proud to say that I was one of the people  involved with getting the Block Parties (Mardi Gras, Octoberfest, etc) started- I worked with then Mayor Gordon's office and served as an Emcee at one of the stages where local bands played. I have to admit that the smell of burning hay still evokes  the memories of riding on a Saulog Liner or Victory Liner as I travelled through the middle of the night, just to arrive in the province (Laguna) as the sun came up. And of course, hanging out at the Cork Room, Straw Hat or some other venue where folk music was played.  I recall the pleasure of living off base, but having the luxury of showering at the base gym when there was no water in 'Gapo.  I would very much like to hear from shipmates that I knew at the Photo Lab or from any of the sailors or marines from the Armed Forces Police crew (OPM).
**Sana'y makita ninyo nitong sinulat ko at sagotin naman ninyo ang e-mail ko.
** Hopefully you'll see what I've written and answer my e-mail.

Posted 11-27-03
John T. Van Warrebey, LIC(AW), 1982 - 1986 and 1990 - 1992

I was lucky to have been stationed in Subic Bay for two different tours. From 1982 to 1986 at Human Resources Detachment, later changed to Organizational Effectivesness Center, Subic Bay.  My second tour was from 1990 to 1992 at COMUSNAVPHIL staff at the CAAC.  My tour was cut short due to the closing of the bases.  I was married there in 1976 and still married today and have three beautiful children that are on there way to starting their own lives.  Subic bay was the BEST Navy Base in the entire world and it was sad to see them ask us to leave.  Any one who I was stationed with can e-mail me.

Posted 11-28-03
Jimmy Edwards, 1970's

Hi, I love this site, my name is Jimmy Edwards. I was in Olongapo City back in the 70's on the U.S.S. Samuel Gompers AD-37. I enjoyed every minute I was in the P.I. Everything was so easy and laidback. I came from the U.S.S. Springfield CLG-7 in the Med. and Spain, Turkey, Italy, Yugoslavia, France and a few other places, but none of those places prepared me for the P.I.. An old Chief "Bosun" told me once that Havana Cuba was the nearest he had ever seen to Subic. Anyone remember the smell of that Sampugita(sp). Man I love that smell. I would sure love to see some of my old shipmates. Rudy Chapman, if you  see this give me a holla. Merle, Carmen and all the crowd from the Red Rooster give a holla.. Anyone that wants to chew the fat about the old days, email me. One thing is there will never be another Subic Bay/Olongapo City. Mabuhay(sp)

Posted 11-28-03
James R. Smith, Motorpool, 1945

I was station in Olongapo from 16 March 1945 to Dec 1945. My Name is JR. Smith USNR Ret. SCPO. I was a FN in the Motor pool would like to hear from any one that was there then.

Posted 11-29-03
Stephen L. McWilliams, Service Craft, Early 1970's

I was stationed on the YO-116 and YTB-369 in the early 1970's at Naval Station Subic Bay Service Craft. I am looking for anyone who knew or knows the whereabouts of Guadalupe Tovar. He was an EN-1 at the time and his wife's name was Pat. She gave me the nick name of TOOTS.

Posted 12-13-03
Wayne J. Reynolds, 1959 - 1960

Just like to say this is a very good website.  I was stationed at VU-5DET ALFA from 1959 - 1960 at Cubi Point, Philippines.  My name is Wayne J. Reynolds, PN2 . Also stationed at San Miguel Philippines as a CTO2 from 1963 -1965.  Enjoyed both tours.

Posted 12-13-03
Mark Vargo, ENC SW Ret. 73 - 74

Was stationed at SRF and worked C-332 Ship Sup. It was the best time in my life. Wish the place was still with US as it was then.

Posted 12-13-03
Dick Carlson, 1956

In 1956 while aboard the USS Bennington, CVA20, I and a group of sailors, motored out to the island of Corregidor for a picnic, volleyball and sightseeing.  We went on board the USS MARGARET C-7304.  I have a picture of the boat.  I'm attempting to learn more about the boat.  What was its purpose in 1956 while at Subic Bay?  What was it used for BEFORE it became part of the R&R events?  Any assistance you can provide is welcomed.

Posted 12-13-03
Dave Foster, BU3, NMCB-5 Det-PI, 1973
Patient,  Subic Naval Hospital, 1976

I can only repeat what others have said here about Subic Bay but will not due to time. Of all the time that I spemt of my 4 years in the Navy, Subic Bay will be etched in my mind even while I lay in the ground after my time here. I am looking to revisit Olongapo, San Antonio and Manila and the rebirth of the old Naval Base. I am divorced and disabled from work but would like to go back to the PI. I would like to find if there is anyone else that would like a traveling compaion to the country as I would not like to travel alone given these times we are in. I am not looking for anyone to help pay but someone that had been there as well who does not want to travel alone. If anyone is looking to revisit the PI as I am and wants to go back in the next year, please drop me a line.

Posted 12-26-03
William Acklin, USS Munsee, 1964 - 1967

Looking for anyone who might of served on the USS Munsee from 64 - 67. Also looking for a guy which name was David Acklin. He lost most of his hand to a cable and winch on board in late 67.

Posted 12-28-03
Donald (Donnie) West,

To all Airdales that were at Cubi Point, 1955 to 1957.  Lets talk about old times.

Posted 12-28-03
Shawn Greene, Tons of times

I was just surfing when I came upon your site.  Wow what memories.  My name is Shawn Greene.  I was stationed on the USS PROTEUS AS-19 stationed in Guam.  The PROTUES (fruitjuices) as the local girls in the P.I. used to call it visited the work/liberty port on a pretty regular basis.  Matter of fact I was there during the termoil when Americans were getting shot, and the Terrible pic was on every front page of the poor american that got shot at the air station , and they closed shit river bridge.  The base was total closed to all traffic and the town almost dried up.  We knew one of the guards who after some bartering, we arranged for some of the local girls to be allowed across the bridge, and onto the base.  The PROTEUS did infact help during firey virgil and that was the last of the P.I. for me.  Like to hear from some other people who might of been on the OLD PRO .

Posted 12-31-03
Raymond Lee Stehlik,
Cubi Point AIMD, 1976 - 1977
VRC-50 1984 - 1986
AIMD Cubi JET SHOP 1990 - 1992

My name is Raymond Lee Stehlik United States Navy Retired 1971-1993. I was stationed in Cubi Point AIMD 1976-1977 TAD from Enterprise to AIMD West Pac Cruse 1978 TAD and all my vacations from USS Midway 1980-1984. Stationed again VRC-50 1984-1986. Stationed again AIMD Cubi JET SHOP 1990-1992. To bad it had to leave. I had plans to stay and retire there. Maybe I'll still go back in a few years from now. I'm only 52, " Dam I sure miss it !" I used to hang out in Subic Eagles Club & Barrio. To anyone who knows me, please email, or if anyone knows the where about of AD1 Kenneth Burl Bailey, "My old running buddy." He was on CV-41 with me and Jest Cubi. Have a cold one.

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